Jews Unite in an Israeli Protest against Bibi– Its Time King Bibi Left The Stage

Vatic Note:   Well, its about time.  They should be doing this all over world to let everyone know that its not  the people, rather its their satanic leaders.  We should be doing the same thing, since we have been tied into that group for two Presidents now.  Its never  been we, the people, rather our out of control infiltrated foreign operatives that have done this.  Time to do an Iceland on those banker khazars.

It should prove interesting to watch the power brokers try to arrest thousands of their citizens.   It shows exactly what their weakness is and that is small numbers on their side and way big numbers on our side.   Makes a huge difference for those hired to try and take us down.   They don't make enough money to risk trying.  Something has changed.... the game plan must not have worked, or the top guys are going underground and using this as a way to cover that fact.  Notice Obama did a press release that none of the press published?  Now will he also disappear??? 

The big guy must be here and given the dramatic weather changes from intense biting cold, to spring like warmth, I would suspect its coming through on its return journey and will be back in another 3,600 years. This could just be cover for going underground.  That was always going to be a problem.  How do they explain all leaders world wide disappearing all at once?

Oh, and don't buy into "aliens" are going to invade us.   That was the recommendation of the 1966 Iron Mountain report to use to justify globalizing us to fight the alien invasion and they are already running that one and its so obvious that it wont' work either.  They need to give this all up.   If they disappear than its time to seriously look for the vents and tunnels they are using so we can seal them in forever.   What a great idea.  LOL 

We have identified the entrances to the underground facilities here and the locations of the hardened fibre optics and water/sewer lines.  These were all hardened by using "Armoured PVC" which I saw them laying along major roads here.

I checked out the PVC spools I saw and checked google and sure enough the PVC was armoured with steel so they could not be cut and their communications and source of water could not be tampered with, but I also found out how you cut their PVC so you starve them to death by cutting off their water and their communications by cutting the fiber optics.  Trust me, that is what they have done and what we have to find once they all go down.

Jews Unite – Its Time King Bibi Left The Stage
by the Tap Blog, Before its News, March 3, 2014

Ed – King Bibi Netanyahu of Zion recieved a harsh message from hundreds of thousands of Jews today
“Bibi is bad for the Jews”.
I would add and everyone else other than arms dealers and despots to that.
The spinmeisters of this world are united in their reporting of this historic Jewish mass protest as an anti-draft protest  however things go much deeper than that.
Bibi’s political lifeclock is counting down tick tock tick tock his blood is draining away and he becomes paler by the day.
“We will win in the end, the torah will win,”
said Yaakov Biton, a 28-year-old resident of the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, said that he and the rest of his peers from his theological seminary came to Jerusalem “to show that we are not afraid of the criminal sanctions, we are united”.  Telegraph
Haaratz ( an Israeli Newspaper report & photo below )
A massive ultra-Orthodox demonstration against the government’s proposed military draft law virtually closed Jerusalem off on Sunday. Route 1 into the capital was closed to all traffic, with the exception of public transport, as hundreds of thousands amassed near the entrance to the city.
“Jerusalem completely cut off as ultra-Orthodox protesters amasse against IDF draft”
One-Million Protest Blocks Israel
by Roi Tov
“We will take revenge against Israel,” said an Ultra-Orthodox leader shortly before the protest. On March 2, 2014, as these lines are being written, the largest protest in Israel’s history is taking place. Its topic is the new Conscription Law, which attempts to conscript Ultra-Orthodox Jews to the IDF.+

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