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Vatic Note:   I had never heard about this tribe mentioned below until I read this.  I am just stunned by how much I did not know in this world.  I get more stunned everyday.   Its funny how so much evil can result in so much good.  I started this blog to expose the truth and the underbelly of the evil  beast we are dealing with in this world, and ended up discovering wonders I had never dreamed existed.   How is that for an  oxymoron?

This entire adventure, and its truly an adventure,  has changed my life, my view of my world and everything in it.  I just hope if I can give a smiggen of what I get out of this to those of you who read here,  than I will feel I have done way more than I expected.   Its one of the reasons I never did ads.  They are a distraction from the information and the journey toward a never ending expose of wonderment and "Truth" that we were never exposed to in all of our history.

I am beginning to reject the artificial world I grew up in somewhat later in my youth, and reverting back to my childhood where I had a daily, hourly, and intense relationship with my environment.   I got to know it intimately and thus could tell when environmental things were not right, like snow and clouds, and other artificially created natural events, that were, in fact, not natural at all.  I am so grateful that was a part of my life.

Its good to revisit those memories as an aging adult. I had to live 2 years in a survival situation in a garage with no bathroom, no kitchen, no drainage, and no running water, so everyday I had to go to the river and collect water, filter it, heat it up for cooking and washing, as well as rinse water, then haul out the dirty water up the ridge to the gravel field up there and dump it.  The gravel acted as a filter of the water before it ran back into the river.  I hauled wood and water every day and I got stronger than I had ever been.  I found out why our bodies were built they way they were.  It was the most spiritual experience of my life.

Maybe there is something to be said for destroying all the artificial elements in our world and reconnecting to that which is natural and part of sun, earth, water, wind and sky.   With the geoengineering going on, its a good idea to introduce your children to the natural world before they take it all away.

Our problem isn't carbon dioxide as our bodies actually have channels for eliminating it from our system.  Our problem is losing the knowledge we once had that helped us to survive to where we are today. 

People of the Seventh Fire
by admin of 7th Fire site 

indians_smoking_pipePeople of the Seventh Fire

More than 1,000 years ago the Anishinabeg, lived along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. There were so many and they were so powerful that it is said that one could stand at the top of the highest mountain, look in all directions, and not see to the ends of the nation. They traveled the waterways by canoe and in winter they traveled with dog sled. 

Their life was full of abundance and beauty. The Anishinabeg developed their natural heritage of wisdom and power through dreams and the way of the circle. They followed the path of the spirit, walking in balance, in harmony with all beings. They communicated with the animals and fish that provided them with food. Trees and plants told them of their medicines. They knew the magic and mystery of the spirals. 

Using this knowledge, some of them traveled great distances with ease. Even today, some of the Hopi people of the Southwest desert in the USA still remember the stories of my people appearing in their underground chambers. They would speak with the Hopi people, do ceremony with them, and then disappear through the walls of the kiva.

These people had no need for police, laws, courts, judges, or prisons. It is the way of the circle to help each other and for each to contribute their talents and skills for the well-being of the community. The best hunters and fishers would share the hunt. 

The women gathered food together and shared it with everyone. They lived by the Original Instructions to love, honor, and respect all beings in the circle of life. This was given to all people at the beginning of the Creation. It's written in the hearts.

Prophecy of the Seven Fires
according to The Mishomis Book by Edward Benton Banai

Seven prophets appeared to the people. The First Prophet told the people that in the time of the First Fire they would leave their homes by the sea and follow the sign of the megis. They were to journey west into strange lands in search of a island in the shape of a turtle. 
This island will be linked to the purification of the earth. Such an island was to be found at the beginning and at the end of their journey. Along the way they would find a river connecting two large sweet water seas. This river would be narrow and deep as though a knife had cut through the land. 

They would stop seven times to create villages but they would know that their journey was complete when they found food growing on the water. If they did not leave, there would be much suffering and they would be destroyed. And they would be pursued and attacked by other nations along the way so they must be strong and ready to defend themselves.

The Second Prophet told them they could recognize the Second Fire because while they were camped by a sweet water sea they would lose their direction and that the dreams of a little boy would point the way back to the true path, the stepping stones to their future.

The Third Prophet said that in the Third Fire the Anishinabe would find the path to the lands prepared for them and they would continue their journey west to the place where food grows upon the water.

The Fourth Prophet was two who came as one. The first told them to expect a race of people who had light skin. The future of the Anishinabeg would be known by the face the light-skinned people would wear. If they come in brotherhood there would be a time of wonderful change. 

New knowledge would be joined with the old knowledge and the two peoples would join to make a mighty nation. Two other nations would join to make four and they would become the mightiest nation of all. If they brought only their knowledge and their good-will they would be like brothers.

The second being of the Fourth Prophet warned the light-skinned race might wear the face of death that would almost look the same as the face of brotherhood. "If they come carrying a weapon and if they seem to be suffering, beware. Behind this face is greed. You shall recognize the face of death if the rivers are poisoned and the fish are unfit to eat."

The Fifth Prophet said that in the time of the Fifth Fire there will be a struggle between the way of the mind of the light-skinned people and the natural path of spirit of the many nations of natural people. "As this fire loses its heat there will come among the people those who promise great joy and salvation. If the people accept this promise and abandon the old ways, the struggle will continue for many generations. This promise is false and it will nearly destroy those who accept it."

The Sixth Prophet told them that in the time of Sixth Fire it would be clear that the promise accepted during the Fifth Fire was false. "Those who were deceived by this promise will take their children away from the teachings of the elders. The elders will lose their purpose in life and many will become sick and die. Many people will be out of balance and the cup of life will become the cup of grief."

The Seventh Prophet was younger than the others who had come and there was a glowing light from his eyes. He said that there would come a time when the waters had been so poisoned that the animals and plants that lived there would fall sick and begin to die. Much of the forests and prairies would be gone so the air would begin to lose the power of life.* 

The way of the mind brought to the red, black, and yellow nation by the white nation would bring danger to the whole earth. In this time there will arise Osh-ki-bi-ma-di-zeeg, a new people who will emerge from the clouds of illusion. They will retrace their steps to find the treasures that had been left by the trail. The stories that had been lost will be returned to them. They will remember the Original Instructions and find strength in the way of the circle. 

Their search will take them to the elders and the new people will ask for guidance. But many of the elders will have walked the Path of the Souls to the Star Web. Many elders will have forgotten their wisdom and they will not be able to help. Some of the elders will point in the wrong direction and others will remain silent because of their fear. Some of the elders will be silent because no one has asked them for their wisdom.

If the New People will find trust in the way of all things, in the circle, they will no longer need the selfish voice of the ego and they can begin to trust their inner voice. Wisdom will be once again be found in dreams of the night and of the day. 

The sacred fire will once again be lit. The Light-skinned People will be given a choice between two paths. If they choose the right path the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth Fire and final fire of brotherhood and sisterhood. If they choose the wrong path, remaining on the path of the mind, then the destruction they brought with them will come back to destroy them. If that happens The people of the earth will experience much suffering and death.

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Anonymous said...

The eighth fire has been lit for over 10 years now.It is called the Healing Fire. In the early 80's the Hopi instructed the Adawa to light the World Fire Council. In the early 90's the right person showed up at the World Fire Council to call the Cleansing. The consensus was that there was to be a time of healing first.Right answer. The following spring the 8th or Healing Fire was lit.

Vatic Master said...

That is very interesting. Can you share more info on the 8th fire specifically and tell us what we can expect and why?