Hinduism's Message to the Jewish People

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Vatic Note:  This is very interesting and may well explain the actions of the Hindu's with respect to not only Muslim religion, but also the Sikh's.   To summarize, what he is saying in his covering of history of Hinduism, is that its an offshoot of the Jewish Migration into India.  He makes all the comparisons and he does it credibly.

It appears that these Hindu's are transplanted  Jews  ....... Khazars, (like so many Israelis) which would explain solving problems by assassinating large numbers of people.  Its why the khazars were originally kicked out of  Mongolia.  You have to be pretty bad to kicked of there.  Mongolia was a safe haven for criminals as Genghis Kahn proved.

You have to be beyond bad to get kicked out of there.  No doubt about it.   An d these are the internationalist today who are trying to bring down our nation and the globe.   I put this up because of the blog I put up just before this one where the "Hindu" practice of killing Sikhs, has caused another run at an old problem, that way you can see why the sikhs are in jeorpardy.

Hinduism's Message to the Jewish People 
Uploaded on May 31, 2011
Gutman Locks has a simple message for Jews interested in religions of the Far East.  (He also explains why historically there have been troubles.

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