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Vatic Note:  Notice in the various news sources how food is becoming the main issue and all leading to shortages or famine as promised by Homeland Security run by Khazars.   They want and need riots, crime etc in order to do their martial law or they won't be legal if they try to do it without justification.  Famine is the tool, riots and crimes are the justification to come and collect our guns and do curfews where you can be arrested if out after a certain time.

Well, resistance needs space and time to meet and plan and execute, so they are clear about quelling that before it can begin and curfews are the way as well as gun confiscation.  It worked in a liberal area of Boston after the bogus  false flag in that bombing that they did to get our guns.  It won't work anywhere else, unless its legal.  If we do not riot then they can't do anything and we are still able to meet and plan.  Since they are speeding everything up, we best begin that planning now instead of when its too late.   WE ARE 380 MILLION AND THEY ARE A LOT LESS EVEN WITH FOREIGN TROOPS.

Attention, soldiers of another country.  What you do here will be what the PTB WILL DO TO YOU WHEN THEY ARE THROUGH WITH US.  Keep that in mind.  We will be on your side if they try it with you and you stood with us.  We, the people are far more trustworthy than the powers that be.  After all, they are Luciferian and lying is perfectly legit in their religion.  Keep that in mind also.  Morality is the key to trust and contracts.  


Texas Church Foodbank Under Threat from Within and Without

by Richard Evans, Henry Makow site.

During the Depression, the Federal government took on the role formerly served by local church based charities.  Now, 70 years later when church charity has become basically a hobby, the Socialist government is about to pull the plug on all the public services they took over with FDR.

The New Deal worked like this - the government bought up farm surplus as a way to keep food prices stable, and distributed the food to central food banks across the country, and a foreign aid to other countries.

The way this works is the central food banks sell the stock to local non-gov food pantries like my church for 19 cents on the dollar.

Last year, the price suddenly doubled to more like 40 cents, but this August Federal food shipments simply slowed to a trickle here and everywhere else.  Result?  Church food pantries don't have access to sub-wholesale price food, plus, we can't buy wholesale. We're suddenly back to the pre-FDR situation of having to ask the congregation to donate food to pick up the slack. 

Plus - our priest is maneuvering to shut down our food pantry space. Reason?  The new yuppies who place their children in our school think all those poor blacks and Mexicans are 'icky' - so our priest is trying to 'merge' our pantry with a Baptist group a couple of miles away.   Of course, they already have their own operation and volunteers, so the priest is basically killing our food pantry.

This has been brewing for a year, but the kicker is last week, suddenly, the jokers on Capitol Hill cut Federal 'food stamps' program by 24%, effective November 1st.  This of course will drive single mothers and struggling families to the churches, precisely when the cupboard is bare.

Did you know the bread famine that sparked the French Revolution was contrived by a Freemasonic conspiracy in which the Duc d' Orleans bought up the French harvest and sold it to the British?  (See Nesta Webster's French Revolution, a Study in Democracy (thanks to Andrew).

Here's my take on all this.   We've known they've been trying to get public unrest going for several years.

They tried Tea Parties and OWS.  They've tried a series of race-bating ops leading up to the Trayvon Martin thing last year. But America's simply too wealthy.  People don't starve here.  Crime is at an all time LOW.

So I think maybe -- just maybe -- they MUST create 'famine' (unavailability of food for the poor) to kick-start crime waves and riots.
- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/#sthash.joizjdY6.dpuf

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theprophetsaid said...

Get some red beans-Rice-dry mashed potatoes and some flour for bread and some canned goods and water and you can make it. This is not that high right now so buy it now.

You will see the hand of God moving to take care of his own.