Brazil reaches “Tipping Point” as protesters grow to Millions

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Vatic Note: I want you to note how politicians behave when confronted with a million citizens on the street. They are way more willing to talk then if it were only a few thousand.  That fact alone should tell us something important.  OUR POWER IS IN OUR NUMBERS.  I don't care how much armour they have, they can't handle millions of Americans if we decide to do this together.  Brazil just proved it to us.  Maybe its time to turn the fear stick back on them.  

Well, way back when Brazil had their election and voted in a socialist, I warned them about the bankers and that they would do to them what they were doing to us.  In fact, I warned them that they would do it even sooner since they were running out of money for their globalizing agenda and would need to extract it from somewhere since we were no longer contributing to their kitty.

The scam artists are way behind on their agenda and that is costing them big time. The bankers are doing their slave set up way early on the Brazilians. Raising taxes, Bus fares because its a socialist system so they can arbitrarily charge whatever they want since there is no free market or competition to keep the prices down.   Also we did a blog where corporations were tearing down whole neighborhoods in Brazil and leaving thousands homeless. 

Notice the riots and protests are still going on in Turkey.  That  has had more staying power than any other and if this begins to happen all over the world, then our sovereigny is assured.  Now that does not mean these bugs/lizards will back off, they won't, but at least it won't be as easy as they thought it was going to be.  Also they do not realize we are not big demonstrators.  When we get serious enough to hit the streets, it will be serious, and no picnic for the Bilderberg corporate execs, and the cops that work for them....since we know now what they have been trained to do and we will be ready for them  to violate their oath of  office, just one time and that will be the end both ways..  Our sheer numbers will take care of that.

Also there is the strong possibility that our cops will do as they did in Germany, took off their helmets and marched with the demonstrators.  We will see, what we will see.

Brazil reaches “Tipping Point” as protesters grow to Millions
by End Time Headlines admin, June 22, 2013
People have lost faith in the political process – protests over bus fares and the cost of hosting the Fifa World Cup have become a vehicle for anyone unhappy about anything . How should a government respond when it is the target of nationwide protests? 
Swedish leaders reacted by wringing their hands and empathising, Turks by calling counter-demonstrations, Syrians by shooting the demonstrators. The most original response has come from the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, who brazenly co-opted the protesters to her cause. “The size of the demonstrations”, she said, “shows the energy of our democracy, the strength of the voice of the streets and the civility of our population.” 
Brazilians are certainly civil: you won’t find a cheerier, more relaxed people in the Western hemisphere. Yet they have taken to the streets in their hundreds of thousands – and, despite President Rousseff’s words, not entirely peacefully. Brazil, the B of the BRIC countries, is now the seventh largest economy on earth. 
Yet, despite the commodity boom that has lifted the entire continent, its economy is stalling. Is the unrest economic? Not entirely: there has been a decade of growth and unemployment is low. The protests began over notionally financial issues – bus fares and the cost of hosting the Fifa World Cup – but they soon became a vehicle for anyone who was unhappy about anything. If the unrest turns violent, disorder becomes self-reinforcing. 
In any population, potential looters outnumber police. Law enforcement works on the theory that not all the looters will go on a spree at the same moment – just as banking rests on the assumption that we won’t all simultaneously withdraw our deposits. When the hoodies realise that the forces of order are overstretched – during a blackout, for example – pillaging usually follows.  


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Anonymous said...

In the AlJeezra video, 27 sec mark Free Mason flag. For someone who covers conspiracy topics; How did you miss that?

Anonymous said...
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Vatic Master said...

I deleted the second comment as it was exactly the same as the first.

Now to answer Anonymous, What does "not saying anything about a flag being used to discredit the protest" got to do with "missing it"? Nothing.

Did that upset you? Was I suppose to draw attention to the flag so it would discredit the fact that the elite are screwing up in Brazil well before their time frame??? When ever I see protesters with masks on when none of the others have masks and they are actively trying to draw attention to something that would discredit what is being covered, I give it the attention it deserves.... None. lol

It was so obvious. This protest may well have started out as some sort of false flag event, but it got out of the handlers hands and grew into millions and for that, it was worth ignoring to focus on what did happen..... it scared the shit out of the politicans who were collaborating with the bankers. Good for the protestors.

Vatic Master said...

Just one other note. This, like all other false flags attempted, was very badly done. You guys act as if we are stupid which is encouraging. It means your arrogance will definitely be your downfall. your delusion that goyims are stupid is where you will fail and fall. We are not stupid, and that means we are not khazars. Tell those who pay you that they messed this one up big time. It the protestors were masons, then why were they protesting since the masons are suppose to be the ones being protested against. So why would they go out there and say its them protesting against themselves???? NO TOO BRIGHT.