Russia endsThe NWO Cabal: Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Rothschild Bank Accounts & Stock.

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Vatic Note:  I like what Hungary did in kicking the IMF out of their country and going back to debt free currency.  That is what Argentina did during the Bush administration and they got back into recovery very fast.   I believe Iceland did the same thing.   Other third world countries are also catching onto the IMF and who they work for, and its not the county members either.

As for Putin, well, you have read my take on him which is caution and not embracing him, since we do not truly know who he is working for.  We don't know if any of this is for real.  For instance, its not really illegal to own foreign properties, but its criminal if you don't report that you own them.  Hmmm, interesting.   As we have discovered,  state owned press,  does and prints what its told to print and a court ruled that there is no law forbidding the press lying.

They can make up any story they wish and the reporters can legally be fired if they refuse to report the lies.   This was what happened to two fox reporters who refused to lie and they were fired, so they sued and lost.  That is how bad this is getting and the khazars have had control of Russia a LOT LONGER than they have had control of the USA.  We just saw this on Fox where they  messed with the video and overlaid with something the yelling clerk said at the elevator, and not what she actually said at the mike.  So news reporters are as sold out as other domestic enemies.

What I can't figure out is "What was the purpose for the whole scam?"   Its just one example of why we can't trust anything they feed us from the top, both politicians and MSM.  I have made that assumption and will stick with it until Putin cleans all Rothschild bankers out of his country. 

Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Rothschild Bank Accounts & Stock! Ending The NWO Cabal….

Posted on February 15, 2013

President Of Russia Vladimir Putin
President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW – The Kremlin is ready to ban state officials from owning foreign property or keeping money abroad, a move seen by one civil society group as the latest manifestation of ”Western phobia” by the government.

A source in the presidential administration told Kommersant that strict controls on foreign assets were seen as necessary.

“It is a question of the loyalty of government officials and an assessment of their patriotism,” the source said in an article published Friday.

A bill co-drafted by State Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov of United Russia would ban foreign assets from being held by officials, their wives and their children under 18 years old. The law would cover people in government service from the municipal to the federal level, Lysakov told Vesti FM earlier this month, such as officials in the security services, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the customs service and the Investigative Committee.

His plans would mean this elite group “stands with both feet in Russia,” he said.
  • An exception would be made for getting “a good education” or using medical services. People would be allowed to have foreign bank accounts for these purposes because they are “sacred,” Lysakov told the radio station.
According to Kommersant’s unnamed source, the Kremlin would support Lysakov’s proposals, even though they will not be popular with some United Russia deputies. Many civil servants and Duma deputies own foreign property, including in former Soviet countries.

A rival bill co-authored by Just Russia Deputy Ilya Ponomaryov would require officials to declare foreign property and assets on a special register.

Owning such assets would not be illegal, but an incorrect declaration would be a criminal offense. The preamble of the bill says this would increase the effectiveness of controls on spending by government officials.
The bills were proposed shortly after opposition leader and anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny accused Investigative Committee head Alexander Bastrykin of having secret property in the Czech Republic, a claim that Bastrykin denies.

Navalny called Bastrykin a ”foreign agent,” playing on the title that a new law will force upon nongovernmental organizations that conduct “political activity” and receive funding from abroad.

Ivan Ninenko, deputy director of Transparency International, said the proposed restrictions on officials owning foreign property are part of the government’s “Western phobia.”
“This is not about corruption. It is about populism and this political idea that everyone in the West is bad and should have no influence on Russia,” he said by telephone.
If the Duma wanted to fight corruption, instead of banning the ownership of foreign property, it should ensure transparent information that allows people to compare officials’ income with their savings and other assets, he said.
The Moscow Times

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