ALERT: Wake Up! You’re Being Played by the Intelligence Community!

Vatic Note:    Wow, this guy really has a handle on what is going on in our intel community.   Notice the contractors to intel,  so the question is who owns those companies?   I bet we find out its the Zionist International bankers.  I put this up Now in case we are out of business on the first.   I will try to cram all that I can up between now and Monday to make sure you have the most up to date info.  Listening to this video is a must.   He is spot on. 

He even tells us that our military has been moved from a normal army into an "Imperial Army" that does not have loyalty to our country.  That means global military.  Of course, he points out that this is secondarily about money.   They want us to pay for their wet dreams of global domination and that is why this must end.  No money,  no coup.  This is when every single one of us must stop paying our taxes until we gain control of government back from the dual Israeli citizens who run it, better known as the neocons and the neolibs.

This guy spares no words of truth about the entire scam and extortion that is going on in this country.   It truly is time to begin civil resistance by refusing to pay taxes, rather put it in a trust fund to be paid at a time when the government has been returned to the people and not controlled by the international khazar bankers and Israel through AIPAC and DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY AS WELL AS THE MILITARY.   Now we know why Obama's handlers purged the military leadership at the massive level that he did it.  Bring the good guys back.

Wake Up! You’re Being Played by the Intelligence Community!
By Lisa Haven, Before Its News
February 15, 2014

America we are getting played by the power elite! It’s time to wake up and create a movement. It is only a matter of time before things get worse then they are. Time to take a stand for our freedom. 

In the video below Infowars interviews Dr. Steve Pieczenik about crucial information on whistleblower Snowden,  Iraq, and the money games the government plays…  


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