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We are coming into intense times now in both fear mongering and in real dangers we must stay on top of, and now it becomes critical to discern which is which. Remember their objective right now, is getting our guns. They cannot proceed without them. That is why we must stay up during this critical time. Thank you and God Bless you for all you have done to support our efforts on all of our behalf.

Vatic Note: Please carefully note these are not traditional Torah worshipping semitic Jews as we know them, rather they are the extreme of the khazars and are almost pagan in their religion with a Goddess, and other such elements that make it a questionably based religion.  Their holy book is the Babylonian Talmud and we all know what that means.

Certainly not Jewish nor Christian, but a perversion of the first. Notice they have to "tell a victim" of the crime they intend to create or do against them and that way they have shifted the responsibility and accountability over to the victim. No one has said this, nor do I have proof, but the constant feeling I get from all this where this group of khazars is concerned is  "They are not completely human, rather they are missing a soul and spirit."  That is why they can do what they do and have no human reactions to the results.

This has turned into a 3 part series.   I had no idea about this below, so this is very new to me as well.   Stay with us and learn as we do.  It may provide us with a weakness we can exploit to overcome them and their zionist fascist banker brothers.   OH, notice their belief in using deceipt and trickery to obtain their objectives, one of which is to destroy the goyim and rid the world of their leaders.

I never thought I would  say this or think it, but I now understand Hitler even if I dont' agree with his methods, at least now we can see what the Germans went through and since history is controlled by these khazars, they lied to us about Hilter  and  themselves.   If they had told the truth about both, things would have been much different. 

by Rev. Ted Pike, January 21, 2014

New York Post CoverEarlier this month "slumlord" Hasidic Jewish rabbi Menachem Stark was kidnapped and murdered in New York City. The New York Post asked: "Who didn't want him dead?" This created a firestorm of protest from the Hasidic, Ultra-Orthodox community which esteemed him for his large donations to Jewish charities.

It has also focused attention on crime and corruption in New York's large Hasidic community.

What are the origins of Hasidic Judaism?

What does it teach?  Do Hasidim’s religious beliefs incline them to disproportionate involvement in fraud and crime?

These are questions I will consider in this three-part overview of the growing presence and power of Hasidic Judaism, particularly in New York City and bordering northeastern states.

For Orthodox Jews the greatest sources of religious authority are not the law and prophets of the Old Testament but the oral traditions of the Pharisees, contained in the vast and rambling Babylonian Talmud and its mystical/revolutionary companion, the Zohar, or "Kabbalah."

In the 8th century A.D., the central Eurasian nation of Khazaria converted to Judaism.  At the height of its powers the Khazars ruled 30 nations in Eurasia, revealing even at that time strong genetic talents for organization, commerce, and leadership. By the 13th century, most of its roughly million Jewish proselytes had been driven west by invaders, primarily to Poland. (See Are "Jews" Really Khazars?)

There, in the Middle Ages, such Ashkenazi "Jews" were fascinated with the mystical Kabbalah, an obsession that exceeded their devotion to the legalistic Talmud. They were flattered by the Zohar's teaching that Jews are semi-divine, qualitatively superior to the lowly "goyim," Gentiles.  The Zohar told them Gentiles were animals, the spawn of demons in the form of men, saying, "They are the children of the ancient serpent which seduced Eve." (Zohar I 28 b)

This confirms the Talmud in Kethuboth 6 b: "You are thus called men but the goyim are not called men." Zohar says: "'Living soul' refers to Israel, who have living souls from above, and 'cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth' to the other people who are not 'living soul.'" (Zohar I 47 a) 

The Zohar commanded that Jews displace Gentiles in power and rule over them. "When God reveals Himself they will be wiped off the earth...Redemption will not be complete until Amalek [Gentiles] will be exterminated. . ." (Zohar I 25 b) When that is accomplished, "man [Israel] shall be unique in the world and ruler over all." (Zohar I 47 a)

As a result of dehumanization and even demonization of Gentiles by the highest scriptural authority for Hasidic Jews, they were free to prey upon Gentiles.  The Talmud concurred: "It is permitted to deceive a goy." (Baba Kama 113b)  Inflamed by Kabbalah's intoxicating message, powerful upwellings of kabbalistic aspiration for world control erupted in Poland and throughout Europe as early as the 17th century.

In 1648 Shabbathai Zebi, a Turkish Jew, proclaimed himself the Messiah who would lead the Jews to dominate the nations. He failed, yet the Jewish Kabbalists only went underground, creating secret societies (VN: is this what JFK was talking about in 1961?) such as Freemasonry and Illuminism to undermine governments and corrupt the world. Eventually, such ferment stimulated communism and Jewish financial and media control. (See Jewish Activists Created Communism and Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish)

In Poland, revolutionary mystic Baal Shem Tov founded Hasidism, kabbalistic Ultra-Orthodox Judaism.  Toward the end of the 19th century, masses of devotees of the Zohar emigrated from eastern Europe to America, forming Hasidic communities in New York.

Especially after World War II, very large numbers of Hasidic Jews joined them, first out of war-torn eastern Europe, then out of the Soviet Union. A high percentage came to New York, founding the present population of about 200,000.

Considered political refugees, they were given welfare privileges including housing subsidies, food stamps, and Medicaid. Welfare has enabled large families of ten or more, rapidly expanding the Orthodox population of the Northeast. It has been estimated that this population doubles every 20 years and the great majority of Hasidic families remain on public assistance.

Illegal Activities among Hasidic Jews

Anyone who has encountered Hasidic culture will notice its hauteur and coldness to non-Jews.  This is primarily because it teaches the Zohar's depiction of Gentiles as demonic animals that are unclean and can pollute the "holy" Jew simply by coming near him. "Kosher" food the Hasidim eat means it has not been polluted by Gentile hands.

Yet, the Kabbalah influences the Hasidim a step further.  It says that, by whatever means, ethical or not, the Gentiles must be displaced from power.  How will Jewish world conquest be made possible? The Zohar tells us. “Rabbi Jehuda said to him (Rabbi Chezkia): ‘He is to be praised who is able to free himself from the enemies of Israel, and the just are much to be praised who get free from them and fight against them.’ Rabbi Chezkia asked, ‘How must we fight against them?’ Rabbi Jehuda said, ‘By wise counsel thou shalt war against them.’ (Proverbs 24:6) ‘By what kind of war?

The kind of war that every son of man must war against his enemies, which Jacob used against Esau—by deceit and trickery wherever possible. They must be fought against without ceasing, until proper order be restored. Thus it is with satisfaction that I say we should free ourselves from them and rule over them.’” (Zohar I 60 a)

Such weakening of Gentile strength works toward the ultimate goal of kabbalistic Judaism: subjugation and even en masse slaughter of Gentiles when the Messiah comes and Jews assume world domination from Jerusalem.  The Zohar: "When God reveals himself, they will be wiped off the face of the earth."  (Zohar I 25 b)  Only by destruction of Gentile power today will Jews realize their destiny of "repairing the world" from Gentile-induced chaos.

Meanwhile, the Talmud teaches Orthodox Jews that Gentiles have no property rights. The Jewish Encyclopedia in its article "Gentile," pg. 620, explains Baba Kama 38a, which says, "The Almighty offered the Torah to the Gentile nations also but since they refused to accept it, He withdrew His "shining" legal protection from them and transferred their property rights to Israel." Talmudic treatise Choschen Ham confirms:"The wealth of the Akum [Gentiles] is to be regarded as common property and belongs to the first who can get it."

With such a pervasively racist, revolutionary worldview coloring their interactions with Gentiles, we can understand why Hasidic Ultra-Orthodox Judaism has an extensively documented record of involvement in fraudulent, illegal, and even blatantly criminal activity.  Such increasing criminality is confirmed by Jewish attorney Joel Cohen:
As a prosecutor and, more recently, a white-collar defense attorney in New York, I have witnessed a disturbing rise in crime among Orthodox and Hasidic Jews…There is no shortage of high-profile Jewish crime…
The most common charge is fraud: against businessmen and run-of-the-mill citizens alike, most frequently involving victims outside of the Jewish community; against the government; against insurance carriers; against banking institutions; health care fraud; money laundering; and stock swindling.
Perhaps most disturbing is a new breed of fraud involving observant community leaders, sometimes rabbis themselves, and intended to benefit the community itself, such as fraud against government spending programs for education and health care…And more often than not, the community, including its lay and religious leaders, stands up for the perpetrators by defending, or at least excusing, their behavior.
For example, following the convictions of four Hassidim in the New Square scandal, Hassidic leaders defended President Clinton’s pardon of these individuals on the grounds that the stolen funds were funneled back into their community rather than into their own pockets. ("Jewish Felons: The Problem of Criminality in Observant Communities")
Another Orthodox Jew, Harry Maryles, in his article "Milking the System Legally:"
We all know of the rabbinic leaders that have knowingly crossed serious lines of fraud to pay for the 'modest' lifestyles they demand of their people.  How many money laundering schemes will it take to realize that preventing people from learning how to support themselves is the biggest contributing factor to…fraud?
As confirmed by the huge crowds of Hasidic mourners weeping around Rabbi Stark's casket, the Hasidic community usually idolizes rabbis who get caught fleecing the Gentiles.  They are heroes in the battle to weaken Gentile power. 
Tomorrow: Crime, Fraud Soar among Hasidic Jews, Part 2

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