JFK Jr: Why He Had To Be Eliminated

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JFK Jr: Why He Had To Be Eliminated
Uploaded by James Ambas on May 12, 2011
This is a show William Cooper did on October 10, 1999. 

VN:  Its a bit long and he does try to get people to "think".  So this can be a little bit frustrating, but I am into trying to get people to think as well.  Many of you know what I mean.  But its good just the same.  He says something near the end which intrigued me about the Kennedy family.  Listen for it. 

No wonder they killed Bill Cooper, he was awesome as an ex navy intel officer.  He is the only one  telling the truth about the JFK Jr. murder/assassination.  I am geniunely sick of these foreign occupiers of our government killing our best  men and women in our country. 

I am going to have to listen to this again, it was so chock full of new information that I had bits and pieces of and now he provides some glue to help tie it all together.  He gives a much deeper reason for JFK Jr. and he discloses so much beyond that.  The PTB never do anything for just one reason.  I had found out Clinton was running for Senator of NY, and coming from Arkansas, it was not going to be an easy run, but JFK Jr, had also announced and the Zionists controlled Hitlary, but  not JFK Jr, so to me that was one of the reasons they killed him.  But Cooper comes up with a more intriguing answer that you should hear. 

I was glued to this video and trying to absorb all that he is putting out.   Like he makes the point that Kennedy was killed at the "time of sacrifice" when the sun was directly overhead.  I wish he had been around for the Zionist Wellstone killing in their usual manner, through airplane travel.

He brings up free masonry, Christian battles with freemasonry and the Catholic  Church.  Hillary was going to run against JFK for the senate seat, and JFK Jr would have won and that was part of  the reason because she is heavily tied in to freemasonry.  The battle, I find out is between the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, and each represents one of the factions.  So while they work to gether on globalizing, they fight over who will prevail above the other.  Anyway, this is worth the listen.


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