Texe Marrs - Khazar DNA & the Great Serpent

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Texe Marrs - Khazar DNA & the Great Serpent
Published by TheRapeofJustice on Mar 19, 2013

Texe Marrs with Jeff Rense, March 18, 2013.

Vatic Note: The uploader did not provide any text or description, but I found in reading the comments, a wealth of information that I wish to include in my vatic note for your edification.  Here are the first two and they hit it spot on.
Listen to the program after reading these first two.  The Issue about Cruz  actually surprised me.

McConnell going to Israel did not, but Cruz did, so watch out for him.  He is bought and paid for.  This video also discusses the various phallic symbol acts that are part of their religion and is written up in the Talmud.   This is what makes me think they are khazars.

They were only one of 7 cultures that worship the phallic symbol and it shows in almost everything they believe in the talmud. These khazars are also primary in the porno industry.  Prostitution is legal in Israel, and its also legal to kidnap a woman elsewhere and bring her to Israel for prostituton. 

Then they talked about illegal immigration.

Now here are additional comments I thought were spot on.
Hitler was a puppet, financed by satanic bankers. Research Skull & Bones, and I.G. Farben, and the Frankist Jewish Central Bankers, and you will completely lose any childish admiration for Hitler and the other Nazi-Jews. It's what Eustace Mullins said, "Wars are carefully staged productions"
The Ashkenazi are not real jews, they were expelled from Europe because of their degenerate and debauch behavior. These sub human fake jews only appear to be white but they are in fact of mongoloid and Turkish stock. The Ashkenazi have been expelled from every European Country. The Ashkenazi got booted out of Russia for the drinking of the blood of ethnic Russian Children. I find it quite strange that the Palestinians say the Ashkenazi drink the blood of little arab boys and girls.

(VN: here he is talking about the khazars and I suspect that is why the Mongolians kicked them out of Mongolia in about 800 AD and why they ended up in Khazaria.  Drinking of childrens blood is a long standing satanic practice for these satanists since there have been too many witnesses to the practice including church of satan creator,  Andre Levey's son who is now a Christian preacher.  He said when he was 12 he saw a ritual of murdering babies and drinking their blood and George HW Bush was one of those in attendance.  He signed a sworn affidavit to that fact, which would stand in a court of law unless proven otherwise. We included his affidavit in full sworn by him, in a blog. That was when his father wanted him to learn all this so he could take over the church of satan when he got older.  

After seeing that ritual he rejected his fathers plans for him.  http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2013/06/cia-moves-to-denver-spooks-know.html.  Scroll all the way down until you see the intro to his affidavit, its worth the effort.  He includes George HW Bush as having been there and partaking in the ritual.  Just on that alone, George HW could be tried for murder and received the max penalty.  I put it below this video so after watching it, you could read the text of the affidavit.  )


Affidavit of Reverend Christian Jess A. LaVey,   (VN: son of Anton,
head of the church of satan.)

I remember the Kimball Castle well, when I was 10 years of age, I remember my parents taking me there many times and rituals being held their. The memories are like yesterday. I remember spending the night in one of the bedrooms that was very scary to me, in which I never sleep well when we did go there.

It seem most of the time very dark and with a musky smell about it. The rooms were big. My father Anton LaVey spent a lot of time there. I never liked going there at all. I remember being force to watch rituals and I hated that too. For the most part I never could forget the counsel of 13. Very wicked looking men.

When I reached the age 12 my father told me I had to go before them because of my rebellion and being apposed to what I was to do. That was the time I met these men. They warned me of what could happen to me if I did not do as they suggest. George H.W. Bush Senior was one of these men.

I stood before them and told them I was not going to follow their ways and I was not going to take my dads place, and that there was nothing they could do to me. My father was so embarrass he cowered in his seat. I told them I believe a higher power and that higher power said in his word that no harm can come to me. So be it and I turned left. They never said a word back. I think they were all stewing or struck with shock. I know my dad was "out of the mouths of babes".

I also remember Scott Millman. (VN: Google this name to see who this man is) We were all the same age. There where others but I don't remember them as well as I remember Scott Millman. I think it's because we talked to each other a lot. I do remember a tunnel under the building where Scott and I were taken one night and it was not good. To this day I freak a little talking about it.

Some say there is light at the end of the tunnel, well, there was darkness at the end of this one, where Satanists come together and do unspeakable things. The acts are of a nightmare. The acts done to kids are unspeakable. To think that Bush and his whole family is a part of this kind of thing is hard for some people to believe.

But the Lord warns us all about the dark one in sheep's clotheing. The whole Bush family are Satanists, run down the family lines. I have met Bush Jr. once when he came to a ritual at the castle once with his father. My thought when I met him is still the same as today. He is a very cold man for Satan. Like a lethal weapon.

Jess A LaVey

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Anonymous said...

Rubio was a young Senator that I thought might be a breath of fresh air. Then, I saw he went to Israel with McCain and Graham and knew he was going to be coopted on that visit.
He wasn't back a couple of weeks and he comes out with the Immigration bill, I knew he was toast.
Same with Corker from my home state of Tennessee, started out as a pretty good man, now he is in their pocket. When he sponke about Syria and his biggest concern was that we had not given the rebels more aid, I knew he was coopted too.
We are on our own, the congress will not be a help to the freedom of America and Americans.