Vatic Note:  I wonder what it is they know?  The twin star with its Nibiru planet attending?  Is that why all the underground facilities all over the planet?   Is that why the blatant ignoring of laws for the elite?   Is that why the CAFR accounts being hoarded?  Is that why the seed bank in the Arctic?  Is that why the collection of DNA from as many as they can grab?  Is that why Russia built bunkers for their people in Moscow?  Is that why Russian TV does spots on preparations for Nibiru? Just asking!
Be sure to read this all the way through.   (UPDATED: There is much more to this than I had even imagined and only this morning (saturday) I found something brand new that I had no idea about and I live here. Colorado is the capital of the Satanic New World order, and the last part of this blog explains it.  My mind is just reeling from finding out exactly how much we did not know and how fully fooled many life times about our real world.  You will be shocked as I was when you read the affidavit below at the end of this blog.  STick it out DISCLOSURE IS HERE AS IS EXPOSURE.  SO MANY CAN BE PROSECUTED NOW.)

This is up because Colorado is a state on fire, and its not normal fires being managed as they normally are.  They are huge, bigger than anything we have ever seen, and they start over a very large area at the very same time, which implies that lightening, that no one has seen here due to the lack of moisture in our air, all hit at the same time with the same exact impact sufficient to create a fire line that is miles and miles long.

The only other option is the fires were set, but there is no evidence of that except for the unusual nature of these fires.  I am living down here in the four corners area where a second state fire of massive size is now going strong, and I live where I can see the smoke billowing miles up into the sky, and I do mean "miles" up, and its along the largest fireline, behind the mountains, I have ever seen in my entire life.

So the impression is one of the entire northern horizon line is nothing but billowing smoke from the fire. Its now about 2 miles from south fork on the other side of the mountains and everything in its path will be destroyed if its not turned back or stopped.  We are used to fires here and fighting them is second nature to us, but we seem not to be able to use the same tactics that have always worked in the past.  (just adding this.... its saturday morning now and all the fires are out or the smoke has been completely eliminated..... now how did that happens so damn fast?  Even the much smaller fires we are used to take a lot more time than that to go from billowing smoke of normal size to out, much less from miles up to out.  Very strange indeed.  UPDATE: its now afternoon and those mile high smoke clouds are back again.  How strange is that?  In the dawn they were all gone completely, then by noon they were all back again.)

Our town is full of firefighters from elsewhere, but they are in town, and not out on the line?  This is all very strange. False Flags can take many different forms, and setting fires is one possible form.  Its a lot harder to prove because you don't have any real people involved in the act, unless we are lucky enough to get a whistelblower, but I suspect if it was done, the foreign occupiers used their own people to eliminate that possibility.

This, plus a video we put up back in 2010 about the Denver Airport that showed massive fires in giant murals in the lower levels of the airport, got me wondering what the hell is going on here, so I began a journey down a rabbithole that has taken me days to do and I am still not done, but sufficiently along to begin posting what I have found.  I had also learned some time back that the DIA had identified this area as the key point for the drugs coming in from South America, to be routed through Miami and then sent here to the 4 corners area for sending them out west.

I am putting this up because of the blog we just did that showed how the Illuminati New World Order crowd, has created a mass mind  control situation that resulted in Kubic's movie "Eyes Wide Shut" which suggests that we do not see what is obvious in front of us and that is intentionally done.  It is the subtle underlying theme of that movie.   This below is beginning to look like one of those "Eyes Wide Shut" situations.  I have pieced together a part 1 of 2 that may expand as I gather more information about all  this.

Its important to me because I live right smack dab in the middle of this mess.  So  we have to know in order to prepare.  I am going to begin with "facts" that I have been able to gather together about anything to do with Denver, Denver airport, Government agencies, athe fires, the New World Order, and the continued warnings by Homeland Security that horrible things are going to happen this summer, along with their preparations for it that resemble preparing for war against the American people and given the brutality they are using in training our police, I suspect we best be prepared to match brutality with brutality.

So this became important to look at and decide what the heck is going on here.  So bare with me as I begin this journey and follow along.  Comments are encouraged as I receive a lot of good feedback on direction and relevance from my readers and I encourage it to help me either continue on or  change direction since I am only one person and others perspectives are needed to keep me in the right direction toward truth, so, please, contribute on this journey of discovery.

I am starting with all the evidence that suggests the Government and the elite are moving here to Colorado, and when it all began, and why they are moving here.  Not the reasons they give, but the reasons that fit within their agenda of a global New World order.  We are primarily a rural state, so it doesn't make any sense.  New York or Pennsylvania would have made more sense.

The location is where the least amount of people are located.  Is that why??? Its also were most of the guns are located, the west is about as full of them as the southeast is.  Our Hunters alone out west exceeds the total number of military in the Chinese Army, and the Russians have been war gaming the take over of CIA headquarters here, so what is that all about?

What we are digging up covers a good span of time, going all the way back to 1999 when they built that airport that was not needed here. I am especially intrigued by the fires on the murals of the airport and the aftermath they indicate in the paintings.  YOu will be seeing videos of those murals.  We will be covering that as well. STay with us.


by Ironwolf, Rumormills Reading Room, May 6, 2005

CIA set to move unit to Denver
By Dana Priest
The Washington Post 

Washington - The CIA has plans to relocate the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States, from the CIA's Langley, Va., headquarters to Denver, a move designed to promote innovation, according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials. 

About $20 million has been tentatively budgeted to relocate employees of the CIA's National Resources Division, officials said. A U.S. intelligence official said the planned move, confirmed by three other government officials, was being undertaken "for operational reasons." 

A CIA spokesman declined to comment. Other current and former intelligence officials said the Denver relocation reflects the desire of CIA Director Porter Goss to develop new ways to operate undercover, including setting up more front corporations and working more closely with established international companies.

Associates of Goss said Thursday that the move also was in keeping with his desire to stop the growth of CIA headquarters and headquarters- based group-think, something he criticized frequently when he was chairman of the House intelligence committee. 

Other CIA veterans said such a relocation would make no sense, given Denver's distance from major corporate centers. 

"Why would you go so far away?" one asked. "They will get disconnected."

The main function of the domestic division, which has stations in many major U.S. cities, is to conduct voluntary debriefings of U.S. citizens who travel overseas for work or to visit relatives, and to recruit foreign students, diplomats and businesspeople to become CIA assets when they return to their countries.

It was unclear how many CIA employees would relocate to Denver under the plan.

Spokespeople for U.S. Sens. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., and Ken Salazar, D-Colo., said they had not heard of the CIA's plans. State House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, D-Denver, said state leaders have worked hard to bring more jobs to Colorado, but "we just never thought to ask the CIA."

"I've always thought that Colorado is the center of intelligence," Romanoff said. "I'm glad the feds finally realized the same." 

Aurora Mayor Ed Tauer said he had heard that a branch of the CIA was moving to the region, but he had no information about where it would be located or which division would move here. 

"I think it's fabulous," Tauer said. "It would be great for the entire region. It would bring quality jobs and the contractors and businesses that come with them." 

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper was out of town and couldn't be reached for comment. Gov. Bill Owens declined to comment on the report. 

Although collecting information on U.S. citizens under suspicion  for terrorist links is primarily an FBI function, the CIA also may collect information on citizens under limited circumstances, according to a 1981 executive order. The exact guidelines for those operations are spelled out in a classified document signed by the CIA director and approved by the U.S. attorney general.

It is unclear how a move to Denver would increase the effectiveness of the domestic division's operations, said several former intelligence officials. 

Colorado has become a major intelligence hub since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Aurora is home to the little- known Aerospace Data Facility. Located at Buckley Air Force Base, it has become the major U.S.-based technical downlink for intelligence satellites operated by the military, the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, according to military and government documents obtained by William Arkin, author of "Code Names," a book about secret military plans and programs.  (VN: hmm, now more makes sense about the Aurora shooting and the mind controlled perp, was that a war game of some kind?)

About 70 miles south of Denver, the U.S. Northern Command, based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, is tasked with homeland defense and has been increasing its domestic intelligence work. 

It's not known if the CIA's Denver plans are linked to the presence of either facility.

The Denver move, which is tentatively scheduled for next year but has not been finalized, coincides with several other developments related to the CIA's domestic intelligence work.
Last week, the CIA and FBI agreed to a new "memorandum of understanding" on domestic and foreign operations, the first change in decades. The negotiations surrounding the memo were contentious, with the FBI saying that it should control and approve the CIA's domestic activities. 

But the FBI is having significant problems developing its own domestic intelligence branch, and the CIA is generally viewed across the intelligence community as more experienced and skilled at handling foreign informants.   (VN: As if that were the problem.  We have since ascertained the only terrorists are those holding drills at the same time false flags are occurring and those who make these move decisions knew that at the time.   So what is the "REAL REASON" they relocated?)

Denver Post staff writers Felisa Cardona, Chris Frates and Manny Gonzales contributed to this report. 

Vatic Note:  Now that we have shown the movement out here by gov agencies, its time to also begin to look at the underlying conspiracies that have been going on here since 1999 when they built the Denver airport.  Do you know who owns the land around the Denver Airport?  The Queen of England.  Who created the CIA?  The British MI5.  Who did they work for according to Truman? Not him.  So their being out there and the queen owning the land around it, is just a coincidence? 

Here is a link to a summary of many of the conspiracy theories about the Denver Airport which directly affects the whole issue of why is the CIA out here? What has the Queen been doing, buying unproductive land around the airport?  There is nothing out there.  Here are some photos of the mural paintings at the airport and you can easily see the Occult nature of the various art works both in the floor and on the walls.  

Notice the fire in the forest in the background.  You don't really notice it unless pointed out, that is what they mean by "EYES WIDE SHUT".  They are talking about us.  We don't see the obvious.


This is the Nazi Black Sun floor inset.   Airport layout where the Nazi Black Sun Floor is.


The horse sculpture on the approach road. (A piece fell off and killed the artist who made it.)


From the Nazi death mural

:Denver14: :denvere: coffin3

The three coffins.


Painting in the baggage hall.

Vatic Note:  So what else has gone on in Colorado that we never knew about  with high officials of the US Government, like a President of the United States???  This below was taken from a blog at this site:


This Affidavit below is from the Son of Anton Lavey, who was the head of the Church of Satan.  The son is now a Christian Minister.  I had no idea about this,  but that Castle in Colorado this man discusses seems to be an important part of the entire big picture of why  Colorado is so  important.

Read it and see how well this fits in with the airport above.  Remember Bush Sr. was baptized at the Bohemian Grove as Magog.  Here it is, you can visit the link and see it from the source.  There is also a good chance that drug running, chemtrail dumping and other criminal acts can more easily be hidden in such an out of the way place.

Fire is back again, unless its a chemtrail chemically created illusion again. By the way, Evergreen airways is the delivery boy for  all of the above.

Church of Satan in America.

by Stew Webb,

Affidavit of Reverend Christian Jess A. LaVey,   (VN: son of Anton,

                                                              head of the church of satan.)

I remember the Kimball Castle well, when I was 10 years of age, I remember my parents taking me there many times and rituals being held their. The memories are like yesterday. I remember spending the night in one of the bedrooms that was very scary to me, in which I never sleep well when we did go there.

It seem most of the time very dark and with a musky smell about it. The rooms were big. My father Anton LaVey spent a lot of time there. I never liked going there at all. I remember being force to watch rituals and I hated that too. For the most part I never could forget the counsel of 13. Very wicked looking men.

When I reached the age 12 my father told me I had to go befor them because of my rebellion and being apposed to what I was to do. That was the time I met these men. They warned me of what could happen to me if I did not do as they suggest. George H.W. Bush Senior was one of these men.

I stood before them and told them I was not going to follow their ways and I was not going to take my dads place, and that there was nothing they could do to me. My father was so embarrass he cowered in his seat. I told them I believe a higher power and that higher power said in his word that no harm can come to me. So be it and I turned left. They never said a word back. I think they were all stewing or struck with shock. I know my dad was "out of the mouths of babes".

The Kimball-Cherokee Castle in Sedalia, Colorado
(VN: so the question is, "who in high up Colorado owns this castle? We now know he is a "practicing" Satanist.)

I also remember Scott Millman. (VN: Google this name to see who this man is) We were all the same age. There where others but I don't remember them as well as I remember Scott Millman. I think it's because we talked to each other a lot. I do remember a tunnel under the building where Scott and I were taken one night and it was not good. To this day I freak a little talking about it.

Some say there is light at the end of the tunnel, well, there was darkness at the end of this one, where Satanists come together and do unspeakable things. The acts are of a nightmare. The acts done to kids are unspeakable. To think that Bush and his whole family is a part of this kind of thing is hard for some people to believe.

But the Lord warns us all about the dark one in sheep's clotheing. The whole Bush family are Satanists, run down the family lines. I have met Bush Jr. once when he came to a ritual at the castle once with his father. My thought when I met him is still the same as today. He is a very cold man for Satan. Like a lethal weapon.

Jess A LaVey

Original article: [url=  http://www.stewwebb.com/Affidavit of Jess Anthony Lavey.htm] 
Related article: Radio Interview of Son of Ex Head of Church of Satan Shed's Light on Vitamin Battle and on Masons

Thanks to: http://www.illuminati-news.com

In part 2 we will have this below.........

Now we come to the underground facilities both under the Denver Airport and elsewhere in Colorado.  Watch these videos about the conspiracies and the fires, along with a video by Jesse Ventura who investigated this issue and did a good job on it.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

Vatic Master; Have you read PANDORAS BOX??? By Alex Chreistopherson Its pdf on Christian Identity Reading Room. Check it out and see what it says about Denver. I knowe the Governmemt is rotten in Colorado to extreme. I know Denver is predominately Mexican now. Frostty Wooldrige on Rense.com has alot of facts on this. Maybe Sherry Shriner is right - no matter what the Powers That Be do to go underground--it will not help them...

Anonymous said...

Go to Youtube--Look up a channel called "thegroxt1"

He breaks down all of the symbolism in the Denver Airport as well as shows what is coming from the hyroglyphs of 1,000s of years ago...It's unbelievable how they are showing exactly what is happening today and what is coming...From what he has shown, they are going to nuke the hell out of the west coast and it will cause a massive sunami that will destroy the entire eastern coastline from the Keys to Canada--He also said that the govt is betraying the people of America and are all working together to destroy America-----Also, on Youtube, look up operation blackjack, it shows the country being destroyed and a new govt re-emerging in Denver..

In any case, this is all going to happen within 6 months max, the feds 100 charter is ending, the money is going to collapse..

Only escape at this point---Accept Jesus as your savior, it's coming fast and hard!

Juan Morel said...

Check out this map:


I have reason to believe this is the most accurate map of what the US and world will look like (very soon). I don't think it will be caused by a nuke, but by a natural Earth change event as is evident by all the volcanic and seismic activity and the unusual weather phenomena(although some of that is HAARP-induced, some of it is natural as well).

Juan Morel said...

Sorry if this is double-posted; my previous post is not showing up and I am not sure it there is a delay.

Check out this site:


I have reason to believe that this is the most accurate future map for the US and the world. I don't think there will be nukes involved however, instead this will be the result of a natural Earth change event (which seems to be building up very soon as is evident by our current volcanic/seismic activity all around the globe).

I also have reason to believe that this event will occur before the end of this summer, and definitely before the end of this year. Although as to the exact timing of the event, I would not be able to say since I am not a seer, and am basing my prediction on much research I have been doing this summer (I am a teacher and this summer vacation I practically have been doing nothing but researching a lot of what is happening globally; spiritually, financially, politically, geologically, astronomically, etc etc. Many changes seem to be in store for us).

Anonymous said...

from what i hear they chose Denver because it is a mile above sea level and would be protected from a supposedly large flood that is supposedly coming