Haunting words and a warning behind a stream of tears: History does Repeat Itself

Vatic Note:  Another one below that goes along with the new blog I put up for today about the intel agencies and military and what they are doing to us and our nation.  Then we get a first hand account of what went on in previous acts such as we are seeing here today, but these others were in the past and someone who was there gives their feelings through tears about what we are about to experience if we do nothing.

These  two were perfect and relevant to what we are seeing today.   Many of us saw it years ago when 9 -11 happened, but that is because of the education we got which included mandatory history classes that helped us to see the exact same strategy and tactics being used that were successfull in nazi germany.  Remember NA stood for "national Socialism" in German and the ZI stood for "International Zionism",  or NAZI.   That is what we are about to finally see once its all in place.

They have already nazified our law Enforcement in a manner we have never seen before in this country and because its so far out of reach of our experiences, we have a difficult and in come cases and impossible task of  grasping the scope, depth and evil that we are about to experience, UNLESS WE, THE PEOPLE, STOP IT.   As I keep saying "WE SHOULD ONLY DO WW III AGAINST THE INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST BANKERS AND NO ONE ELSE". 

Haunting words and a warning behind a stream of tears

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Steven Quayle site

25 February 2014: It’s admittedly bad form for a talk show host to be rendered virtually speechless during a live broadcast, but it happened to me during Monday’s breathtaking program with Dr. Ted Broer. Dr. Broer was a guest on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report to discuss, among other things, how we can prepare for the coming perilous times with particular focus on our personal health. That topic was sidelined, however, when Dr. Broer related an especially poignant account about being at the side of his elderly mother on September 11, 2001. 

His mother was a native of Germany during the time of Hitler’s rise to power. Having passed on, she was a resident in a nursing home as she watched the attacks unfold on the television in front of her. According to Dr. Broer, tears were streaming down his mother’s face as she watched the horrifying scenes play out for the world to see.

                                     Reichstag Fire in Nazi Germany

Concerned, Dr. Broer comforted his mother. He understood the emotional impact of the scenes she was watching, but sensed something much deeper. He asked her what was wrong. She turned her gaze upon him and replied, in perfect German, a statement that should haunt every rational and thinking person reading this in 2014: “I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen it happen before.”

Taken aback by the deep-seated emotion of his mother combined with the carnage being broadcast all across the world, he engaged her further. She was adamant, repeating in her native language that she had seen this before. The tears continued to stream down her cheeks, originating from the deepest recesses of her inner being.
“What do you mean, Mom?” Dr. Broer gently asked, his attention captured not only by the carnage being broadcast all across the world, but the deep reaction and concern of his mother. Could she be confused, perhaps triggered by the trauma to which she was witnessing?

No, she was not confused, nor was she the slightest bit perplexed by the images she was seeing. For indeed, she had seen it all before.
She told Dr. Broer that history is repeating itself, except now, it is happening right here, right now—to us—in what is supposed to be the beacon of freedom for the world. Her tears were not only for the present, but the past—a past in which she lived. The past cannot be changed, and the present is here before us. We must learn from the past and never forget the truth of previous events.

But it was not the past or the present for which her tears were flowing, but for the future, for she said, “and I know what will happen next.”
Behind her streaming tears also existed the journey of her years, a journey that history books and modern historians cannot do justice. The most important historical context of an event comes not from the pages of academic works, but from those who have lived through seminal events of modern history. The truth rarely emanates from the mouths of political pundits or those captured within the venue of the corporate media, but from those who experienced the event themselves.

These survivors provide us precious opportunities to understand what is happening in a manner that cannot be duplicated, yet is squandered by a generation of fools, convoluted by groups with agendas, and forced-fed to an unthinking, unquestioning and intellectually-hobbled populace by a fully compromised media.

“It’s the Reichstag fire all over again,” she told him. “People must understand—they need to know what comes next.” The tears that streamed from her eyes originated from the depth of her soul, for she felt sorrow not just for the victims of 9/11, but for those who would fail to realize that they too would soon become victims of “what happens next.” Today, it is us, our children and future generations of Americans who are the victims. Her warning of “what happens next” is upon us, having arrived like a thief in the night in a household where the residents slumber.

As Dr. Broer related this poignant account along with the incomprehensible implications of her statements, I thought of my own reactions on 9/11 and those of others close to me. Personally and like Dr. Broer, I suspect, I found it inconceivable that any rational person would even attempt to reconcile the events unfolding before us with any so called “false flag” event such as the Reichstag fire.

That’s just crazy talk, I once thought, for anyone to even consider the possibility that the attacks of 9/11 were anything except what they appeared to be. After all, our government would never do such a thing and if they did, it would be readily discovered and exposed due to the complexity required to  pull off such an event.

Perhaps that describes you then, or maybe even today. I certainly understand, as I was completely convinced of the official version of events in the subsequent days, weeks, months and even years that followed. It took me a long time to come to grips with the reality that there are plots, plans and schemes being perpetrated by criminal elements of our (VN: foreign occupied....just like nazi germany was by the international khazar zionist bankers) government, just as there are in corporations and other organizations, that have the motive, means and opportunity to pull off an event in such a way that you must dig deep and long to get to the truth. But the truth is there, although you must not only be searching for it, but willing to accept it when you find it.

All of the signs exist that we are no longer living in a world where everything is normal, or where what is happening can be ascribed to pure incompetence by our leaders. To come to this conclusion, however, you must have the intellectual maturity to understand the enormity of the lie, and the courage to confront the lies in the face of personal and professional marginalization.

Some of you have reached this point long before others, yet many have failed to even identify the problems that exist directly in front of us. It is the latter group for whom this writing is intended. I urge you to look at the larger picture, to understand that we are being lied to, and not in any small way. It is only then that you can even begin to prepare for what’s coming.

What is coming, and what’s already here, was seen through the bleary eyes of Dr. Broer’s mother, who shed her tears for us. Now, it’s up to us to face what we’ve allowed to happen, and learn from her tears, so the tears of others might not have to be shed.

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Anonymous said...

Sobering,heart rending I'm sure, but I am trying to understand how his mom saw all these things on t.v. during Hitler's watch, when television was not yet marketed publicly, if even prototyped.

Vatic Master said...

Well, I was 8 when we got a TV and that was after WW II and of course after the first tV's came out, which was probaby 5 years before. But during the forty's there were newsreels on the movies that put up the news at that time and My parents told me that they saw them at every show during the war.

I suspect, but do not know, that these newsreels, plus photos in the paper were replayed on TV once it became popular. Otherwise it was radio that did all the news of the day back then.

I am sure she saw reruns of those news reels and I am sure living in Germany they saw much of it in person, by visiting the site or even while it was burning. I posted photos of that happening.