McAfee Founder to launch New "NSA Killer" Privacy Device

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Vatic note:  McAfee is an overseas company, and with the description below, it could easily turn into a GPS for targeting someone who is blogging on line.  That would make it a lot easier to capture than trying to ferret someone out of a multi million user system.  I just keep remembering what admiral Poindexter said ... a system such as recommended at that size is impossible to work for the use it was intended which was spying.

He said they would need refining through other data collection systems and then ferret out those contained in all three data collections. That is a huge and costly job and that was why he was against it.  Of course he was gone shortly thereafter.   These cretins are such anal retentive control freaks who would lose, when matched against "the peoples" free market creativity, ideas and outreach, such that it would be a no contest, as Ron Pauls campaign proved. We would prevail.

That campaign drove the powers that be nuts.   They did not know what in the hell to do about him so they simply broke the law and repressed him.   Its the only option they had.  His campaign was so decentralized that large systems could not affect it in anyway.  They did not think to use GPS trackers on the meet up pages that were used.   Do they somehow know that and have found a clever way to over come the obstacle? I don't know, but the question is a valid one. You read and decide. Its a Company from Czechoslovakia.

McAfee Founder to launch New "NSA Killer" Privacy Device
Dark Web Rising: McAfee Founder To Launch New “NSA Killer” Privacy Device

Their tentacles are everywhere.
If it’s plugged into the internet there is a near 100% chance that the National Security Agency is monitoring it.

So how does the average American get off the control grid?

According to well known anti-virus software founder John McAfee the answer is simple.


Rather than connecting to the telecom sponsored (and government integrated) internet, we bypass it completely and connect directly to each other’s devices in a peer-to-peer environment using what is essentially a distributed network architecture.

He’s been working on the new device, dubbed D-Central, for several years but has recently sped up its development in light of revelations that the NSA is tapping the digital interactions and personal correspondence of virtually every American citizen.

The new “NSA Killer” will, according to McAfee, make it difficult if not impossible for the NSA to tap into personal communications like they do today because the device would operate in what is known as a “dark web” and allow an individual to completely obscure their identity.

McAfee says with D-Central there will be no way for the government to tell, “who you are or where you are.”
The gadget, which McAfee wants to sell for less than $100, would communicate with smartphones, tablets and notebooks to create a decentralized network that couldn’t be accessed by government agencies. Specifically, it would create a small private network that would act as a “dark web” where users could communicate and share files privately.
The device would have a wireless range of about three blocks and those in range would be able to communicate with each other. McAfee has reportedly been working on the gadget for a few years but has accelerated development in recent months given the NSA leaks.
At present, he said the design is in place and they are looking for partners to help with hardware. A public prototype is expected to be ready within six months with the current device said to take a round shape with no display. This of course is assuming the project isn’t shot down by regulators before it’s ever released.

Source: Tech Spot via The Daily Crux

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