“Wild Mouse” DC Shooting, an Overwhelming Smell/ANOTHER DRILL IN THE SAME PLACE ON THE SAME DAY!

Vatic Note:   This was a good job by Gordon Duff, in pointing out the DC crazed shooter was non other than an unarmed dental Hygienist with absolutely no record of any kind of either crimes or violence.   This is another gestapo, Zionist, Palestine type of crime against humanity and we knew this was going to happen when they started sending Law officers to Tel Aviv for training.   Why?  Because the Israeli Defense Force, uses brutal tactics and terror on their Palestinian citizens who have a legal right to exist and to be there. 

I believe they are training our law enforcement officers to do the exact same thing to us, to instill terror in us and our own Vets showed them we are not the Pals, and are not so easily shoved around.  All these false flags do is make us madder and that is not what they want from us.  They want us cowed and submissive.  Well, it will never work as this shows below and as the next blog will also prove.  

Now, because our domestic terrorists are control freaks, they scheduled a drill on the same day as the so called false flag shooting by this unlikely perp who has no record of ever doing anything like this.  You read, watch the video and you decide.  Nice to have Dutchsinse back again. 

“Wild Mouse” DC Shooting, an Overwhelming Smell

It has finally happened, hell has frozen over...
It has finally happened, hell has frozen over…

“We Ain’t Buyin’ None of It
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Yesterday, I was asked to comment on the DC shooting rampage by Russia Today and Press TV. Reports told of a “terrorist” jumping out of a car and holding a raging gun battle with beleaguered unpaid defenders of America.

Now we find that a dental hygienist who never had a parking ticket, unarmed, baby in the back seat, was gunned down by dozens of heavily armed counter-terrorism groups from around the nation, in Washington on a “training exercise.”
I just can’t take this anymore.
Wasn’t it a few days ago another African America, this one a Buddhist, DOD contractor, the “perp” in the Navy Yard incident?

I keep going back to Sandy Hook:
  • Mom was a teacher…then she wasn’t.
  • Mom was found dead in the school, then she wasn’t
  • Suspect killed his brother in New Jersey, then didn’t.
  • The shooter was a student at the school, then he wasn’t.
  • He drove his car, then it turned out to belong to someone else.
  • School psychologist “looked in his eyes,” then only “saw his shoes”
  • FBI agents onsite spoke to each other in Hebrew
  • Original suspect was dressed as a nun, then no longer existed
  • Other suspects arrested in video “chase”
  • They then disappeared, unnamed, no arrest records, no police reports
  • Invisible “nun” fled in a van to a safehouse in New York
  • Safehouse was watched for days, then found to be home for two Israeli’s publishing white supremacist literature
  • Safehouse had weapons magazines (clips) but no weapons
  • Suspect shooter bought guns, trained on ranges but no records nor videos exist and all gun stores and ranges video EVERYTHING
  • Full forensic report was promised in 30 days, then 6 months now “when hell freezes over”
  • Hell has frozen over and still no report


We don’t even want to begin with the Gifford’s shooting.  I stopped believing 9/11 when the F 15′s tasked with shooting down airliners that could have been hijacked and crashed into stadiums with over 100,000 dead, flew around aimlessly, untrained pilots, even landed and took off again, then crashed into buildings.

Two of them had no wreckage or bodies, one of them actually flew 15 feet underground, crossing the Potomac River through the sewer system it seems.
The Gifford’s fiasco, police arrived in 45 minutes though twelve police were scheduled to be “onsite” including 3 mounted units for crowd control.  All had “blue flu” that day.  This is one of about 300 “inconsistencies.

The shooter?  He had belonged to a special military “pre-enlistment program” for mentally deficient prospects that offered free psychiatric care and medication.

He was the only one to belong to this program, though we suspect others, Dr. Hassan for instance, perhaps a few more.  Guess who they were?

YouTube - Veterans Today -
A criminal jury in Britain viewed this film at the trial of John Anthony Hill and deemed the information contained as both reasonable and true.
What does this mean?
Well, riddle me this:
You are holding a terror drill.  You hire an Israeli company.  Not unreasonable.  They do these things.
The Israeli company hires young Muslims to carry backpacks filled with simulated explosives, actors to participate in the “drill.”
The underground/metro/subway cars the “actors” were riding in were destroyed by bombs, later to have been found to have been buried under the tracks though police still claim they were in the actors backpacks.

Read that one twice.
Other evidence strongly suggests that at least one other “actor” found his backpack had real explosives in it.  Watch the film.
Prettymuch every recent terror attack is similar.
Where the hell are the real terrorists and crazed lone gunmen?

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