The humiliation! I didn’t make “top 10 anti-semites” list

Vatic Note:  What a great write up and satire on the entire issue of the khazars using the slur "You're an anti-semite" any time someone tells the truth about what they are, who they are, what they are doing, and what part they play in the demise of our nation.   Leave it to Veteran s Today to lead the way in pointing out truth about these khazar Zionists.   Tex Mars wasn't on that list either, nor Steven Lendeman and others, so Gordon making the list was a real coup of sorts.

These khazars, through Rothschild, wrote in 1897 in the protocols of the elders of Zion,  to use anti-semitism, in fact, to promote it viciously, in order to deceive and hide behind the slur to control the truth telling.   It used to work until recently and now people just laugh when someone uses that term.  It means nothing anymore.

Its a great example  the little boy who "cried wolf," just once to often and no one believed him after a while.  When I hear that now, I laugh since its so obvious why they are doing it.  It highlights their attempt at their anal retentive control of anything to do with their agenda and makes them look like they are naked.   That is the reaction I have when I read it...... it is that obvious.

In a way, thier using that slur, has given us a kind of freedom to go even further in truth telling, where before most kind of tip toed around it, but we need do that no  longer, since its now obvious to everyone there is no anti-semitism, since there are no Jewish semites.  Only khazar anti-semites, now called "Ashkenazi Jews" who, by  DNA studies are proven to be khazars without a drop of Jewish blood in them.  I found that John Hopkins study to be fully and scientifically revealing.

Dr. Barrett is right,  what a slap in the face, since its only truth tellers that get called anti-semite, while the liars get off the hook who historically have always been the anti-semites, but always hid it.   I  am talking  about the khazar zionist bankers who wrote extensively about doing away with Judaism since they were so "weak" and "pathetic".   That was from the lips of their own leader "Hertzl" the father of Zionism.

The Zionists also sat in Switzerland during WW II and rejected every offer Hitler made them to release the Jews from Germany under the condition they not go to Palestine, and the Zionists refused the offer and sealed their fate.  I believe the quote from the zionists was "It is right for the Jews to pay the higher cost for Palestine".   Something to that order.    check this out and see how "truthful" that is.  http://www.nkusa.org/Historical_Documents/tenquestions.cfm 

It  would be great if Veterans today did some research and a write up on this link above.   I found it titillating but limited in its information, especially about how the khazars treated the "real Jews" they released and took control of after the war.   They were terrible to the real Jews at that time.  But that is for another blog.

The humiliation! I didn’t make “top 10 anti-semites” list 
by Dr. Kevin Barrett,  Veterans Today, 02/28/2014
Congratulations to VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff, who made the Zio-cons’ enemies list of “America’s top ten anti-Semites.”  Though I’m happy for Gordon, I’m also a little jealous. So I wrote the following letter:

Dear David Hornik,

I am writing to protest my exclusion from your Top Ten Anti-Semites list. These days, if you aren’t being called an anti-Semite, you aren’t working hard enough for truth and justice. Since I like to think of myself as working hard for truth and justice, being left off your list is a real slap-down.

It is especially honorable to be called an anti-Semite by the worst sort of ultra-Likudnik neocon scum. I assume that means you, since your zio-astroturf propaganda website hosts people like Michael Ledeen, the Operation Gladio mass murder and 9/11 suspect whose political philosophy is “enter into evil.”

What did I do – or didn’t I do – to be left off  your list of courageous truth-tellers? (OK,  calling Thomas Friedman a “courageous truth-teller” may be a bit of a stretch.)

Here is your top ten list, in order:
#1. Louis Farrakhan
#2. Students for Justice in Palestine
#3. Thomas Friedman
#4. Ali Abunimah
#5. Ron Paul
#6. Pat Buchanan
#7. David Duke
#8. John Mearsheimer
#9. Willis Carto
#10. Gordon Duff

I admit that these are all big-name people with major accomplishments under their belts. I guess I have some serious work to do before I can join their august company.

So what would I have to do to make the list? If I were to, say, read five more books on the Nazi holocaust, and continue to discover more information casting doubt on the official narrative, would you put me on your top ten list?

Reading only five books,* along with several papers, has already shaken my faith in the existence of mass human gas chambers, an official extermination order and program, and the figure of six million Jewish deaths. My willingness to think critically about historiography, and investigate before I jump to conclusions, ought to qualify me as an anti-Semite, right?

I am also perfectly willing to express even more disgust for Israel than I already have. If there are any uncomplimentary adjectives I have not yet hurled in the general direction of the Zionist entity, just let me know and I will hurl them forthwith.

Honestly, I will do almost ANYTHING to get on your list. I’ll get a swastika tattooed on my big toe. Wipe with the Israeli flag and post it on youtube. Mud-wrestle Abe Foxman. You name it, I’ll do it.

Finally, if you are still in doubt as to my anti-Semitic credentials, I can tell you one last thing: I am pretty sure that I do not like gifelte fish. Though I have never eaten a gifelte fish, I know that I do not like the Norwegian version, which is called lutefisk, and which I have never eaten either, and have no intention of ever eating. (Feel free to add me to your list of the top ten anti-Norwegian bigots, if you ever get around to making one.)

Dr. Kevin Barrett, Editor, Veterans Today

*The five books:  Denying History by Shermer and Grobman; Debating the Holocaust by Thomas Dalton; Denying the Holocaust by Deborah Lipstadt; Hitler’s War by David Irving; and Zionism in the Age of Dictators by Lenni Brenner.

Of the five, Dalton’s book is the only one that gives revisionist arguments a hearing; it seems to be the best available book on the revisionist-vs.-antirevisionist arguments. But the other four, in various ways, also undermine the careful reader’s faith in the official narrative.

The above books (read over the past few years) are in addition to the mainstream WWII stuff I’d already read:  Shirer, Toland, Waite, Bullock, etc.
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