Oscars 2014 - Preview (SPOILER ALERT LEAKED CLIP!!!) 86th Academy Awards

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Oscars 2014 - Preview (SPOILER ALERT LEAKED CLIP!!!) 86th Academy Awards
Published by Joy Camp on Feb 19, 2014

Benny & Kevin present the award for the Best Most American Film of the year. 

Vatic Note:  OH, this was FABULOUS...... What was most precious about the results of what these two "at Risk" commedians had done, was the look on the faces of all the actors, directors, producers and anyone in the audience working in the film industry, when they heard all that satire that hit the nail smack on the head.  I loved it.  It made all these years of work, for all the true and honest bloggers all worth while.  I know for a fact those bloggers suffered greatly for all their efforts and paid a dear price, but now they have been validated just  by this skit piece.  

You won't believe what they did.   It was truly precious and now I know why the powers that be said that the "...WORLD WAS ANTI-SEMITIC".... but we all know that can't be true, since those doing all this are not semites.  They are khazars.  LOL   World war III has begun using the Weapon of mass destruction, GLOBALLY VIEWED SATIRE.

I feel certain that all will be removed before the actual oscar program begins  for public viewing,  so make this go viral everywhere all across the globe so everyone can see the truth exposure going on.  Enjoy the clip, I know I did and I never laughed so hard in my life.  LOL


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