Andrew Breitbart Murdered? ----- Here's Why?

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Andrew Breitbart Murdered? ----- Here's Why? 

Published by ARSONomics on Mar 3, 2012

Andrew Breitbart was murdered because he has some very damaging information on President Barack Obama. This video covers WHY he was killed: Obama's ties to Communists, and his likely fraudulent birth certificate.

Vatic Note:  This is a piece of the puzzle that has not been viewed or looked at very much, but has been out there for sometime.  What Breit was going to do was release these videos before the election and each major player of the PTB had their own candidate for the race to come, so it was never between a real candidate with no affiliation with the banks (Rothschild) or with the commies .

It was a race between the Zionists/Communists (Obama) and the Zionist Fascists (Romny/Bush cabal) who were also supporters , if not members, of the zionists, which made the zionists the winner, no matter what and they have consistantly used communists in both the Russian Revolution and the German overthrow of the Constitutional republic.  Only then could they conduct their profiteering world wars.

They blatantly manipulated the election so the only independant candidate got defeated during the primary because the party structure would not let his delegates vote on the floor of the convention and we all saw that happen.  I could not believe just how  blatant that was.... and no one said anything or did anything about such criminal violations of the election process.

Then during the election of the two main candidates, I knew that Romney was the designated loser because the party structure was controlled by the same people who were made Czars by Obama since they would never have passed the senate vote for regular positions.   That meant Obama's white house had 32 dual Israeli citizens and about the same number of communists, most of whom where zionists.

I went to work on Romney's campaign, holding my nose, after Ron Paul was ousted, and there were absolutely no campaign materials available from party headquarters, so they wanted Obama to win.  Now why is that?  Because communism eventually evolves into fascism as we see with the Post office and prisons.  Next it will be our water and other life giving resources.

The infighting was between the communists and Zionists in Obama's administration since they would have lost control and the fascists/Zionists would have taken over and that could not be allowed.  I honestly thought Breitbart was murdered by Mossad, and that could still well have been, since Obama was critical to the completion of their agenda.  But now it appears he may well have been killed by one faction for Obama, and that was the commies.   This is an excellent video.  Watch it all the way through, and it shows way more than we knew before.


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