Kissinger, Brzezinski: Obama's Syria Actions 'Misconceived, Badly Calculated'

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We have found so many rabbit  holes that we are going down right now, so help us continue on this search for  truth and justice and saving our nation.  God bless you all for your support over these past 3 years and we hope you will continue to do so.  We are reaching into China and Russia recently and that is a welcome surprise.  The  more they know, the less likely we will be fighting each other, rather battling those that most deserve it.... the zionist bankers. 
Vatic Note:  Hah, nothing has worked that these two top international zionists have come up with and so now they are pointing the finger at Obama, who has ZERO say in anything at all, just like Bush Jr. had no say either.  They are acting like they had nothing to do with any of it and that is a giant laugh.

Rockefeller owns Kissinger, and Zbig, so that is who is running everything.  Given that given Zbig is Obama's NSA advisor and runs foreign policy, then who else advised the President on the course of action he took, that has resulted in this blatant humiliation? I use the term "advised" with tongue in cheek, in fact, they "told" him what to do. 

Right, and now I see this below as a blatant attempt to recover their own images at the expense of Obama.  Remember, Zbig did this to Carter when he began to rebel against his handlers, so they set him up with that helicopter fiasco and the massive rise in interest rates so he would lose the election and he did. 

There are no bigger traitors to this nation than Henry Kissinger and Zbig Brezsinzki, unless you include their boss, Rockefeller who is the grandaddy of them all.  What a farce this is.  I put this up just to show you how these so called high level policy  men,  can crawl when trying to recover from a major loss and blow to their agenda.

Now they will have to come up with something else to start WW III for their depopulation agenda.  Like we could not figure this out ourselves? I think you will cackle as much as I did when I first read this. 

Kissinger, Brzezinski: Obama's Syria Actions 'Misconceived, Badly Calculated' 
by Greg Richter, 

Calling President Barack Obama's actions against Syria "misconceived" and "badly calculated," President Jimmy Carter's national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski says the Russian proposal "gets us off the hook."  (VN: that is how tightly these two men control the President.  He can't even defend himself from their commentary.  Lets remember Zbig is Obama's NSA advisor, so how come he didn't "advise" his client to do what he thought was right?  Well, I think we all know the answer to that question, if not then read my vatic note above. I personally think these two men are under some delusion that they are respected out here.  Well, the only place they are respected is by the criminal traitors trying to bring down our country and the rest of the nation is fully onto them now.  Its almost slapstick to read this stuff since they are the ones controlling it all.  Read the rest of this article and if you are still standing after rolling on the floor laughing,  then please comment and tell us what you think. )

Appearing on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS" on Sunday Brzezinski and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger agreed that the United States and Russia share a common interest in avoiding American military action in the Syria. (VN: the only shared interest between the USA and their boy, Putin, is starting and executing WW III.  Why do you think he sent Russian ships off the coast of Syria?) 

Russian President Vladimir Putin saw a chance to "get into step with us by easing an immediate American difficulty, but solving a common problem," Kissinger said.

The Russians are avoiding something they would not like to see happen in the region, Brzezinski said. "We are prevented from doing something that would be equally damaging to the region, but worse, probably, for us." (VN: no doubt about it, your false flag got outted big time.)

Russia seized on an off-hand comment by Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday that Syria could avoid a U.S. missile attack by turning all its chemical weapons over to international authorities and has been trying to broker the deal.

Putin's biggest fear with Syria, Kissinger said, is that it would lead to a radicalization of the region. Putin worries about increasingly hostile radical Muslims in the Caucasus who resent Russian involvement in the region.

Putin also grabbed an opportunity to diminish America's standing as preeminent in the region, Brzezinski added. "Our hegemony in the region is declining," he said, "but we're still the main player."

"The president has said Assad must go without having a strategy to make him go,"
Brzezinski said. "And we have now seen the consequences of that."  (VN:  this is where the biggest laugh comes in.  Zbig works every day "telling" Obama  what to do as his zionist handler in the White House.....so the question is "who didn't have a strategy?"  Zbig didn't  and why did he drag fat Kissinger at 93 years old into this whole discussion?  Alzheimers ring a bell?  Sorry, but putting these two out to try and cover for the zionists screw ups, is insulting.  No one I know believes a word either one of them says, not a single word. If I am wrong please comment on why we should even listen to them, much less take them seriously?)

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Anonymous said...

We ALL should take these demons VERY seriously. They are Policy-Makers of Destruction. Historically documented. That the U.S. administration consults with creatures like this should tell the populace and world's citizens how depraved the Directing Forces of the World Hegemon truly IS.

Bringing Kissinger back from Hades to "consult" is a Hell-of-a-Tell, and purports only BAD things for Syria and all involved. He is the harbinger of "Death". So, I'm not laughing at this one. This is too serious, as tremendous energy is being expended to Create WWIII, not diffuse it.

The Opposite of what is said is what is being Done here.

Vatic Master said...

Excellent analysis of the entire big picture as well as that about the two harbengers of death. Lets not slight zbig, he has had his time as Kissingers protoge, on how to bring death and psychopathy at its best and learning true evil at its best at the feet of the master evil one, who is a living,walking, breathing pile of rotting flesh and zombie soul.