Secret NSA Satellite Facility Located in Jerusalem

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Vatic Note:   Basically, what this article says without a doubt, that our entire intel dept has been taken over by Israel and relocated to their country where they can manipulate, SELL THE INFO TO OTHER COUNTRIES, etc.  That is what Israel did to us, on our F-22's.   They sold the plans to China.  Whoever worked this out with Israel that is in our government, are traitors and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

China then revised those plans and made a superior plane that we have nothing to counter it with. It became clear from these actions that Israel/Rothschild Zionists wants the USA to lose WW III just like they did to Germany in WW II.  I bet these Khazars do not even know how to spell "integrity".

Remember, this is the country that tried to sink the USS Liberty, and blame it on Egypt, while murdering 37  of our sailors who were our sons, fathers, brothers and other Americans. Same with the USS Cole,  and same with 9-11.   That is treason and thus, Israel is an enemy of our nation and our people.  So, all soldiers, intel etc, be sure to bring down the traitors of our nation and purge the foreign occupiers out of our government  and we will stand by you enmass.

Secret NSA Satellite Facility Located in Jerusalem

By Richard Silverstein, Veterans Today

 The NSA has maintained a secret facility in Jerusalem that monitors all U.S. satellites and downloads worldwide Intel Data from them. This is a byproduct of Bushes High Treason, Sedition and Israeli AIPAC Espionage against the United States of America. U.S. President Obama, it’s time to turn the circuit breakers off now!

By Stew Webb                                                             

“I also reported that this base was part of another secret agreement allowing Israel to share in all intelligence information produced as part of the Five Eyes network.  In effect, Israel has become the Sixth Eye”.—Richard Silverstein

Silverstein’s exposure is important however, it neglects to emphasize that the new Six Eyes world Intel system has been completely hijacked and is now centered in Israel and fully controlled by Israel.

It is important to realize, that Israel is not just a mere Sixth Eye or a new part of the World Intel System which was previous centered in America. Israel has completely hijacked the whole American Intel System including especially the NSA. This means that there is no American Intel anymore, it’s all Israeli.

Saddest part of all this is that the only people in the NSA that knew this (until recent Veterans Today articles) were the very top management of the NSA. All intelligence collected by the NSA goes directly to this listening post in Israel in real time, where it is processed and distributed, sold or used.

If the America people ever become fully aware of this reality, that all their Intel and intellectual property secrets are being sold to non-American companies, they would demand the NSA be shut down overnight.

No American owned, local Industry or enterprise is safe, nor the work of any American inventor that has applied for a patent. This is the biggest Intel breech since Pollard and is an immediate and real National Emergency. Because of this all, U.S. Missile Defense, strategic ICBM Missile Systems and U.S. Submarines have been completely compromised, with American Defense Secrets and Launch Codes being sold by Israeli Hijackers to America’s potential Enemies.

Even America’s Advanced Space War Defense Orbital Platforms have been compromised, which up until the George HW Bush Administration was America’s Secret Ace in the hole.

Who is really spying on everyone and what are the sinister plans of the Mind Rapers who like to mind F—K the people?

Americans have stood by and let the Evil, Anti Christ, Illuminati-Zionists take over the United States.

How in the heck was Israel able to hijack the NSA and the whole American Intel System?  Well, it was done very slowly by stealth and craft with a lot of serious money and perks provided to American Politicians and top USG and Intel officials along the way.

But the main reason it was allowed to occur was because the Zionists very craftily hijacked American Churches first and instilled a Zionist racial delusion and wet dream in these naive Churchgoers about the formation of the nation state of Israel after WW2.

Here is the way this racial delusion goes:

1. Jesus was from Israel (not true he was from Palestine).
2. Therefore the new nation of Israel is filled with Jesus’ relatives who are the Chosen People of God Almighty (again not true, the new Nation of Israel is filled with Khazarian Judaic converts who have NO ancient Hebrew Blood, while 80% of Palestinians carry ancient Hebrew Blood).
3. It is okay Israel keeps expanding their borders and taking Palestinian land because it is their ancient Hebrew Land where Jesus came from (again not true because most of the folks who live in Israel now are Khazarians, that is Judaic converts with no ancient Hebrew Blood and are not Semites at all–These Israelis are the world’s biggest anti-Semites because they have stolen their land from the Palestinians who are the real Semites which have ancient Hebrew Blood).
4. Israel has a right to Palestinian land because it was given to them by God Almighty. (Again not true because the ten tribes were disbursed by Rome during the Diaspora while those Judaics returning to Palestine to take it as a gift from England have no ancient Hebrew Blood and have no rights to the land at all which is rightfully the Palestinians.)
5. If we cut off aid to Israel it could be destroyed by the Arabs and we would be allowing God’s Chosen people to be harmed and these are the people of Jesus and where he came from (again not true, Jesus was of ancient Hebrew Blood like 80% of the Palestinians and not the Israelis who are Khazarian Judaic converts with no ancient Hebrew Blood).
6. Zionists that run Israel cater to Christian tours and Political junkets from America and pretend they love them when they are there.  Actually this couldn’t be further from the real truth. No one has more hard core disgust for Christian and Deists culture than these Zionists who own the Hollywood entertainment industry. They use Hollywood to popularize every disgusting perversion that you could imagine. Their goal is to eradicate Christianity, deism and those who believe in it off the face of the earth.

Why you might ask?

Because they hate Jesus Christ and all Christian and Deist believers and blame them for their exaggerated persecutions by the Nazis during world war two. Some experts who have researched this issue believe that high ranking Zionists in the city of London set up this persecution in the first place. (VN: Actually, those experts were right, but the Zionist leaders were safely stowed away in Switzerland and that is where they sold the Jewish people out to Hilter who tried to get the Zionists to take the Jewish people out of Europe and the zionists refused knowing full well the alternatives.  So, yes, the zionists said that the Jews should pay a heavier price than everyone else for Palestine and that is why the zionists opted for the Holocaust.)

The purpose was to create the fake anti-Semitism card (VN: Yes, true, that was written up in the protocols as far back as 1897, to use anti-semitism to block truth from being told about the khazars who have not one ounce of Jewish blood, fact is, they were satanists) that could be used forever to prevent any criticism or correction of Zionism, the worldwide Zionist crime syndicate, or Judaics anywhere. Remember this, it is a Felony to proselytize Christianity in the streets of Israel, punishable by five years in jail. (VN: and who runs Israel?  You got it, the morally bankcrupt khazar zionist satanists)

The Mind Rape

American Christians believe in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ, that the Anti Christ Illuminati-Zionists-One World Government will be headquartered in Jerusalem where the Devil- Satan himself, will be in control and kill those who do not bow down and worship him.

Guess what? Your day may be here.

American Christians have been programmed by their Mind Rape Pulpit Goons who are trained in Cemeteries to believe that prior to the Anti Christ, the Devil’s arrival they will be Raptured up to Heaven and that 144,000 will be delivered up. I have asked several Pulpit Goons, if Thessalonians in the BIBLE is correct and there are a Million Preachers in America alone not counting worldwide, where does that leave you Preacher?

American Christians have been programmed by their  Pulpit Goons, Preachers, Ministers, Pastors, whatever you want to call them to believe that the Jews are the chosen people, you need to send them money, you need to worship them, do not speak of a Jew’s corruption or evil that is a sin against GOD.
Jews Chosen for What?

Maybe Salvation knowing GOD-JESUS CHRIST?

Maybe the Christians are the Chosen people, maybe their brains have been traumatized from the Mind Rape ?

Why where Churches created? Maybe to control the Masses?

Didn’t JESUS stand up to them and tell them how it was, that they were Evil and money changers?

Do you need a  Mind Rape Pulpit Goon to pray for you and on your way out the door leave him a donation? Will that maybe you will be one of the 144,000 raptured before the Devil takes over?

When I want to talk to GOD-JESUS I get on my hands and knees.

These Mind Rapers do not have the Holy Spirit instead they have the spirit of Anti Christ.

American Christians are the biggest wimps, cowards and mind screwed people by the Mind Rapers that I have ever seen and that is a very large amount of the American  population.

Let me take a minute to address America’s Jewish community. You support and give money to the ADL, AIPAC, Simon Wiesenthal Center, The Cell in Denver and the Southern Poverty Law Center thinking you are promoting Judaism, your way of life and your race.

You are supporting the same Illuminati Bush Organized Crime Syndicate that has taken over America and Israel. The head Rabbi of the Jewish Synagogues in Israel is Answar bin Shari a known Illuminati council of 13 member, a known Satanist, who performs Human Sacrifices with Daddy Bush.

The Mind Rape of the ADL, AIPAC, Simon Wiesenthal Center, The Cell in Denver and the Southern Poverty Law Center take your donations and use them for Espionage against America, your country where you live and work. Do your children, Grand Children or Great Grandchildren have a chance to have a good life?

Mind Rapers like to mind F—K the people.
“America, Land of the Naive and the provincial” according to former AIPAC controlled Senator Bob Dole of Kansas a true Zionist bought and sold stooge.

This is what Israel’s youth thinks of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


You can see the photo of the Ofrit base above, which was labeled by the photographer as Galey Tzahal (Army Radio).  An official government map of the area displayed below shows the site censored (blurred).

Ironically, Israel doesn’t trust its own citizens to be able to see information which Google thinks its users are mature enough to be able to handle.  Thankfully, it hasn’t joined the censorship brigade (yet).

Note, in the uncensored image that the facility is located across the Green Line in Palestinian territory, which makes it in effect a U.S. partner in the Occupation.  Also note that we officially disapprove of the Occupation (supposedly).

For any Israeli security officials reading this, the photographer clearly didn’t know what he was photographing, nor did he approach me or have any contact with me, and shouldn’t be blamed for violating any Israeli secrecy regimen (if there is one).


In my earlier post about this facility, I spoke in detail about the Five Eyes intelligence sharing regime of which Israel has become a quasi-official member.  A reporter to whom I sent this story pointed out another reason why the U.S. may feel it advantageous to include Israel in such protocols.

Readers will recall that during the 1967 War, when Israel and the U.S. had no such agreements, we sent the U.S.S. Liberty to monitor Egyptian and Israeli communications traffic from the battlefield.  This was the best and only way we had for knowing what each side was doing or planning.

Apparently, the Israelis didn’t appreciate our efforts and attacked the ship, killing many U.S. sailors and presumably intelligence officers.  It’s very possible that this mishap influenced future policymakers to map out a data-sharing arrangement so that we don’t need to jeopardize our own personnel in monitoring each other’s strategic goals and intentions.

It is, of course, ironic that the base is located on a street named for Martin Buber.  He was one of the co-founders of the Brit Shalom movement, and would’ve detested everything that this base, and overall government surveillance represents.

It’s also ironic the base sits next to one of Israel’s leading institutions of higher learning.  Imagine a secret NSA base located next door to Harvard or Radcliffe (though I do realize stranger things have happened).  But then again, this is Israel and not the Ivy League!

I’ve attempted to get a comment from the State Department and White House press offices about this story.  So far, they haven’t responded.  Perhaps this story will encourage them.

Click here for Original Article by Steven Silverstein
This is an example of the hundreds of American Traitors in the U.S. Senate-Congress.
Israel’s geography doubletalk is this more of the Zionists “Mind Rape” In action.

Israel’s geography doubletalk
America has been overthrown, now it is up to you American’s with guts to take it back and bring those to Justice who were involved, those Foreign and Domestic Enemies.

You have 11 months or you will be toast with the new NSA Bluff Dale, Utah Base controlled by those private contractors working for the Illuminati Wizard of OZ Daddy Bush and their Alien Base-Fallen Angels next door.

Some Solutions for America: get involved take back your Country
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By Stew Webb
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