U.S SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013

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*** A SHORT MESSAGE FOR CHINA AND RUSSIA.  You will be next as  they will do to you what they have done to us.  All of us, Russia, China, the USA can stop it all right now by coming together against the bankers in each of our countries.   They did this to both Russia in 1917 and Germany, in 1933. Germany is still under control, like the USA, of the zionists, WATCH OUT! Do not help them with this effort.  If you stay away from us, we will stay away from you when its your turn. Same with Brazil. Thanks

Vatic Note:  This video is outstanding and spot on.  These soldiers know a lot more than most Americans and are taking a great risk in coming out with their faces showing to tell us what it has been like for them, what they believe is the case, and what they believe needs to be done.  We need to begin LISTENING TO THEM after so many false flags to try and get our guns,  the time is drawing near and everyone needs to wake up.

Listen carefully to what each one of them has to say.  Not a single one said anything trite or mundane.  They each knew the jeopardy we are in and the call to martial law is soon approaching.  Who knows what event the Zionist controlled Homeland Security  has planned to use on us for just such a call.  

Watch just how hard these zionists occupying our government are working to try and get our guns.   One of the soldiers interviewed made the point that we, at Vatic Project, have made all along.  He said that Obama is just a paid teleprompter reader and has no say in anything.   How did we lose control of  our government?  When we allowed the President to select Czars that did not have to pass approval of Congress. Or I should say "The Presidents handlers to select Czars......". Those Czars all work for Israel and the international bankers and that is how we got taken over.  Now we know why our forefathers put that protection in the Constitution.  With their approval we could hold them responsible.

This is well worth the watch.   Its also very realistic and honest.... the time may well be coming where we will have to do the unthinkable and fight for our nation.  Be prepared mentally to deal with that thought.  Or else we will end up like Nigeria or Ghana, or Cambodia.  

A country that turns into one big massive grave full of Americans.   Here is the video and if you have to, please listen to it a second time.  Pay special note to Charleton Heston during a speech he made as head of the NRA..... once you hear the speech, you will know why he is now dead.  Time to turn the tables if they insist on it.  NO MORE WARS EXCEPT AGAINST THE INTERNTIONAL BANKERS AND ISREAL. 

U.S SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013 
Published by Jason A. on Jul 28, 2013


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