An "India" False Flag in 1984 against Sikhs' for purposes of Genocide. Reporter Confirms!

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Vatic Note:  It is somewhat amazing the parallels going on in India that are going on here.  It appears they are trying to bring everyone in line in the politically correct thinking but are failing and so violence has been used to affect the change.   Here is how I believe the PTB have everything lined up and now they need the actual population to buy it.  On one side of WW III are China, Russia, Pakistan, Middle east Arabs.

On the other side is Israel,  The United States of Israel, er, I mean of America, and Europe, India, with Turkey on the side of Israel.   Now the trick is to get the people of each nation to go along and commit their wealth, blood and lives to EACH SIDE so they will fight to the death and being so divided will protect those doing all this,  the International Zionist bankers and their partners, the Fascist corporations, most of which  the bankers own, and the sold out leaders of all nations.

The PTB's biggest risk is that we get the game and come together as "people" all over the globe and bring down those bankers and infiltrators working for the bankers, in every single government, most of whom are Communists and have fascist intent, using Communism as the foil and vehicle for locking up control of the globe.  Its something we have discussed often, so I am sure I am repeating myself, but its important to understand the deception for it NOT TO WORK.

This is exactly why we have to help the Sikh's in obtaining their designation as genocide by the Hindu's back in 1984 and to do so with passion, since that breaks up the scam at its core.   The US, Israel and Europe are the designated losers and by golly, if they can't lock up these groups like the Sikhs who are spiritual, rational, and peaceful, loving people, then they are doomed in taking control of India and she is critical to their success in defeating us. 

ABPNews’ falsehood exposed; Facts distorted in docu-drama Pradhanmatri to present Sikhs in bad light

New Delhi, India (October 14, 2013): Sikh journalist S. Jarnail Singh has challenged the ABPNews’ docu-drama Pradhanmatri (Episode 14). The recent episode of Pradhanmantri was on attack by Indian army on Sikh Gurdwaras including Harmandar Sahib in Amritsar in June 1984. The attack was ordered by contemporary Indian Prime Minsiter Indira Gandhi’s regime and it was code named by Indian army as “Operation Blue Star”.

ABPNews Pradhanmantri Episode 19 Falsehood exposed
ABPNews Pradhanmantri Episode 19 Falsehood exposed

S. Jarnail Singh has exposed ABPNews’ that the channel presented a 2013 protest photos as a photo of protest by Sikhs in 1978. The photo that features Journalist Jarnail Singh dates back to May 2013 when Sikhs held a massive protest outside Karkardooma Court in Delhi that had acquitted Sikh genocide accused Indian politician Sajjan Kumar.

In ABPNews’ drama Pradhanmatri (Episode 19) this photo was used at 06:26 (mins) and it was claimed that this was the photo of protest by “hard-liner” Sikhs against the acquittal of then Nirankari head Gurbachan after April 1978 massacre of 13 Sikhs by Nirankaris.

Journalist Jarnail Singh has flayed Indian media for distorting facts so as to show Sikhs in bad light. He said that the Sikh were being presented in bad light and were termed as “hard-liners” etc. whenever they protest against injustices meted out to the Sikh nation in India.

He said that the Pradhanmanti (Episode 19) by ABPNews was a bundle of lies. The Channel has attempted to re-produce state propaganda against the Sikhs in a dramatic way, while the true facts have either been ignored or distorted to fulfil it’s ulterior motives.

It is notable that it’s not the first time that the Indian media has attempted to distort or fabricate facts to make scenes fit to it’s drama. Previously on 25 September, 2009 IBN7, another Hindi news channel, had showed a drama titled “Khalistan Ka Jinn”. 

The whole story telecasted by the channel just looked like a staged drama as channel repeatedly showed persons (so-called terrorists) armed with weapons, taking training of arms, huge quantity of automatic weapons, ammunition and explosives but without any further explanation. Surely most of these persons, except recently and previously arrested Sikhs, had nothing to do with contemporary Punjab or Sikh movement and most of these shots were pre-recoded shots that did not relate to Punjab or Sikhs.

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Rod said...

It is gratifying to see Westerners understand the truth in India. There is a strong Hindu-fascist movement arising in the subcontinent that is anti-Western and anti-Christian in origin.

Readers are encouraged to youtube 'Persecution of Christians in India', 'Final Solution Hindus' and 'RSS and VHP terror' to learn more.

God Bless.