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Vatic Note:  The fact that the seed bank accepts all seeds, EXCEPT FOR GMO SEEDS, proves that the owners of the vault are aware of the problems with them and their refusal to accept them is basis enough for us to demand they be terminated all over the planet.   Another issue we can come together on in the billions and make them behave.  It doesn't hurt to give it a try. 

We just discussed in another blog, how they planned for famine globally and have done everything they could to rid this country of our farmers and growing of natural healthy food.  They are going after all country's food independance. Watch them do the same to water.  Remember the bill that made gardening in your own yard, a crime?  Or a massive license fee of $500 to do home gardening.  Then they made it illegal to collect rainwater that belongs to all  of us before it hits the rivers or the ground.

They are certainly doing everything they can to beg us to fight them ON THEIR TERMS, but as Sun  Tsu proved, you can fight them on your terms and not theirs.... and getting a copy of Sun Tsu's "The Art of War" and read it.  He was a genius when it came to war from an underdogs perspective and we are the underdogs with respect to technology and weapons of mass destruction, so we must use those tactics that benefit and give us a leg up.  We have one thing going for us.   Our enemy is soulless and there fore creatively lacking.

We, on the other hand, are creatively endowed big time and have lived through decentralized yet, bonded, community of self interests and we can parlay that into success with no problem.  Its something to think about.  They have deep and hard centralized control with anal retentive war gaming and drills, so they are at a distinct disadvantage.

by PF Louis,  Natural News 

(NaturalNews) Are you aware of the Arctic Circle Doomsday Seed Vault? Technically it's the Svalbard International Seed Vault. The media has hailed it as an attempt to create a doomsday ark containing a wide variety of seeds to ensure the future of agriculture in the event of widespread crop disasters. A closer look behind the curtains finds some suspicious characters heavily vested in the vault's activity.

The doomsday vault's operation 

The doomsday seed vault is situated on the island of Spitzbergen, Norway, located in the Svalbard island group within the Arctic Circle. It exists in an old copper mine, which is connected by a long steel tunnel from outside of the mine's mountain. It is steel and concrete fortified with all the latest technological innovations for supplying power and maintaining seed security.

It is considered a safety deposit box back up for all other seed banks located throughout the world, of which there are many. Because of its remote but accessible location, entrance at 400 feet above sea level, and the permafrost protection for the vault if there is a power failure. On the surface, the project makes ecological sense.

Norway technically owns the vault, and endows those who place seeds into the vault with absolute ownership and access of the seeds. The Global Crop Diversity Trust based in Rome is the prime coordinating international agency for the doomsday vault, and they have strong Rockefeller connections.
An earlier LA Times article mentioned that all seeds are accepted, except for genetically modified seeds. However, this stipulation wasn't noticed on the vault FAQs web page. The doomsday vault donors listed include the Gates Foundation, Rockefeller, Monsanto, and Syngenta, an international counterpart to Monsanto based in Switzerland (http://www.croptrust.org/main/donors.php).

Suspicions are warranted

International investigative journalist William Engdahl voiced his concerns in a 2007 Global Research article just prior to the vault's opening: "Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic - Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don't."
Engdahl has serious issues, supported by documented historical evidence, regarding the major doomsday vault sponsors. He connects their shadowy dots from earlier 20th Century agribusiness endeavors of the usual suspects to now. They thrive on NGO front groups with humanitarian titles and push vaccinations in third world countries as well.

Even Norway was involved with producing sterilization agents that were attempted under the guise of free tetanus vaccinations - for women of child bearing ages only - in Mexico, Nigeria, and the Philippines during the 1990s.

Among the listed sponsors are: Monsanto; The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Bill privately invested heavily in Monsanto stocks); world agribusiness giants Dupont/Pioneer Hi-Bred and Syngenta, both promoting GMO seeds and all the chemicals needed for large scale monoculture farming; global network groups supported by Rockefeller foundations to ensure the master monopolist Rockefellers have strong claim on agribusiness.

Engdahl points out that the so called "Green Revolution" was a steady networking grab, allowing the monopoly Rockefellers to eventually gain control over much of international agribusiness while ruining small third world farms and forcing those farmers into cheap labor pools.

How do the above mentioned groups keep their mission statements straight, funding millions into the doomsday vault while simultaneously funding large sums into The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)?

Cloaked in benevolence, AGRA is an attempt to ruin small, independent farming in Africa and replace it with GM and monoculture large scale farming, which demands all the various chemicals the private companies sponsoring the doomsday vault provide.

Engdahl suspects something is rotten in Svalbard. And it smells of global control with some depopulation. You can read his article here: (http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=v...).

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