‘Nothing Will Be Fixed Until [US] foreign occupying Criminals Are Arrested’: Top US Official

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Vatic Note:  These are just  some suggestions on a different level for resisting and changing our reality with respect to this global domination and depopulation agenda.   We offered some spiritual tools to use, and then we published a video and commentary on the art of war for those wanting a much more physical approach and now we  are publishing the non violent civil disobedience option. 

Having said all that, and providing us with all possible suggestions,  let me remind you of a few facts that we may have forgotten or did not know because not everyone has read all the blogs on here.   Here is how the powers that be will deal with these suggestions we have made so far, so you can incorporate a counter plan for their reactions.

1.  Spiritual techniques -  Remember these cretins have spent years developing methods for "Taking control of the opposition to their agenda.... and that included Spiritual aspects.   For instance Clare Prophet worked for the opposition and wrote books and introduced fictious figures into her work and built quite a following, so anything resulting from that source or origin is now controlled by the PTB. 

We must remain aware of that.  If this is your choice, then read all the blogs we did on the "SCIENCE" that we documented on what is truly in the energy vibrational realm and see that its much different, then the direction they want us to go in.  Keep that in mind.  They always use truth to then manipulate us into being passive in order to keep themselves safe.

2.  The military/violent resistance choice -  If you choose this one,  remember they have been  preparing for this one for a long long time.  Homeland SEcurity controlled by the Mossad/Rothschild Israel has purchased 6 billion rounds of ammo,  purchased  2,500 armoured fighting vehicles, and 1,200 drones to  implement and enforce MARTIAL LAW IN ORDER TO TAKE YOUR GUNS.

Again, you would have to come up with a guerrilla warfare counter strategy, and follow Sun Tsu and keep in mind those running the entire operation ARE FOREIGN OCCUPIERS LOYAL TO ANOTHER NATION, SO THEY WON'T GIVE ONE RATS BUTT ABOUT AMERICANS, if anything they hate us as much as they hate Christians.

Rely on the Soldiers in the field, but remember they have been satanized, fed experimental psychotropic drugs, or suicided if they would not cooperate on the drugs or the satanism. etc which is why they were able to rape and then kill a family of 14 in Iraq and throw baby puppies over a cliff, laughing at what they had done.

This is completely outside our experience as a society and completely within Israeli's experience against their people within their own country.  They kill children for their organs, or rape children they hold in prison.  They shoot palestinians and destroy their homes for no reason.  Understand the inhumanity you are dealing with here and be prepared to be more brutal, more inhuman than they are.  That is the only way, is to stoke their fear since they have it in greater amounts than we do.

Remember in the protocols, the Rothschild Zionists wrote that BRUTALITY, VIOLENCE AND COMMITMENT TO THEM WERE ESSENTIAL in taking over a people, so they are committed to simply murdering anyone who resists in this manner, and possibly any other manner.   The spiritual option is the one that gives anonymity to the practitioner.  All others require the participants be identified, so we would have to address that as they have done.

3.  Civil Disobedience -  This is what is below and is one of the more acceptable ones, however, do not forget they will murder you unarmed as they have proven in training our law enforcement.  We have seen them shoot children,  unarmed women driving cars, dogs and pets, old people who are unarmed.  So, keep that in mind.   If you are willing to die without fighting back and taking a few of them with  you, then this is an option to consider.

Also keep in mind that both Mahatma Ghandi worked for the British, and saved a lot of British soldiers lives doing his job,  and that Martin Luther King did the same working for the system, and they killed him when they were through using him.

These khazars are bigger racists than any other group on the planet and they have proven it time and time again.  They are the ones that financed and trained the Klu Klux Klan.   We published a blog on that.   However, in very very large numbers, like in the millions, this could work.  But without the numbers, its a very risky operation.   It is worth checking it out though.   If we do this one, then it must be left/right/Christian/new age/Muslim etc  ALL COMING TOGETHER IN A UNITED FRONT AS ONE UNIT TO STAND AGAINST THESE 10,000 ELITE.  RECRUITING FOR THIS WILL BE THE BIG KEY.  If you can't raise the millions then the other two options are more viable.  GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

‘Nothing Will Be Fixed Until [US] Criminals Are Arrested’: Top US Official
Posted on by Carl Herman
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, Associate Editor for the Wall Street Journal, and Senior Research Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. He writes (for years):
“Nothing will be fixed until [leading US] criminals are arrested and put on trial for treason… Americans have lost the rule of law.”
I agree.

Treason (and here) is the most fitting crime because every reason given by US oligarchs for the current wars were known to be false as they were told for UNLAWFUL wars that directly attack and kill US military.

The 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action (parts 1, 2) has objectives of:
Part I


(VN: Ask yourselves these questions:  1.  How did an amateur get a copy of a full coverage of that speech from way back then?   2.  Notice its anonymous with the great graphics professionally done.  3.  Remember we proved that Soros set up, funded and ran "Occupy Wall Street" and it was as professionally done as this Anonymous who has done nothing so far except keep us pacified and kept hackers from truly harming the systems computers and info. Our hackers could have taken in NSA and didn't because of "Anonymous" who said they were going to do it and did not.   OWS was the same way.  They made ZERO CHANGES in the corruption, system manipulation and government policies and practices.   That is called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, so keep that in mind as you consider all these options.)

Part II

People with opinions across the political spectrum are invited to unite and find common ground against corruption.  We will overcome divide and conquer propaganda by forming communities of support and compassion.

Together we will fight for freedom and begin engaging in a relentless campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience.  People will pledge to take part in whatever tactics they are interested in throughout a sustained three-month cycle.  Here’s a basic list of tactics…

> Mass gatherings, demonstrations;  (VN: remember to consider that you will be exposed, identified and probably photographed during these times.  Its ok, once you know this and choose to do so anyway, same with the next few listed)
> Marches, parades;
> Flash mobs, swarms;
> Shutdown harmful corporate and governmental operations;
> Worker Strikes;
> Hunger strikes;  (VN: do not help them depopulate us.  I would leave this one off given their penchant and perversion in watching people die. It would simply help them in their depopulation plans.)
> Sit-ins;
> Strategic defaults, debt strikes;
> Foreclosure prevention;
> Boycotting corrupt corporations;
> Move your money out of the big banks and the stock market  (VN: ...and into small community or family owned local banks.)
> Use alternative currencies and economic systems; (VN: use bartering, or gold and silver if you have it.)
> Cancel your cable television and support independent media;
> Use independent online tools that don’t sell your info / protect privacy;
> Online civil disobedience, Anonymous operations;  hacking various systems they need.
> Leak information on corruption;
> Use alternative energy; Use alternative utilities
> Build urban and hydroponic farms, or get your food from them;
> Support local businesses;
> Join local community organizations;
> Take part in food banks and help develop community support systems;
> Start or join intentional and autonomous communities;
> Experiment with new governing systems, Liquid Democracy;
> Host teach-ins;
> Organize socially conscious events;
> Make conscious media;
> Guerrilla postering, messages on money;
> Help inspiring groups and organizations spread their message;
> Random acts of kindness and compassion;
> Mass meditations, prayer sessions and spiritual actions.

You know what you can do to play a part. Do whatever you feel inspired to do. Amplify what you are already doing. Think about what you are willing to do to be the change we urgently need to see in the world, and then do it.
We look forward to seeing you in action!”

My recommendation for your action: Do what is both interesting/fun and what you feel strongly for. In any area you are effective, you will be opposed by the 1% oligarchs’ minions. This is part of the game, so be prepared to respond with fun and passion. Do not expect any visible results; Faith might be helpful.
And why do this? Simply, you seem to have these choices:
  1. Engage in Truth, Justice, Freedom that ends the crimes noted above in the operation’s purpose.
  2. Want the above, and hope someone else does the work.
  3. Accept your servility to the psychopaths who lie, loot, war-murder and use you as a stupid work animal. (VN: and who promote satanism, & will pedophile your children if they feel like it, kill your teens for their organs if they need them to keep themselves alive like Kissinger and Rockefeller who are older than mathuselah and how did that happen?  Just asking!!  Same with the queen and her racist, ignorant, and crude husband. )
Choose carefully. Life acts with justice (in the long term) and humor to give what you earn.

Ready to stand for justice from lying sacks of spin criminals?

Ready to reclaim trillions looted by these asset holes?

Want to join us?

Explore here for ideas.

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