China Study Shows (the Khazar Zionist foreign occupiers and Infiltrators controlling the U.S. government) is the Biggest Violator of non-U.S. citizen Human Rights in the World

Vatic Note: Well, the irony is beyond laughable.   China is run by the same bankers that we are run by, so its like Bankers are playing games with us.... trying to pit one country against the other, so they can make trillions off the resulting WW III that they desperately need and want. 

If it wasn't so psychopathic, it would be laughable.  Remember, 3000 of china's leaders in every dept were trained at Oxford, just like Clinton was.  I find that coincidence revealing as well.   Remember Clinton was the one that laid down the foundation for terrorist legislation that ended up resulting in the Patriot Act.  Nice guy, huh?  

Let me also remind you about the Pentagon giving contracts for weapons electronic parts manufacturing to Chinese companies that Goldman Sachs help set up.  Then when we received the parts, they didn't work, oh, gee, what a surprise.   When you select the designated enemy of a country to manufacture your weapons electronic parts, then what the heck did you expect?  Us goyim, aren't that dumb.  I don't care what you say in those doggone protocols.

Then we let the Israeli's steal our F-22 plans for our most modern high tech plane and they sold those plans to China,  oooohhhh, another surprise.  I guess after all this AND MORE,  it appears we are suppose to be the designated loser of this war,  AND THEY WANT US TO GIVE UP OUR GUNS?  Now, who is dumb?  What Goldman Sachs did when they partnered with China, is commit treason against the West.   Paybacks are hell, huh???  Big mistake.  Wait til the sheep find out.

I keep saying it, "The only World War that Americans should fight is against the international bankers"..  Citizens in every country on both sides of the planned bogus war should not fight other citizens who are dupes as they were, rather ONLY THOSE who are creating this perversion.... the international Rothschild zionist khazar bankers. 

China Study Shows U.S. is the Biggest Violator of non-U.S. citizen Human Rights in the World
by Sherrie Questioning all, March 2, 2014

The U.S. proclaims it invades other countries to provide 'Freedom' for those citizens.  The U.S. government proclaims to is a humanitarian country that stands for Democracy and Freedom around the World.

The U.S. can say whatever it wants, but what it does shows a whole different story.

The fact is, the U.S. government (as I have said for years, now) is not humane at all.  People only have to open their eyes to see what they are and have been doing.

Drone attacks that murder innocent people on other sovereign country's soil.  Torturing prisoners.  Holding people without rights or trial.  Invading other countries.  Being behind the civil wars in Syria, Libya,  Ukraine and other countries to be able to have them taken over by those who they can control.

The U.S. doesn't even take care of their troops when they get back from overseas deployments.  They want to say they are mentally ill and such to be able to take their guns away.

We the People need to start being honest about what is happening in this country and start changing it through our way of thinking.  From fear to Love.  We need to stand up for the Power of "We the People" and become the moral and humane country we were back in the 1800s.

China did a study and they found in 2013, the U.S. was the worst human rights abuser in the world of non-U.S. citizens.  Of course the U.S. is the worst human rights abuser in the world of U.S. citizens too, but that wasn't included.  

Portion: (VN: Dear cyber warrior perverts, you are traitors for doing this to your own countrymen, know it and live with it)

BEIJING, Feb. 28 --The United States is the world's biggest violator of human rights of non-American persons and has been strongly condemned for conducting surveillance and prisoner torture around the globe, a report on U.S. human rights said Friday.

The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2013 was released by the
Information Office of China's State Council, or the Cabinet, in response to
the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013 issued by the U.S.
State Department on Thursday.

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