Obama tells Russian PM "After Election I Have More Flexibilty" 3/26/2012

Obama tells Russian PM "After Election I Have More Flexibilty" 3/26/2012
Published by theworldweliveintv on Mar 26, 2012

President Obama was caught on a hot mic telling outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that if given "space," he'll have more flexibility "after my election."

Vatic Note: So, the question is, "What is Obama suppose to do AFTER the election, that would please the Russians?"
I believe this is an ongoing saga of both sides of a false flag conflict that are in cahoots along with their bosses, the international zionist khazar bankers, and its for global domination of the planet, secured by the US losing WW III.   This is no different than what they did in Nazi Germany, where the bankers set Hitler up to lose WW II, it was all planned that way.  The top ten advisors and leaders of Hitlers were Zionists including Goerhing.  Surprised?  I was.  The same is now with Obama.  He is controlled and managed.

I believe they intend to use WW III loss by the US to finish extracting all our wealth out  of this country.    They tried but could not do it through their normal "criminal" channels, we were just too wealthy as a nation and thus they had a very hard time bringing us down.  Well, we will see, now won't we?  Then rid the nation of all "Dissidents" which will include yours truly as well as others.     

Listen to this and then tell me this is not some RICO going on at the very least.  Probably much more.  Now the Ukraine makes much more sense.  People had to die to set up both countries people for the world war where billions of them and us are planned for us to die, especially the permanently handicapped and the senior ciizens.

The PTB consider us "useless eaters", and yet the irony is that the only useless eaters on this planet are the khazar zionist bankers who produce nothing except chaos and mayhem and then profit from it.  I can't imagine how far along we would be if we did not have those PTB useless feeders sucking off the public teat.


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