ON AIPAC And Patriotism

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Vatic Note:  I remember well, when it was a policy in our nation, before Viet Nam, that those senators, congressmen and White House officials responsible for sending our children off to war, were required to do the same with their children and that made a huge difference in the outcome of such consideration.  Less wars, and a lot  more consideration of those that they felt were necessary.

However, once the full take over of khazars was completed with the KHAZAR ASSASSINATION OF JFK, AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT, then Johnson, a khazar as president, and Nixon, another khazar as VP, then let it be known, high level elites kids, khazars, and the talented who could be exploited in better ways, were all given passes on serving in the military.  That is how we got the war machine going again, with Cheney, another khazar, ensuring he did not serve, nor anyone else valuable to them.

ON AIPAC And Patriotism
By Gilad Atzmon, Veterans Today
In the next few days and completely against the will of the American people, hundreds of AIPAC activists will raid the American Congress to push for a war. Nothing new in that but still, one question  bothers me: How many of these pro-war Jews have sent their own sons and daughters to serve in the American military?  (VN: actually there was a bill passed, I believe in the 70's that has not been overturned, that exempts Jews from military service.  So their seed will be preserved and ours will be eradicated.)

Bearing in mind that pretty much the same Lobby pushed for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, one might wonder whether Jews were fairly represented in the military forces or in the casualty statistics of that military blunder. I’d guess they were not.

It seems that the enthusiasm of the Lobby in pushing for wars for America doesn’t translate much into patriotism or sacrifice. The Lobby indeed pushes for wars, but somehow it’s always the gentiles who do the killing and the dying.(VN: as it should be, after all, the goyim are their assets to be used like cattle to do their bidding, then they can be slaughtered just like cattle.)

In Britain it’s much the same. David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen, both leading advocates within the British media for intervention in Iraq 2003 didn’t use many column inches in the Jewish Chronicle persuading young Jews to join the British Navy or the SAS. Like their American counterparts, they believed that ‘moral’ intervention was necessary but it was the Scottish, English and Welsh boys and girls that took care of it for them.

And what about arch interventionist Bernard Henri Levy, the so-called philosopher who ‘liberated Libya as a Jew’, did he call for Jews to join the French legions? I don’t think so.

Here we see a clear discrepancy between the contemporary Jewish right wing appetite for immoral interventionist wars and a general absence of patriotism amongst the Jewish masses. This surely demands an explanation.

Is this really parasitic aggression on AIPAC’s part? Do they really try to send America into a Zionist war yet refrain from sending their kids to the same war?

Or is it that AIPAC and the other belligerent Jewish lobbies are totally detached from the Jewish masses who are uninterested in these expansionist wars and violence.

Or is it that American Jews, don’t mind one bit watching the Jewish lobby pushing for a war on their behalf, yet, for obvious reasons, they prefer to stay out of danger.

I don’t know the answers to these troubling questions; I am neither a sociologist nor a political scientist but I would suggest that AIPAC and the other Jewish lobbies are playing a very dangerous game that may put all  American Jews in grave danger.

If Jews are concerned about anti-Semitism (and they should be), they’d better tale a look at AIPAC’s actions and contemplate the possibly catastrophic outcome.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, AIPAC & The Jewish Lobby, available on Amazon.com  & Amazon.co.uk
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