RH neg: Part 2 - Slave Species of God: The shocking Truth About Our Human Origins.

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Vatic Note: 
There is so much info coming out now from very reliable sources such as this one, that its imperative that we keep an open mind.  Remember, how much we have discovered and documented that throws history as we knew it, into the trash bin and we are having to start all over again.  This is no different, just  something of a rather unusual nature.

There are some facts in this below that I did not know and are fascinating which leads to more questions.  Remember, no gaps and things have to make sense.  Common sense is critical in this area of discovery.  Understand, I am very impressed with this below and its hard to impress me, so its extremely compelling to say the least as you will see for yourselves, but still keep that mind open.

I would say the most difficult to adjust to, is anything to do with aliens.  But if we keep in mind that there are billions and billions of planets in this universe, and billions of suns, then we must keep an open mind to this possibility.  Vatic Project has done numerous blogs on the subject and none of it was trite.  All of it was serious and required due consideration, especially those blogs dealing with Dulce which currently is only 30 miles from my front door, and so far, circumstantial evidences suggests "something" is going on down there. 

This below is no different.  Keeping an open mind is the only way we are going to overcome what is happening to us.  This below does explain the inhumanity we seem to be experiencing in this rush to globalize, so I have left the door open, which is not the same as buying the pig in the poke full bore.... rather adding bits and pieces of the puzzle together until I get that big picture emerging and some final piece of evidence that is irrefutable.

I highly recommend you do the same since  WE ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT THIS, and we cannot afford to make any mistakes, by the same token, we must keep in the back of our minds, the 1966 iron mountain report and Bill Cooper disclosures that false bogus aliens will be used by the PTB to get us to globalize.  If they are unable to do it in other recommended ways, then this could be the set up for the last resort.   DO NOT SHUT THE DOOR on anything, until its been "factually" shut.  Given my background in research and analysis, I promise to let you know how I see it, and you can add that into your consideration, but in the end, you have to decide.

      by Michael Tellinger, rom SlaveSpecies Website

Evidence of DNA manipulation in our distant past?

Monday, April 10, 2006
The Human Genome Project has dished up some real surprises to scientists. The first surprise was the vast percentage of the human DNA that is inactive. It is estimated that at least 97% of our DNA is in actual fact a waste of space, as it does not contain any active genes that actually carry the code for any of our physical makeup.

Then within the genes there are Introns – parts that do not carry any code; and Exons - sections that carry some sort of genetic code. The full length of our DNA is made up of some 20 000 genes that have now been identified.

These genes carry the blueprint for the structure of our entire body. What is very puzzling is the fact that Homo sapiens, as the supposed pinnacle if civilized evolution on this planet, should have such large parts of unused DNA. We seem to have the longest DNA molecule among all other species, but we use the smallest part of it in proportion to the other species. In other words, all the other creatures use much more of their DNA than humans do. Some species use as much as 98% of their DNA.

This flies directly in the face of the principles of evolution.

Humans should have the most complex and evolved DNA of all creatures, to have reached levels of civilization seemingly much higher than any other species on Earth over millions of years of evolution. What is even more curious is the predicted number of genes in species. The numbers seem to increase steadily from basic organisms to the most advanced. We would expect that humans should end up having most genes, but strangely this is not the case.
Here are some examples of the predictions for total number of genes in species.
  • Fruit Fly   21 000
  • Zebrafish  50 000
  • Chicken   76 000
  • Mouse     81 000
  • Chimp   130 000
  • Human    68 000

Can you see the problem here?


The Chimp is our closes know genetic relative and yet it has almost twice as many genes as humans.


And then we get to the anomaly of the chromosomes. Our DNA is broken up into 23 pairs of chromosomes. By comparison, all apes have 24 pairs. One would expect that Homo erectus, our immediate evolutionary precursor would then also have had 24 chromosome pairs.

Just one year ago on 6 April 2005, researchers from the National Human Genome Research Institute announced that,

“A detailed analysis of chromosomes 2 and 4 has detected the largest “gene deserts” known in the human genome and uncovered more evidence that human chromosome 2 arose from the fusion of two ancestral ape chromosomes” as reported in Nature.

It is also the second largest chromosome we possess and it seems to make no sense why 2 primordial chromosomes should have merged to make us human, if this new chromosome gives us no apparent advantage for survival.
So when we read in the Sumerian tablets that humans were cloned as a sub-species between Homo erectus and a more advanced human-like species that arrived on Earth some 400 000 years ago, it suddenly makes a little bit more sense. The tablets describe how our maker removed certain parts of the “Tree of life” to trim the ability of the new “creature” and how they struggled to make the perfect “primitive worker” so that it could understand commands but not be too smart to question their existence.


Similar suggestions of genetic cloning are made in The Koran and Hindu Laws of Manu.

The Koran:

• Ya Sin: “Is man not aware that We created him from a little germ?”
• The Believers - God says almost verbatim what the Sumerian tablets tell us. “We first created man from an essence of clay; then placed him a living germ in a secure enclosure. The germ we made a clot of blood, and the clot a lump of flesh. This we fashioned into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh…”

Laws of Manu:

• 19. But from minute body (-framing) particles of these seven very powerful Purushas springs this (world), the perishable from the imperishable.
• 20. Among them each succeeding (element) acquires the quality of the preceding one, and whatever place (in the sequence) each of them occupies, even so many qualities it is declared to possess.

Notice the reference to “We” by the creator. The cloning of humans as a more primitive worker or “lulu amelu” suddenly does not seem so far fetched and the strange genetic anomalies seem to support some genetic manipulation in our distant past. The modern-day researchers go further to say that this “fusion” of our chromosome 2 is what makes us human.

Are we getting closer to proving that humans were created by his MAKER as slaves to work in the early gold mines on Earth? It certainly seems like it.

Michael Tellinger
April 2006

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voecti descendingI have a comment to Tellinger's statement about Jesus, but it is too long to be accepted here.
Therefore I wish to refer to the second section here:
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Jan Erik said...

Tellinger’s judgment of Jesus in „Slave species…“ is mistaken. Had he studied the Gnostic texts, he might have known that there are TWO Jesuses: the true one and a fake one. The true one came to tell us that YHWH is an impostor and that his “Father” is the highest God, above YHWH. That is why YHWH had him killed and manipulated Christianity by putting a fake Jesus in his place. Tellinger’s judgment is true for the fake one, but not for the real one he doesn’t know.