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Vatic Note:  This simply continues the very long history that the commonwealth countries have experienced under British Rule, along with the royalty of Europe.  Why are they so insane and weird?   Because these are the ashkenazis that migrated into eastern Europe, after being thrown out of Mongolia for their criminally barbaric practices and then kicked out of Khazaria for their theiving and immoral behavior with respect to the silk route trade where they ripped off countries both east and west with their control of the rivers and the silk route and extorted massive wealth from both areas in turkey and europe.

Both east and west  invaded khazaria to stop the thieving and gave them a final choice.  Either join the Muslim or the Catholic religions, get rid of their pagan religion of phallic worshipping and cannabalism, and get a moral core in order to live with other countries in peace and harmony.   Of course the khazars figured out that joining either religion would result in them being the minority so they looked internally and found the Jewish religion.  King Bulah said that becoming Jewish would make the khazars the majority of that religion and they could control it, so that is why they chose Judaism.  

It did not work, as they continued their criminal activites so  they were taken over by both east and west.  The khazars then migrated into eastern europe and became the ashkenazi Jews.   They continued their pagan practices using the Talmud as their cover, they were satanists and continued their satanic rituals that they brought with them, and set up money changer houses, gained control of Europes financial life and then intermarried with royalty thus taking over the various monarchies.  We have done numerous blogs about this subject, so we won't rehash it, but suffice it to say, the Queens German famly were part of that migration and minor german royalty through marriage.  

Don't forget, we also covered Rothschilds services to Queen Victoria in siring her children since her gay husband would not accommodate her need for heirs.  Nathan Rothschild performed that service for her.   This is the foundation of these bloodlines and the reason they continue down this path all these generations.

THIS is who these zionists are today.  Israel is a Rothschild nation of khazrians who are also satanists as are the royal families of Europe decended from that blood line.  That is why we see such horrors visited on countries like the Ukraine.

Right now, there is intense turmoil in the Ukraine where we see Ukrainian government forces in a pitched battle with "protesters" for control of that fragile nation….

I have been following the events in the Ukraine for the last while, and have long suspected that the Jewish Rothschild controlled European Union along with the United States and of course Israel are behind all of these "protests" and "revolt".   It seems that these criminals will absolutely not allow the nation of Ukraine to be fully independent, and they want Ukraine enslaved to Jewish criminal Usury banking that would be imposed if the EU is able to snag that nation!

Well, my suspicions seem to be correct… According to this article, from the Daily Slave website, at www.dailyslave.com, it definitely does appear that the US and Israel are behind all of this civil unrest in the Ukraine….. I have that important article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:



Published On February 19, 2014 | Featured ArticlesNewsWorld NewsZionism
For the past several months we have seen all sorts of political turmoil hit the Ukraine including violent protests which have left many people injured or dead.  A former member of the Soviet Union and a Russian border country, the Ukraine has become a primary target of Zionist aggression.  

They have been targeted primarily due to their historical ties with Russia which under Vladimir Putin have successfully blocked a number of Zionist agendas including a potential American military strike on Syria this past year.  By destabilizing the Ukraine they hope to bring in a puppet government that will move the country away from Russian influence.  

The on-going protests against the current Ukrainian government are largely being financed and controlled by the United States and Israel.  This is not part of a true popular uprising as the corporate media propagandists will have you believe.

The United States government has actually invested $5 billion dollars into this on-going operation to overthrow the Ukrainian government.  This is more commonly known by those in the propaganda machine as spreading freedom and democracy.  Victoria Nuland the fanatical war mongering Zionist Jew and current assistant U.S. Secretary of State confirmed all of this in a December 13th 2013 speech that is available for all to see.  She may have used more friendly and politically correct terminology to describe the agenda, but considering what is happening now it becomes easy to read between the lines.

This is especially true considering Nuland was recently caught on a wiretap discussing how they were going to place specific people in power once their paid protesters had overthrown the government.  She even had a few choice words for the European Union who she perceived as not being helpful to their agenda.  In fact she used the specific phrase “fuck the EU” in expressing her outright contempt.

What’s really sick about this whole thing is that the United States government has decided to allocate billions of dollars to interfere in the internal affairs of a foreign country at the same time that we have a whole host of problems domestically.  Surely these billions of dollars would have been much better spent domestically to finance infrastructure projects and things of that sort.  Or better yet how about returning that money back to the American people?  In fact any number of alternatives would have been preferable compared to this misguided project which promotes Nuland’s wet dream of Zionist world domination.

This begs another question.  Why is that we have so many vile Jews like Nuland in positions of power and influence in Washington DC?  No matter which political party is in power it seems as if Washington DC is constantly infested with these creatures.  Take for example all of the Jewish neo conservatives that were in the regime of George W. Bush.  

There needs to be a serious discussion in America about purging these types of people from all government and political offices.  How can any of these people be trusted when we have no idea if they’re serving the interests of America or Israel?   It is unfortunate that such a discussion will unlikely happen anytime soon since the American people have been brainwashed by mass media and Hollywood to view Jews as perpetual victims who cannot be criticized. (VN:  this is what happens when a group of khazars assume the mantel of another race and culture and uses it to manipulate and control truth, honesty, history, culture and the financial system of various western nations, leaving blame resting with the group that was not involved.  Clever little psychopaths if I do say so myself.)

Even crazier is the fact that several reports indicate that individuals linked to the Israeli Army and their intelligence agency the Mossad are also involved in helping to organize some of the on-going Ukraine protests.  In fact the International Business Times ran a report detailing how a significant number of young Jews are involved in protesting the government.

It is painfully clear that Zionist forces in America and Israel are the primary causes of the civil unrest in the Ukraine.  Even though some of the people participating in the protests might be doing so because they have legitimate complaints about how the Ukraine is being run, they need to understand that much of what is happening now is being orchestrated by outside forces that seek control of the Ukraine’s future.  Even if the protests are successful in overthrowing the existing government, the vast majority of the Ukrainian people will be sorely disappointed with the outcome.  Nuland and her cronies will push to setup a government not chosen by the people of the Ukraine but instead a government that will serve the interests of international Zionism.
NTS Notes:  Imagine my complete lack of shock when I came across this article that answers my suspicions that the criminal Jewish power elite wants Ukraine enslaved, and they are getting their slaves in the US Government to sent billions of dollars to "assist" these fraudulent Rothschild controlled "protesters" in their efforts to have the democratically elected government in Ukraine overthrown.

This should be a wake up call for everyone, especially those in the Ukraine who are fighting to keep their nation truly free.   If these "protesters" win this fight for Ukraine, that nation will be integrated into the Rothschild controlled European Union empire, and they will be enslaved to Jewish control much like all other "members" of that criminal entity….

Let us hope that the Ukrainians do not fall for this trap, and fight to prevent these "protesters" from seizing the upper hand and potentially the nation….. Considering the long history of Ukraine with its horrendous genocide of the 1930's and decades of Soviet control, they deserve a future of freedom….

More to come


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