The Irish Banking Revolution - October 2013

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The Irish Banking Revolution - October 2013 
Published by Reality Ireland, on Oct 16, 2013

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Vatic Note:  Wow, such a short time after Hungary kicked the bankers out, now the bankers are having trouble with Ireland.   Watch this video and see what I mean.  Further, Mexico just banned GMO Corn planted by both Monsanto and Dupont.  The internationalists are having a heck of a bad time right now.  See? INFORMATION EXPOSURE IS OUR WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.  What can they use against it?  They can only kill off so many people and then they become vulnerable to getting caught in their criminal side of their business.  I love it.

God bless all who stand against the international bankers and their criminal mafia.  Now we must sue for drug dealing, money laundering, assassinations, murder, etc.  and throw their arses in jail.   Iceland, move over here they come..... lol


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