Himmel, The Illuminated : The Facsist RSS Attack On Sikhism

Vatic Note:  Since we published several blogs on the horrors being visited upon the Sikhs in Punjab, by the Hindus,  we have come across more articles and the progressive attacks on the Sikhs.   What it appears to be is a covert attempt to genocide the entire Sikh population and land grab the Punjab that is currently under the Sikhs. India recently sent military up there and we don't yet know the results of that, but the more we expose what they are doing, the better chance we all have of stopping all this.
This is serious because this is going on all around the globe right now and if we say nothing about this, then there "will be no one left to protest" when it happens to us.  This is reminiscient of the so called history of Nazy Germany where the fascists tried to do the same in their previous attempt to take over the globe.  

I am keeping the source of these articles secret so as to prevent the provider from being persecuted, because he actually resides in Europe and many in the EU are as much involved in all of these atrocities and horrors as are the Rothschild Israeli's since both have a long history with the Brahmains and the Hindus.  I will publish his comments anonymously though, so you can read it from someone who has first hand experience with all of this.  He is a Sikh and a spiritual and gentle soul, which is why the PTB hate the Sikhs.

These khazar zionist bankers are the men behind the curtain that few ever point out rather, many buy the propoganda.   That is slowly changing and people are waking up, and once the agenda is fully understood, then there will be a sea change.  I just know it.  I would not want to be an illum when that day comes. 

Contributors Note: Another one on A A P: a new party, allegedly being funded by Rokwella! And Gloablistz…Kejriwal. Why? because the party started by Brit agent, Nahru, has been dwindling..the gobalists are switching to AAP to replace the old puppets by new ones. They are pretending to appease the Sikhs justice for genocide in 1984…but probably leading the straightfwd Sikhs up the garden path!

Himmel, The Illuminated : The Facsist RSS Attack On Sikhism
by Sikh Archives

Submitted on 2014/02/24

I advise all Sikhs to be aware of the RSS, the intellectual wing of the Brahminical system. They are based at Hardwar, India. There are 900 PH.d philosophers, whose primary objective is to maintain the hegamony of the the Brahmin rule in India and they use the Hindu religion, Neo-Brahminism or Manuism, to propagate its ideology.

They are 100% from the Brahmin caste. They are the foreigners, who invaded India and then created the caste system which is the basis of current Hinduvta ideology.  (VN: I knew about the caste system, but I did not know how it got into India.  This is truly news to me. I thought it was always part of their system and now I know why the British got along with India so well, since they are the same in that sense)

They wish to maintain this system as the beneficiaries of the system and suppress the victims of the system, who comprise 80% of the Indians. Against this system rose up Sikhism. Sikhism is the antithesis of Hinduism. This is absolute truth. The Gurus spoke up against Brahiminism.

The Bhakta Movement as well as the the Sikh Gurus spoke up against Brahminism. Study what the Guru’s said and study the ideology of Sikhism. The RSS is waging a war againt Sikhism and wants to destroy it. Sikhism is being attacked from all angles. Remember the Bhagats, whose shabads are mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib, suffered at the hands of the Brahmins, as did Guru Nanak because he worked with the low caste Bhagats.

When Sikhism was in its developmental stages during the Mogul rule in India, the Brahmins were their advisers. Most of the Mogul emperors were born of either the Brahmin girls or Rajput princesses. The Brahmins were quite happy the give their beautiful girls to entice the Muslims so as to become their in-laws and thus get into the Muslim rulers’ households’.

By doing this they were able to influence policy, as advisors on social issues including caste. They advised the Muslims not to challenge the caste system but they could do everything else. When the Gurus spoke up and challenged the caste system this was intolerable to the Brahmins. Guru Arjan Dev, who compliled the Adi-Granth in 1604, was killed by Mogul emperor in 1606, on the advice of a Brahmin, Chandu Shah because it was a direct challenge to Brahminism.

Brahminism was built on lies whereas the Adi Granth is based on truths. Because the Gurus spoke of these truths, the Guru’s suffered at the hands of the Muslim rulers, whose advisers were Brahmins. The Brahmins were simply abiding their time until they could return to power, which they did in 1947.

The RSS is waging war on Sikhsim based on lies , lies and more lies. They are creating organisations so as to dupe Sikhs to work with them. Unaware the Sikhs are falling into their trap and this is leading to their own destruction.

Please study Sikhism and its ideology and save Sikhism.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the author is blissfully unaware that Congress led goons pillaged and burnt Sikhs in Delhi riots of 1984. There was involvement from serving Congress MPs at the time but were let off by the court last year. Its no secret that buffoons administer justice in India. Egad, the author has nothing to say on this matter ?

It seems like he's also ignorant about the fact that the Congress and the opposition NDA ( and its so called Hindu brigade) are one and report to the same masters behind the scenes. He's using this blog as a political platform without much rationale. Needless to say, I won't be reading anymore of this BS.

Vatic Master said...

Instead of running away, rather stay and make your case so we can all learn. Like in America, we all pretty much know now what is going on, but we are only just learning about India and the Sikhs, so help us our rather than getting mad and running away.

Give us some links and tell us what really happened. You only give a short comment, with no explanation so we can understand. This site is a seeker of Truth and if you have something proving we are not publishing truth, THEN I PROMISE, IF YOU GET US EVIDENCE, THEN I WILL PUBLISH IT until such time as someone proves differently.

If you will not do that, then maybe you are a disinfo trolll and are only here to cause trouble. The way we will find out is if you provide us with a clearer explanation of what you know happened and give us some evidence of it. Thanks, and look forward to your response.

Anonymous said...

I'll not stand here and watch while some ignorant wannabe does grandstanding on the Sikh cause and use it for political gain. He doesn't even know who the real enemy is and his drivel against the Hindu is misdirection at best and probably designed by the Khazar bankers. I'm hindu by the way and have friends in all cultures and religions. In every direction of the globe.

Like I said, the courts are nothing but a sham.

Vaticmaster, I can understand your point that you are far away and don't know the situation very much. But, you must be more careful and do your own research before putting out articles. I don't have time to expand on this anymore. Good luck.




Vatic Master said...

First of all, I commend you for returning and bringing some links I can pursue over the next couple of days. As for doing my own research, I think I have proven that we do our own research and in fact have posted stuff years ago, that has now proven true. So, please do not presume we do not do our own research, but you also know that this is done at no charge to you or anyone else, and you also notice no ads to junk up the site and interfere with your time here in reading without harassment. I still have to make a living so I can continue to do this labor of love for my fellow countrymen and others around the globe.

You have no idea, the volumns of information I have to read and digest in order to select 3 per day to put up. So, I have to pick and choose and rely on others who have been proven right in the past, especially in areas where I do not have the exposure and access to such info. Then, in a volunteer donated time blog, in areas outside my normal exposure and expertise, I have to rely on others to a greater degree. I still research but have limited resources from which to pull. You are a Hindu and have much greater access than I do. If you have read my other blogs you know that I have published what I could find and told readers their proof of a different end, would be accepted.... if the source was verified and the information linked.... so... thanks for the links and I will read them over the next couple of day. Heck I get over a 1,000 emails a day. There is still 14,000 unread on my email in box. LOL So cut me some slack. If we charged for what we do, then yes, we should not post anything we have not confirmed. We do not charge, so you are welcome to contribute to our voluntary effort.

By the way, I do believe the Illums definitely have their hand in India and trying to land grab there as well as divide the nation. India is also slated, as our allies to lose WW III. Someone needs to tell them that.

Anonymous said...

:) I said Hindu only as a retort to what was written in the article. I'm not a Brahmin and I'm don't have a closed mind towards any religion, hinduism including. There is good and bad in every religion and I think of religions as only guidelines.

There is terrible things being done to all people of all denominations including Sikhs and being blamed on a others to keep the sheeple in control. I guess you know that much from your research. I've learnt to search for answers in my heart for a bit before letting my views known to the world. I'm not asking you to takedown the article because I know you've done good work in the past.

Please understand that the NWO problem is global and that includes India. India has much to offer to the world but is on a slide because of its ministers and officers who is a willing stooges for the NWO. From a long time.

Vatic Master said...

Ok, I just read your first link and it was very interesting. What I gather you are saying is that is was not the Hindus that genocided the sikhs, rather it was a black ops that did that, they lead the incitement of the HIndus but the actual killing was done by those black ops working for the international globalists and the Hindus were blamed. Am I right about what you are saying? I dont' want to respond until I am clear on your position in this matter.

This discussion is good for all of us. It internationalizes an issue that has been hidden for decades and shows the world what is going on elsewhere and now we are searching for who is behind it and why. So, answer my question, please so I know what to respond to. Thanks for sticking this out with us.

Vatic Master said...

This is in response to your last comment that went up before I had responded prior.

Ok, we are on the same wavelength then about who is doing all of this. Each nation, like ours and now like India, have foreign infiltrations and local operatives who cooperate with the globalists in undermining the nation and trying to destroy it. I just read somewhere a few days ago that the globalists want to dismantle India into 7 different provinces that they can control instead of one nation. Do you know if that is true? I could not find any supportive research on that so I did not publish it.

This is very good. I intend to do a blog on these links you have provided. They are good ones. Thanks again for sticking this out. The search for truth requires that we "listen" to each other, "speak freely without fear" to each other, and to analyze, weigh and try to follow up and make conclusions based on the composite of all the information we have amassed.

I see the hand of the British in this as well, but then I see their hand in ours and Canada's as well too. My source on these things that I published in the past about the genocide is a wonderful deeply spiritual man who lives in Britain right now, but his heart is with India and it tears him up to watch what they are doing to the people there. If not for him, I would never have known anything about all this, or how bad it has become. Are you aware of the assassination squads being hired to kill off Sikh leaders? We did several blogs on that. They are recruited from africa. Anyway, I think if you and he continue to work with me, we maybe able to blow this whole thing wide open.

Here in America, we have traitors who are loyal only to the khazars, and now I have found that the migration of the khazars was also into India. I am trying to pursue that line down a rabbit hole and if I can confirm what I read, then I will post that as well. If you run across anything about the khazars and their migratory path then that will help us to complete the big picture. God bless you and keep you safe.

Anonymous said...

The author of this article is characterizing the killing of Sikhs along religious lines which is somewhat disturbing. Im somewhat baffled by this position of the author. Anyone who loves freedom in India is a target for elimination which includes Sikhs Hindus or Muslims. As an example, I know from reliable sources that people in the adjoining region of Uttar Pradesh can hire hitmen for as little as 100 dollars to carry out a hit. These mercenaries have no compulsion towards a particular religion or faith. Punjab has had more than its share of turmoil because they are prosperous and by their religion, practise freedoms like freedom of speech. Black ops and MI6 are involved behind the scenes in this state to destabilize the region to take out and suppress these freedoms. It may be so that Sikhism is the antithesis of other the prevalent religions in India but that is not the reason they are being targeted. The motive to destabilize Pubjab is because of the natural wealth of the region and its freedom loving people. The author should shed his spectacles of religion and he'll see who the real enemies are. If he does not see this, hes in real danger of falling into a bigger trap and dividing his fellow men along religious lines. He should see who is pumping drugs in the streets of Punjab and who is benefiting from this. The Roths are buying up lands in Pubjab by destabilizing the state and keeping the young Pubjabis on drugs.

India has been divided and ruled by elites by using religion and caste-ism. Pursuit for truth is all fine, but I hope Indians wake up and the rest of the world see the truth for I fear the whole world will become like India which used to be a rich and free state a few centuries back.

About dismantling India into regions, I don't think the globalists would like to do that. They are perhaps planning the opposite like the EU. By economic cooperation zones like the ASEAN or such. Please understand, this is not my strongest area of research. I'm still in reactive mode responding to crisis which are part of a much larger conspiracy. Many other genocides are taking place in parallel like thousands of infants are dying due to vaccines with direct involvement by eugenicists like the Melinda Gates foundation.

Hope this helps and I'm very happy to help you in your research. I was very pleased to see the Mae Brussel articles.