Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado? Shocking photos and an update from the Colorado fracking flood zone


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Vatic Note:  I live in Colorado, so this is really disturbing to me.  This was one of the most beautiful states in this union and they are killing it with their fracking for shale oil.   This first part of the blog is the original article, but then I add an update from today with it, so you can see all the photos this guy has gotten showing the seriousness of the damage.  First the fires THAT THEY SET.  I wrote back when it was done, that the fires were like no others I had ever seen before and now I am hearing from fire fighters that these fires had to have been set.  They started and burned like nothing these professionals had ever seen before. 

Now, after all the fires have been done in both the northern part of the state originally and then in our part of the state,  comes the rains and floods and why???  BECAUSE TREES PREVENT RUN OFF OF HEAVY RAINS AND HOLD THE WATER WHICH PREVENTS FLOODING AND MAJOR SOIL LOSS.  Now, without the trees,  the soil is completely gone, from all the rains and now they can frack to their hearts content for that shale oil.   I almost just swore.  I know there is justice out there and it will come soon.  Quicker I hope but soon enough for me to still be around to watch it work.

Just look at the oil leaking from a floating storage unit spreading their poison all over the place.  All the water wells are poisoned now as well as cracked and damaged.   BOY THOSE SENATORS BETTER HEAD FOR THE HILLS ONCE WE GET THROUGH DEALING WITH THIS, BECAUSE THEY WILL BE NEXT TO DEAL WITH.  BOTH OUR SENATORS IN COLORADO ARE ZIONIST DUAL CITIZENS.  DUMP THEM BOTH.

These men and women should be hung for the crimes they have committed against the people of this state, the land, the earth etc.... This proves their Satanic need to destroy, kill,  and harm the living earth and all that grows on it, including the people. AND THESE PEOPLE WANT TO RUN THE WORLD AND THIS IS WHAT THEY WOULD DO WITH IT????  No thank you.  They are fully INSANE.

My land lord called me and told me its the worst he has ever seen and he lives there and is doing what he can to help stop and fix all the damage, but the rain just keeps coming AND ITS DEFINITELY HAARP.  I HEAR THE NOISE BOTH OUTSIDE AND INSIDE THE HOUSE.  SO HAARP IS GOING CRAZY RIGHT NOW AND ITS 9:30 AT NIGHT.  I guess this is their revenge for us screwing up their Syrian fiasco and third world war.  

Thank goodness for this blogger who has followed this industry for years now and blogged about what they are doing.  To me he is a hero, since there is no one else covering this the way he is.  Thank goodness people are emailing and sending him photos so we can be kept updated.  Visit his website periodically to view more photos as they come in.  

Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado? 
by TXsharon on September 15, 2013

LOOK —> Please go see this new, post with shocking photos, video and a message for residents in the middle of the fracking flood zone.  

I will update this post as residents send me pictures and video.
We need the national news stations to go cover the environmental disaster that’s happening in Colorado right now.

This picture taken by a resident is from yesterday.
flood in Weld County yesterday Sept 13

From an email.
I see you’ve noticed the underwater wells in Weld County, Colorado. Amazing; we’ve emailed the Denver TV stations, other media, and state and local politicians. We’ve sent pictures that our members have taken. It’s like the media and politicians have been TOLD not to say anything about it.
There has been no mention of the gas wells on the Denver newscasts either last night or this evening although all stations have had extensive and extended flood coverage. You can see underwater wells in the background of some of the newscast videos, and yet the reporters say absolutely nothing.
Here’s a picture one of our members took yesterday in Weld County, Colorado. We’ve got tons more on our website. Check it out. The tanks are tipping and, in some cases, have fallen over. They have to be leaking toxins into the flood waters. There have to be hundreds if not thousands of underwater well pads in Weld County as a result of the flooding.
Please publicize this in Texas since our media people and politicians have gone silent!
East Boulder County United
Lafayette, Colorado
Post from yesterday shows leaking tank floating down the river.

UPDATE: The locals are very busy right now taking calls from the media. So far no calls from the local media though. Last I heard it is continuing to rain.
They reported to EPA emergency under report number 1060249.

UPDATE: You can see more photos HERE. Another tank overturned and a fracking chemical warehouse that was flooded. I did not take the photos.

UPDATE: From the Daily Camera:
Regulators say they agree these well sites could pose a contamination risk, and they will get out to assess the damage as soon as it’s feasible.
Lafayette-based anti-fracking activist Cliff Willmeng said he spent two days “zig-zagging” across Weld and Boulder counties documenting flooded drilling sites, mostly along the drainageway of the St. Vrain River. He observed “hundreds” of wells that were inundated. He also saw many condensate tanks that hold waste material from fracking at odd angles or even overturned.
“It’s clear that the density of the oil and gas activity there did not respect where the water would go,” Willmeng said. “What we immediately need to know is what is leaking and we need a full detailed report of what that is. This is washing across agricultural land and into the waterways. Now we have to discuss what type of exposure the human population is going to have to suffer through.”
 A spokesman for the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission said the agency is aware of the potential for contamination from flooded drilling sites, but there simply is no way to get to those sites while flooding is ongoing and while resources are concentrated on saving lives.  (VN: could this be a dual purpose false flag Haarp event?  Could it be related to the fracking, but also to destroy fresh water for residents and force them to buy water and raise the prices?? Is this the water control they were aiming for along with the food control so they can control the population?)
Apparently all sides agree that there is a contamination risk. So I hope the industry apologists will, at least, stop using my bandwidth trying to convince us otherwise.

From here on out, if your comment doesn’t add something to the conversation, it won’t be posted. There are plenty of comments already saying the same ignorant things so we don’t need any more repeats.

Edit: I couldn’t do it. As far as I know I have allowed all the comments even those calling me names but they are coming in very fast and I do have other things to do. Please keep your comment clean because there are children who read this blog. I don’t think the industry is doing itself any favors here in the comments.
  • We already know that some people love the oil and gas industry, cancer and all, because the jobs pay well and you need to put “food on your families.”
  • We already know that some people see no other way to power their lives than to use oil and gas.
  • We already know that many of you think I am
    • misguided
    • need educating by the oil & gas industry
    • meddling (despite the fact I was asked to post this)
    • don’t know what a question mark means
But here’s the deal, people: I pay for this bandwidth and I spent most of my day yesterday allowing your crazy comments. Enough is enough. I’m not wasting my bandwidth for you to place, essentially the same comments over and over.

UPDATE: From an email:

 There are several members of the Vermont Governor’s administration flying to Colorado as we speak to help in the rebuilding of infrasturcture after flooding as we had to do after Irene.  Being a mountainous state as Colorado is and being a victim of severe and isolating flooding as Colorado is, the Colorado Governor requested our help.  If the Colorado people ask for their help in ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, perhaps they might have better luck with people from one of the most ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE STATES in the country.  Hopefully, they will not shy away also from the issue because of money, politics and fear
UPDATE:  An email from Weld County residents:
Hi Sharon,
To circle back, activists here have been contacted by Bloomberg, the Weather Channel, NPR, the BBC and Al Jazeera….so far.  Thanks so much for your help.  The pictures are all over the web and getting picked up by all sorts of media, and we’re being contacted by more and more people.
I think the local CBS affiliate in Denver finally did some filming this morning with one of our members—very late to the party.  Others have totally avoided the issue like they’ve been told not to report on it.  Meanwhile, more and more pictures are coming in of damaged well pads and floating tanks
~~~~~~~~~~~~~VN:  Here are the updated photos,  the rest of the update you can go to his site and get the rest of the text.  Its a good place to stay on top of what is going on.

Here are two videos as well.  The first one gives a deep perspective on just how serious this is, like nothing any of us have ever seen before and it highlights just how dangerous fossil fuels are to our survival as a species.  Fracking has got to stop now.  The poisons being released could poison, make ill or kill many residents, since the number of wells is astronomical.  Or maybe its the way to clear out Colorado for its new role as the headquarters for the NEW WORLD ORDER.... IS THAT WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT?  I DON'T KNOW, BUT THIS IS ALSO NOT NATURAL.  I wonder what our forefathers would say about now.


JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE AND SHAPE OF THE HAIL.  THIS IS NOT NATURAL.  WE ARE DEFINITELY UNDER ATTACK. I guess we should have accepted that gun control bill, huh?


Photos from Greely/Evans. There are 697 wells in Greeley and over 20,000 in Weld county to date and growing.




The water is receding which should allow well owners to get into impacted wells. This is important because wells under water have combustors (the devices used to burn off waste gases) that are under water and thus “out” thus allowing un-combusted waste gases to escape into the atmosphere as raw natural gas. Raw natural gas is poisonous, odorless, colorless and seeks out low areas, in this case it will follow the course of the river.   (VN: GEOENGINEERING THE ATMOSPHERE, ANYONE???)  There are more photos, go to his website for more.

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Anonymous said...

I believe YOU every word you wrote; may God be with you in Colorado!
I've heard of a "rain and flood in Colorado" on TV news on Friday 13th and again once 15th. I am looking in the papers: "At least 3 dead, one missing" reported 15th. "Due to the rain river flooded; president Obama ordered help to be provided."
That's All, Folks!

I've asked my colleges: WHAT could make floods in Colorado?, but no one knew.

Thanks to you, now I know and I will spread the word.

Sonja F., Croatia, Middle Europe