Central Banker Appointed as Prime Minister of Ukraine

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We are coming into intense times now in both fear mongering and in real dangers we must stay on top of, and now it becomes critical to discern which is which. Remember their objective right now, is getting our guns. They cannot proceed without them. That is why we must stay up during this critical time. 

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Vatic Note:  I swear, this whole Ukraine operation was probably a drill for doing the same thing to America.   Lets make sure we do not buy into it because the Ukrainians lost, and the bankers won.   Do not overthrow the government, over throw the bankers and no one else, unless the elected officials and other gov workers refuse to follow their sworn oath to protect and defend.  Then they go too.

The bold below  should scream volumes about who is what and screwing the Ukrainian people.   We have all read about how Putin is gearing up for war over this.  Lets remember, Under the old Soviet structure, Putin was head of KGB when the khazar Zionists were in total control of Russia.   He has not changed one bit. He is still tied into them as head of a country doing their bidding.  World war III has been on the books for a long time now, and everyone knows it that is in power.

So, he is simply playing the role of "bad guy" so our traitors can con us into fighting it and dying for their fiat criminal banking enterprises.  In fact, he is the one that told Kissinger, he would not do any of this unless Kissinger/Rockefeller got our guns away from us.   Kissinger promised him they would.  But alas, they have not, so they must be going to use the nuke or bioweapon option.  We will see.

Its not just us,  its also the Russian and  Ukrainian people that are being fooled, just like Americans are, and so we, the people of both countries, should refuse to war against anyone else EXCEPT THE ZIONIST "FASCIST" INTERNATIONAL BANKERS, which includes the IMF and the World Bank and  all central banks and especially the BIS, BANK OF LONDON and the FEDERAL RESERVE AND CENTRAL BANK OF GERMANY.  We will be very sorry if we do not.

As you know, during some  older blogs that we did, we warned against letting these khazars take control of our nation.  If we do, we said, it will begin to look just like Palestine.   Well, they have not even taken over, but their fascist infiltrator in NY, Bloomberg, sent his police to be trained in Israel on dealing with domestic citizens and we are seeing daily what that means.  So, if we are going to die by the hands of treasonous cops, we might as well die fighting back. In either case we die, so we have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE to do so.

Its amazing to sit  here day after day and watch these khazars propogate revolutions through deception, manipulation, lies,  stealing, assassinations and other nefarious and dark evil tactics and watch them work and create the chaos.  Now below, these protocol promoters have done as they  said they would do in the protocols.

They created the chaos, ripped up the society, did it to peoples lives, their culture and then when it was over, they step right in and bring order through tyranny.  Well, NOT IN AMERICA.  Watch and see!  You want chaos?  I hope your  not attached to any of your assets, either business, personal or private, like palatial residences, cars,  boats, airplanes etc.  Even your ....  Hackable bank account.  lol.   Have you ever seen a "herd of CATTLE go on a rampage?"  

Central Banker Appointed as Prime Minister of Ukraine

A reshuffled Ukrainian Parliament installed following a coup last week has voted to appoint Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the new prime minister of the country. Yats, as Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the U.S. State Department, called him, is a natural choice. 

He is a millionaire former banker who served as economy minister, foreign minister and parliamentary speaker before Yanukovych took office in 2010. He is a member of Yulie Tymoshenko’s Fatherland Party. 

Prior to the revolution cooked up by the State Department and executed by ultra-nationalist street thugs, Tymoshenko was incarcerated for embezzlement and other crimes against the people of Ukraine. Now she will be part of the installed government, same as she was after the last orchestrated coup, the Orange Revolution.


Yats will deliver Ukraine to the international bankers. “Ukraine is on the brink of bankruptcy and needs to be saved from collapse — Yatsenyuk has a strong economic background,” Ariel Cohen, senior fellow at the Washington-based Heritage Foundation, told Bloomberg on Wednesday. “Ukraine faces difficult reforms but without them there won’t be a successful future.”

Discussion with the IMF is crucial, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said earlier this week. In order to cinch the deal, the U.S. government will sweeten the pot. Lew talked with the IMF boss, Christine Lagarde, about Ukraine as he headed back from a globalist confab, the G-20 meeting in Sydney, Australia.

“Secretary Lew informed Managing Director Lagarde that he had spoken earlier in the day with Ukrainian leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk and advised him of the broad support for an international assistance package centered on the IMF, as soon as the transitional Ukrainian government is fully established by the Parliament,” MNI News reported on Monday. “Secretary Lew also noted that he had communicated to Mr. Yatsenyuk the need to quickly begin implementing economic reforms and enter discussions with the IMF following the establishment of the transitional government.”

Ukraine’s story is right out of the IMF playbook. The nation’s corrupt leaders past and present – most notably Tymoshenko, who went to prison for corruption and wholesale thievery – have enriched themselves at the expense of ordinary Ukrainians.

“Ukraine at the dawn of independence was among the ten most developed countries, and now it drags out a miserable existence,” Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko said last year. The nation’s leaders “signed a memorandum with the International Monetary Fund to meet the requirements of the oligarchs, but on the other hand — to timely pay the interest on the IMF loans and to raise the prices for gas and electricity,” Symonenko said.  (VN: aaaah, that explains the huge raise that we have experienced in the utilities, for gas and electricity, its how they, as owners of the utilities, extract the wealth through us from their fiat false bogus currency scheme.  Clever,  psychopathic, criminal, unethical, yes, but brilliant just the same.  That is the way they do their wealth extraction through wars.  They buy up the military industrial corporations, then create the wars, and make huge huge trillions off the weapons, financing both sides of the war, and then rebuilding afterwards and that keeps the zionist fascist bankers rolling in dough for 70 years until they play the cycle again. Damn, they do need to go.  Ship them to mars. )

The Orange Revolution – initiated by NED, IRI, Soros ( VN: representing Rothschild's Fascist, zionists bankers interests) and the CIA – installed a rogue’s gallery of self-seeking sociopaths who further bankrupted a country already seriously debilitated by corruption.

For the IMF and the financial elite, Ukraine is nothing less than a tantalizing bounty. “Its fertile black soil generated more than one-fourth of Soviet agricultural output, and its farms provided substantial quantities of meat, milk, grain, and vegetables to other republics,” notes ABO, a website covering energy resources. “Likewise, its diversified heavy industry supplied the unique equipment (for example, large diameter pipes) and raw materials to industrial and mining sites (vertical drilling apparatus) in other regions of the former USSR.”

After breaking away from the Soviet Union and declaring independence, it was thought the country would “liberalize” its industry and resources, in other words open them up for privatization by transnational corporations and international banks, but this did not happen quickly enough for the financiers and the corporatists.


Ukraine to undertake “extremely unpopular steps” as IMF takes over economy.
“The drop in steel prices and Ukraine’s exposure to the global financial crisis due to aggressive foreign borrowing lowered growth in 2008 and the economy contracted more than 15 percent in 2009, among the worst economic performances in the world,” ABO explains. 

“In August 2010, Ukraine, under the Yanukovych Administration, reached a new agreement with the IMF for a $15.1 billion Stand-By Agreement. Economic growth resumed in 2010 and 2011, buoyed by exports. After initial disbursements, the IMF program stalled in early 2011 due to the Ukrainian Government’s lack of progress in implementing key gas sector reforms, namely gas tariff increases. Economic growth slowed in the second half of 2012 with Ukraine finishing the year in technical recession following two consecutive quarters of negative growth.”

Now that Yanukovych is out of the picture, the banker minion Yats is lording over the Parliament, and thuggish fascists control the streets and guard against a counter revolution that might threaten Wall Street’s coup, the coast is clear for the IMF to pick up where it left off. Ukraine, now one of the poorest countries in Europe thanks to a kleptocracy supported by Washington and Wall Street, is wide open for further looting.

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