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Vatic Note: As you may have seen on two previous blogs, this kind of killing is going on daily even today.  For some reason that I have yet to determine by going down this rabbit hole, the Hindu's want the Sikhs out of their homeland in Punjab province.  Is this another land grab?  No matter what we must try to do what we can here and now.

Why is that and why is genocide continuing to happen 20 years after the first genocide discussed below??  The India government and Hindus are doing nothing about the daily assassinations up in that province.

Well, the blog after this one might well explain why the Hindu's have a problem with the Sikhs.  I do not know but there seems to be a connection here since what is going on in India is also going on all over the world, so its spreading and the common denominator appears to be the khazar zionists.

In the next blog you will see the connection.   In the meantime, not only work to get this stopped, but also to support the Sikh's peaceful approach to getting the UN involved on behalf of the people.  This is where we will see if the UN can work in its self described mission, it has not seemed to work in the past, but we will see,  help these lovely people if you can..  

Sikhs For Justice (SFJ)
by admin,  SFJ
Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) and All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) has launched an international campaign to have United Nations investigate the killing of Sikhs in 1984 and declare it Genocide.

The 1984 Yes It’s Genocide campaign will obtain more than 1,000,000 signatures requesting the UN to independently investigate the organized killing of Sikhs. It is clear that India is unable to objectively investigate itself.

After almost 3 decades and 10 Commissions, India is no closer to figuring out who organized the killing of Sikhs. One thing everyone agrees on is that the killing on Sikhs were indeed organized and well planned, as stated in Justice Nanavati’s Report.

Many academics, politicians and media personal have been given false narratives to the point where only a handful of people know the reality. The killing of Sikhs during 1984 was not spontaneous anger. The Indian Government's Commissions has proven the same.:

“All this could not have happened if it was merely a spontaneous reaction of the angry public. The systematic manner in which the Sikhs were thus killed indicate that the attacks on them were organized”
Justice Nanavati Commission of Inquiry, page 181

“There is also evidence on record to show that on 31-10-84 either meetings were held or person who could organize attacks were contacted and given instructions to kill Sikhs and loot their homes and shops”
Justice Nanavati Commission of Inquiry, page 180

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