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Vatic Note:  I am so glad we have been covering the issues of the Sikhs and the Hindu's or this would be alien info to us.   We have enough background to understand what is going on here.  Punjab/Kashmir is right were the fighting is taking place, and that means they are in the middle of this mess.   Now here is my question..... "as far back as 2008, when Obama was running for President,  ZBIG BREZSINZKI WAS THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS ADVISOR TO OBAMA DURING HIS CAMPAIGN".  

It was during one of the debates that it came out that Pakistan would be a target under Obama's administration and this was before he received the Nobel Peace Prize.  So how did he receive that prize  after saying he was going to attack Pakistan???  And so the deception began and has been ongoing ever since.   32 dual Israeli cittizens run the white house along with their communist counter parts who are CLOSET FASCISTS. 

Further, once in office, he began the harassment of Pakistan using drones to kill civilians, saying it was to hunt down and kill muslim terrorists.   Instead, the death  toll included women, children and old people.  In other  words, civilians, which is against international law and considered a crime against humanity.

I also remember, how Bush Jr,  gave India nuke technology and bombs to counter those developed by the Pakistani's.  So, is this how they intend to start WW III?  Further, there are problems between the Sikh's and the Pakistani's and between the Sikh's in Punjab and the Hindu's who hire assassins to kill Sikh leaders.   So what the hell is really going on over there?  Good find, Seawitch.  

I find it a coincidence that all these violent events are going on all over the world.  So, are the globalists coordinating all this?  My suggestion to "the people" of every single nation.  Forget where they are trying to direct your attention and instead focus on those bankers "IN YOUR COUNTRY" doing all this.   If each of us did this,  it might just trigger an avalanche of banker displacement to their homeland of Israel. 

I just ran across an article that we will be posting proving the Hindu's are the nazi's and we also posted a blog where a Rabbi in Israel was telling the Hindu's to come back home to Israel.  It implied and stated that the Hindu's were Khazars that migrated in ancient times to India and the rabbi pointed out all the similarities between their two religions to make his point.  Go back and revisit that one.   

So, given the Khazars historically have been the nazi's everywhere they have invaded, then it makes sense that it would also be here in America through their control of banking and corporations, I also suspect that is the case with the Hindus in India. My final word on it is this:  LET THEM FIGHT IT OUT AND WE STAY HOME AND BRING OUR DRONES BACK HERE.  Mind our own business and save money by letting neighbors solve their own problems.

By Seawitch,  Rumormills News Reading Room
SOURCE:  by Staff Writers
Srinagar, India (AFP) Oct 23, 2013

                           Vatic Note:  you can see on this map the
                            location of Punjab to Kashmir right next
                            to each other.   Will there be a spill over?
                            One more thought I had.... is this a game
                            by both sides with a globalist agenda? I
                            don't know, but its prudent to ask.                                    

India said Wednesday a soldier was killed during heavy cross-border firing with Pakistan, which the army described as among the worst since a ceasefire agreement a decade ago.
India's paramilitary Border Security Force (BSF), which patrols the internationally recognised border south of the disputed frontier in Kashmir, said one soldier had been killed and six injured in overnight firing.

BSF spokesman Vinod Sharma told AFP that 50 frontier posts were targeted in a further escalation of small arms firing and shelling that has taken place regularly over the last month -- despite public pledges to ease tensions there.

Indian army spokesman Nitin Narhar Joshi told AFP the flare-up is among the worst since 2003, while senior army commanders speaking on condition of anonymity said it was the most serious.

"The situation along the LoC is certainly one of the most serious witnessed since the ceasefire," Joshi said. "Now it is becoming ever worse with the sanctity of the international border also being severely violated by Pakistan."

Firing along the disputed Line of Control (LoC) that separates Kashmir into Indian and Pakistani sectors has taken place sporadically ever since 2003.

But the recent rise in incidents has caused alarm. The subject was taken up by Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh and Nawaz Sharif at the UN in New York last month when they pledged to improve conditions to build trust.

India's defence ministry says it has compiled more than 200 ceasefire violations this year, more than all the other violations since 2003.

Pakistan's military responded on Wednesday blaming Indian troops for the uptick in cross-border firing.

"Indian BSF also targeted 27 Pakistani posts in last two days and fired almost 4000 mortar shells and 59000 rounds of machine guns," it said in a text message sent to AFP, adding that Pakistani troops effectively responded to Indian firing.

"During last two weeks, due to Indian shelling two civilians and a Rangers soldier have embraced Shahadat (martyrdom) and 26 civilian have been injured on working boundary and LoC," it added.

Sharif is currently in Washington and is set to meet President Barack Obama later Wednesday, after angering India by calling for US involvement to help settle the six-decade dispute over Kashmir.

The BSF's operations chief in New Delhi, Raju Krishna, repeated longstanding Indian suspicions that cross-border firing is aimed at helping Islamist militants from Pakistan infiltrate into Kashmir.

"We are giving a befitting reply to prevent the infiltration bid," Krishna told AFP.
The Muslim-majority Himalayan region of Kashmir is divided and administered separately by India and Pakistan but claimed in full by both.

It has triggered two of their three wars since independence from Britain in 1947.
Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid last week described the military flare-up as a "serious matter".

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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Anonymous said...

Both these nations are operated from behind the scenes by the zionists. I live in India and as you might have guessed the Prime minister is a stooge and was the once the head of the countries Central Bank !! The chaos is being crafted to subvert and divert attention from breakthroughs in free energy and fuel from water. This has nothing to do with the BEM conference. the BEM too has been infiltrated by the zionists but then I digress. Pakistan is being used as a pawn from the time of Indepedance and even before. Watch out for a 'limited' war anytime now !!

Oh by the way, India does not have nuclear weapons and neither does Pakistan. It's too much to go into at the moment but you should look at the seismographs of the alleged nuclear detonations from both countries around 1999 and you'll see what I mean.