More than 100 dead deer found in West Missoula Valley area in Montana. A False Flag???

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Vatic Note:  This has only just come out so my comments are based on my initial reaction to the news.   Lets look at what is going on right now.  The PTB are unable to get our guns and the states west and southeast are the ones most heavily armed.  What is their big concern?

That this is a very huge country and there are millions of us, and we know our geography in the areas we live in.  Out west its mountainous, and rocky and forested and plenty of places to hide and survive and cause all kinds of hell on the ptb.   Drones can't find you if you are in a cave somewhere,  or under a deep forest since they can't distinquish between human heat signature and animal.   So, lets look at where all the serious damage has been done through weather manipulation and now this.

The Southeast had some serious bad news a few weeks ago and I commented at that time, how it was to isolate the gun owners.  Now my state of colorado has been under attack, twice, first massive unbelievable forest fires ( stated by a fire fighter that it was a set fire) that has destroyed our canopy of cover, slaughtered thousands of edible animals who were unable to escape.  It was so bad, the smell in our town many miles away from the fire, was like a barbeque.    It actually smelled that way and we knew then massive animals had been  burned and killed in the fire.   Now flooding, and all of this is destroying that which made this place desireable to live in and survive in.

Montana is no different.  In fact, that state has done more to throw Feds out of there than any other state, with the exception of Arizona.   The residents are hard core patriots and Constitutionalists, so killing off deer during hunting season which is what we are in right now,  is like taking food out of the grocery store and creating a shortage.  It also instills fear in the hunter about the quality of the meat he is stalking.   That alone can kill off the hunting season.  Lots to consider. Remember all the cattle whose brains were cut out, found in Dulce and the elk with mad cows disease which is a brain disease that can kill humans if they eat it.  Those were found in Wyoming.  Another state with gun owners and hunters.

What we are seeing is our traitors within our country are conducting a soft kill world war III  against our population and are using their WMD to do so.  Weather and fire are the tools, and the rains are not normal either.  We did a blog on a patented geoengineering chemical that the PTB used during the winter here as snow, and it was not snow.

This is only an initial take on all this, but it is a result of all the previous acts by the evil ones that have turned out to be true.  Given that the number of hunter gun owners alone in this country exceeds the entire military of both China and Russia, so we could easily handle any gun related attacks on us, so that makes the soft kill much more desireable where we don't or can't shoot back in kind.  Only time and more information will determine what the real situation is. 

More than 100 dead deer found in West Missoula Valley area 
Posted: Sep 19, 2013 1:09 PM,  by MTN News - Misoula
Updated: Sep 19, 2013 1:09 PM

MISSOULA - Montana wildlife officials report that more than 100 dead white-tailed deer have been reported in the west Missoula Valley.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials say they are waiting for lab results to come back so they can try to determine what's caused the deaths.

The public is also being asked to report observations of dead deer to help determine how big of an area is being affected area.


Spokeswoman Vivaca Crowser says FWP first responded to reports from fishing guides and landowners who reported numerous dead deer in and along the Clark Fork River and fields near and downstream from Harper's Bridge.
She adds in a news release that dead deer have also been found in the Mill Creek area northeast of Frenchtown.

 More than 100 dead deer found in West Missoula Valley area

FWP biologists and wardens had accounted for 103 dead deer by Tuesday, with deer still dying and more dead deer undetected.

"The deer may show no outward symptoms of disease," said Vickie Edwards, FWP wildlife biologist in Missoula. "People are seeing healthy looking deer fall over dead.                                               

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) is a potential culprit, and is spread by a biting midge, or gnat - and generally strikes in late summer and early fall. The disease event typically ends within a couple weeks of the first hard frost. (VN: I remember several years ago, there was a "mad cow disease attack on elk" out west here, and that was around the same time as

"Hemorrhagic disease viruses are not contagious from one animal to another and are not transmissible to humans," said Jennifer Ramsey, FWP Wildlife Veterinarian in Bozeman. "Transmission is only known to occur through the bite of the gnat."


Anyone who sees more dead deer os asked to call FWP at (406) 542.5515 with observations and locations of dead white-tailed deer.

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