The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Forces of Darkness - Part 2

The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Forces of Darkness - Part 2 
Published by Dogeffa on Apr 17, 2012

This is a 9 part study into the events surrounding the murder of America's last legitimate President.

Vatic Note:  What an incredible documentary this was, and add to this what we found out through the 1978 documentary, that we published on this blog  yesterday, as it ties so much of what recent discoveries show, completely together, with the 78 news clips and reports that happened with a 27 year gap.     This documentary is two of 9 Parts .  Part 2 is finally the names of the real assassins who pulled the 3 triggers, and part 3 is about the extend of the early cover up activities.  That one blew me away. 

This whole series was shocking and for me, it should not have been.   The international satanic conspiracy to take over the world crosses  all boundaries.  Military, intel, international families which we knew about,  Israel which we knew about, khazars which we knew about, but we did not know about the secret societies until JFK's speech, and then we did not know their entire purpose was take over of the globe and provide cover and to use satanic powers to do so.

We did not  know that the white house and congress were completely taken over by these cretins right after  the  JFK assassination. One of the prime members of the illum annointed was Allen Dulles, fired by Kennedy as head of the CIA, who was put on the Warren  Commission by Johnson.  Now, why did Johnson do that?    What was interesting about this was the fact that we get the entire story of who did the actual killing from the grassy knoll and how they did it.  And there is even proof.

The cover up is on other videos, but this one gave us way more than we had ever had before.  Wait til you hear the info on the Warren commission and how they intentionally covered up the entire affair and how much more they knew than what they had released.  Also it shows the CIA was involved from even before the actual shooting.  These videos are excellent but long and well worth it. Once I had finished with these,  I was able to let the issue go, except for the justice that still needed to be meeted out on those that did this.

One last point.... who are the current drug dealers and Money launderers?  Who are the  international Mafia?  Once you answer that question, you will know why Vanunnu fingered Israel as  having having set up the assassination, with Johnson as a co conspirator, since, like Bush, he was also a khazar.

Part 2 - The Actual Assassins


Part 3 - The Cover Up


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