ALERT: UPDATE 9/19 - Navy Shooting False Flag Proof? Actors? Why Are They Laughing?

ALERT UPDATE:  SWAT TEAM STOOD DOWN DURING THE SHOOTING Navy Yard: Swat team 'stood down' at mass shooting scene

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Vatic Note: Please watch this and see if you can see the false flag nature of this event, once again for a political purpose.  Was anyone really killed or was this just a production like so many others,  for purposes of acheiving and agenda. 

If the navy really did this, and not the Zionists controlling the navy, then the sailors should be ashamed of totally destroying the high regard in which the Navy has always  appeared to those it swore to protect.

These false flags are nothing more than treason.  Justice will be done someday.  If not today, there is always tomorrow.  This is just breaking news, so as time goes by we will find out more and more, so keep an eye out for updates to eventually know what and why they did it.  

I wonder if they will pull a Boston gun grab on this one like they did the last one.  None of those on this video acted like  they were in shock and a tragedy just happened, especially when they were off camera. 

Navy Shooting False Flag Proof? Actors? Why Are They Laughing?
Is the video just released below from the mainstream media proof of false flag shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington DC? 

One would think at a moment such as this, a reporter and a ‘near victim’ wouldn’t be laughing, especially when they didn’t realize they’d be caught on camera. 

What’s so funny guys? Didn’t people just die? Is this more proof of ‘actors’ being used in false flag terror? Operation Northwoods is in full effect.


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