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We have found so many rabbit holes that we are going down right now, so help us continue on this search for truth and justice and saving our nation. God bless you all for your support over these past 3 years and we hope you will continue to do so. We are reaching into China and Russia recently and that is a welcome surprise.  The more they know, the less likely we will be fighting each other, rather battling those that most deserve it... the zionist bankers.

Vatic Note:  The Colorado State Constitution also has provisions clearly and legally stating that the state cannot override legislation passed locally, so many counties in Colorado passed legislation that made it illegal for anyone to come in and violate the 2nd amendment within their county and the Sheriffs have already said they will follow the law locally and enforce it.  So, should any federal or state law enforcer enter into the county and try to confiscate guns, they will be arrested.   This is beginning to look like the start of a serious revolution, if the powers that be keep pushing.

I live in Colorado and they could not have picked a worse state to start in.  The residents here all the way down to my poduck town are really mad.  I have never seen so many sheep so mad in my whole life.   Its like they finally woke up and realized they had placed way too much trust in their government and their businesses such as international corporations, and got seriously betrayed.  Its going to take generations to ever rebuild that kind of trust again.  STATE ELECTED OFFICIALS WERE KICKED OUT  IN A RECALL, that is how mad they are.

Ironically, locally, one of the hottest races going right now are the positions for "School Board" and for county "Sheriff".  We had a guy named "Valdez" who was the under sheriff who is running for Sheriff and when asked at a meeting about various Constitutional issues, he sat with a blank stare and admitted he knew virtually nothing about the Constitution, and so now you know why the School Board races are so important.  He grew up and was schooled here, and knows nothing.  What an indictment on our system  No wonder we dropped to 39th when the schools became federalized and fed Money began  to play a major role in quality.  The more money, the less quality.

Fortunately, we have someone running against him that is  highly qualified and knew a lot more about the laws and Constituton than Valdez, who, by the way, was allowed to stand in for our sheriff on the nationwide distributed NRA magazine cover picture..... which showed us how the powers that be are very much wanting Valdez for Sheriff.  That should wake up all our voters here about the NRA and who now controls it.  Switch to Gun Owners of America and also in Colorado, stick with our own gun supporting organization, rather than NRA and finally definitely do not vote for the PTB's candidate, now that we know who he is by their putting him on the cover page for the NRA magazine. 

Finally, they have a bill before congress that taxes all purchases of guns and ammo which is a gun control bill, keeping the weapons out of the hands of the poor and lower middle class.   So, that needs to go down.  This article gives a good presentation on it and tells you what the bill is about and what to do about it.  CALL YOUR CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS.

By admin,  Daily Sanity       


This photo was taken at the "Sheriffs Rally for the Recall" organized by Tamra Farah and held in Colorado Springs at the Pioneers Museum.  Speakers included Sheriff Terry Meketa of El Paso County and several other Sheriffs from around the state.

Dear Conservative Friends,
President Obama called Tuesday’s Colorado Recall Election, “The example of true gun control!”  Strict, new gun control laws in Colorado were the heart of the matter for the Tuesday September 10th recall.  The recall was against two senators which backed the gun-grabbing spotlight.  Democratic FORMER state senators John Morse and Angela Giron got their comeuppance!

Congratulations Colorado – Great work!
The gun-grabber position was elevated by the liberal Governor John Hickenlooper, who campaigned against the Second Amendment.  But much of the state is “rural” and attractive to hunters and gun enthusiasts.  Colorado parks and wildlife areas are supported by the hunters and fisherman coming Colorado every year from all over the world. 
Colorado elite leaders clearly didn’t think this through!
President Obama used Colorado as a “litmus test” for gun control nationwide.  Anti-gun activists from out of state, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Eli Broad of Detroit paid for over $700,000 for recent anti-gun ads. 
Mayor Bloomberg personally gave $350,000 to a group fighting the recall effort, "wasted his money." 


Giron said before the BOOT that if either recall vote succeeded, Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which had staffers on the ground for the election, “might as well fold up.”

FOLD UP MAYOR Bloomberg!  YOU WASTED YOUR MONEY!  A grassroots group gave YOU the BOOT!
Tamra Farah, brought in the last month of the recall effort as the Campaign Coordinator of the ground game for the Morse Recall by Colorado Citizens Protecting our Constitution, was quoted by Nathan Koppel in the Wall Street Journal on election night that the results should send a clear message to lawmakers that the “American people will exercise their constitutional and legal right to recall elected officials when they are not doing the job they were sworn to do."

WE have the momentum!  We must not stop now!
When congress returns to Washington on Monday they will be facing six different pieces of gun control legislation!  Now we must all stand together for the other liberty lovers of America!
At the top of the anti-gun agenda in Washington is H.R. 3018.  President Obama and his anti-gun elitists have not been able to pass federal anti-gun legislation so far.

So the next best thing for them:  TAX those who own and use guns!
Don’t let the elites TAX GUNS to the point that We the People can’t afford what is a RIGHT!

Known as the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act,” this law will increase the excise tax and special occupational tax in respect to firearms and to increase the transfer tax on any other.

Notify Congress to vote NO on H.R. 3018 and the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.” 
Fax today and tell them to vote with the people and not the power elite!
Sorry President Obama – you DO NOT get to celebrate a victory for gun control in Colorado.  You are out of touch with the American people and the Constitution!
A small group of liberty lovers, at a grassroots level, put Obama and Bloomberg and their anti-gun steam-roller on notice!  The PEOPLE are smarter than you and Governor Hickenlooper gave them credit for!

But it is a fight to the finish!  And we are not finished!  We must continue to combine our efforts and fight together to stop the overtaking of American rights and liberties.


We can do this very same thing nationally!
Fax Congress today - Urge them to vote NO on H.R. 3018 and the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.”
We know there are very specific freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment to our United States Constitution.

Don’t let Congress approve taxes or fees that go against the pro-gun community under the “disguise” of safety.  They will try and go around the American people and raise the taxes, which the administration hopes will have the exact same effect!

We are in a fight for the preservation of our freedoms.  Obama’s “millionaire and billionaire friends” are bank-rolling the Liberal media to pass anti-gun legislation.  Don’t be fooled by these media moguls that are peddling leftist policies to America.

We must RENEW our efforts, today to make sure Congress is preserving our right to own a gun.

Make sure the Congress of the United States votes NO on H.R. 3018 - “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.”
President Obama cannot be allowed to TAX GUN OWNERS under this new law.
Here is how the summary of this ill-fated bill reads:

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase the excise tax and special occupational tax in respect of firearms and to increase the transfer tax on any other weapon.
Nerves were already on edge due to the Columbine school and the Aurora movie shootings. Obama brought in all the big money to use that emotion to push his agenda.  Colorado told him to go home!

Your faxes will SCREAM NOT to raise the fees and taxes on weapons and the sale of weapons.

Enough is enough.  FAX Congress today.

Tell Congress to vote NO on H.R. 3018 and the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.” 
Colorado Governor Hickenlooper played down the recalls, noting it was a small but vocal minority who didn’t understand the law and used emotions instead of facts!

They thought Colorado didn’t know the facts BUT THEY DID! Let's keep the momentum going!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

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American Action Report said...

The term "gun control" is an orwellianism. It dishonestly implies that, if government doesn't have a monopoly on guns, then guns are not under control The truth is, everyone is in favor of gun control when the term is used honestly. The only debate is over who should control the guns. Should guns be controlled only by people who seek power over others; or should they also be controlled by people who simply wish to be left alone to mind their own business without meddling from others?
When we surrender the meaning of the words we use, we surrender half the battle.