Police & Vets Clash At White House 1 Million Vet March

Vatic Note: If you had the feeling, you were helpless in all this, this video below will disabuse you of that feeling.  Why?  Because, while one person is hard to believe will succeed,  millions of us together will always succeed.  I encourage you to begin joining others within your community to work in tandum for restoring our republic to the condition it should be in based on our forefathers vision and creation..... Lets not be the generation that failed our children  and lost all our gains given to us by these brave men and women who have sworn an oath to defend our constitution and republic with their very lives.

These vets talked to these LEO's and said the right thing, "You took an oath", and "you work for us, we the people, not for them".  Something made them leave, maybe it was the sheer numbers of vets.  I happen to believe they realized they were dealing with trained, combat-seasoned vets who outnumbered them in such numbers that nothing these LEO's had or could do would equalize the situation.  The Law Officers would have lost and probably gotten hurt.  The head cop figured that out and pulled them.  One man can make a difference standing with others just like him.  What a unique opportunity to see our military dealing with "enemies domestic."

Police - Vets Clash At White House 1 Million Vet March
Published by Susan Duclos on Oct 13, 2013
Police and US War Veterans have clashed outside of the White House on October 13, 2013, during the Million Veteran march on Memorials.

Article at http://b4in.info/hKrW


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