Sardar : Death Squads, The Salvador Option And The Indian Intelligence Agencies

Vatic Note:  Sometimes, when we are totally absorbed in what is going on around us, we lose perspective.  That is when its time to look around us and see what is happening elsewhere and that act can deeply change our perspective.  This is just such a case.  Pay close attention to the description of the Salvador Option since its an intentional mechanism being used by the insane ones to manipulate whole populations, and you know as I do, that when something works one place, we eventually see it being used here in the US.... so lets pay very close attention.

This massive satanic undertaking by the evil ones is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a serious global genocidal effort. They are serious about wiping anyone with an ounce of humanity, compassion, love, caring,  off the face of the earth.  And I believe they are behind in their timeline and that will make them even more crazy.  We better understand that and soon.

I received this from a very good friend in England who has been a faithful reader of our blog for a long time now and he wanted us to know what is going on in India because the British are very heavily overlaid in that country.  It also has a long history of the upper caste and the intel agencies, with the Zionists in Israel.  So, I realized we are not the only ones in this battle and in some cases we are the lucky ones since we do not suffer near as bad as others have suffered, as this article will most definitely prove.

There is a long history in India of all of this below, and in part India lost Pakistan because they did much of the same horrors to the muslims that the Hindus are now doing to the Sikhs. Pakistan broke away and India has brokered a deal with the west, to bring Pakistan back under India in exchange for Indias' cooperation in this globalizing effort.   I come from Wisconsin, and there is a vibrant community of Sikh's living there and I can attest to the gentile nature of these people as a community and as a religion.  

This is a fascinating read and I will be putting more up on their plight in India so the rest of the world can take a look, and see just how very big this effort to bring down the globe really is.  By the same token, we have grown in numbers of awakenings, that can not only match the insane ones actions, but also counter it by shear numbers with no geographic restrictions.  We can do it everywhere on the planet that the Rothschild international bankers are present..  That is one good thing that has come out of bad.

All its going to take is for billions of us to say "OK, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"

Sardar : Death Squads, The Salvador Option And The Indian Intelligence Agencies
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K.P.S. Gill - The Super Butcher
K.P. Gill – The Super Butcher


There has been recent disclosure that the Indian Intelligence Agencies have unleashed paramilitary death gangs into the rural heartland of the Sikh Punjab and that these gangs are carrying out targeted killings of Sikh youth who wear turbans,

see: India Unleashes Death Squads In The Sikh Punjab and  Paramilitary Death Squads In The Punjab.   This article discusses the use of the Salvador Option by the Indian Intelligence Agencies. Portions of this article are the recollections of a ranking Sikh Police officer who is now a Khalistani.

What Is The Salvador Option?

Wikipedia has two very good articles on the Salvador option and you are encouraged to study them.  See The Salvador Option and also see  The Phoenix Progrom.

In brief, the Salvador option is a counter-insurgency technique that involves the use of death gangs against a civilian population. The objective of the policy is to terrorize the civilian population in order to  force it to stop providing sanctuary to insurgents.  Aside from  depriving the insurgents of sanctuary,  the Salvador option deprives the insurgency of logistical support, food and communication resources.

 Collaterally  the Salvador option turns a portion of the civilian population into collaborators either willingly or otherwise. Implicit in the policy is a tacit recognition of the fact that an insurgency which is supported by a large majority of the ambient population cannot be defeated by the use of conventional force governed by the Rule of Law..

The Salvador option  is characterized by  the widespread use of  low key terror, torture and calculated mayhem.  The term low key is highlighted for a reason. If the population at large begin to clearly understand the depravity of the killings, they might rise up en masse against the  terrorizing state.

A large scale mass uprising is invariably dangerous to a state.  Thus the low intensity torture and killing must be accompanied by the propagation of a false narrative in the media. In this context it must be appreciated that the major Indian Media is in the hands of  high caste Hindus and the dissident media can be easily controlled by the denial of  newsprint pulp and the Press Trust Of India.  The Press Trust Of India is a government constituted  entity which acts as a watchdog over the press.

How K.P. Gill Used The Salvador Option In The Punjab

 K.P. Gill,  a genocidal mass murderer,  can be credited for the implementation of the Salvador Option  in  The Punjab. Gill was a man who maintained  a well stocked personal library of at least two thousand books on police tactics, counter-insurgency, interrogation, terrorism and so forth. The sheer number of books he maintained required a library room in his home  replete with  book racks typically found in public libraries.   He was undoubtedly aware of the The Phoenix Progrom and the Salvador Option.

The actual implementation of the strategy was as follows.  Hardened criminals,  many of them convicted killers were released from prison and trained by Gill as a paramilitary force.  Others were recruited from the Hindu RSS who grew beards and wore turbans in order to pass themselves off as Sikhs.  (VN: oooh, sounds a bit like our recently reconstituted local police forces, wonder if that is how they got the brutal cops that kill unarmed civilians, remember the evil ones try out different tactics and if they work, they implement them everywhere.)
Still others were recruited from Anti-Sikh cults such as  the Naamdharis, the Radha Soamis and particularly the Nirankaris.  Gill provided them with arms, logistical support and with carte blanche to torture and kill Sikhs. Sikhs called these paramiltary gangs ‘Black Cats’.   The term comes from the fact that these paramilitary thugs would descend silently in the dead of night to terrorize, torture and murder Sikhs in their homes.  The most prominent black cat was the fake nihang, Phoola. Phoola loved to burn his victims alive. We chronicled the career of this murderer here:  The Night Of The Fake Nihang. (VN: see why we need to be expanding our exposure to other countries experiences?  It gives us a perspective that things are not near as bad here YET.... and we may well have time to stop it, if we decide to do so. But you can be sure we will see something similar down the road, right here in America.  I can not imagine how horrible this must be for those people attacked in their sleep at night.  That means the stress never goes away.)

 The mandate of the paramilitary death squads was as follows:

- To infiltrate into the Sikh population and then discover, torture and kill the sympathizers. Why torture? To force the suspected sympathizers to reveal additional sympathizers.

- These sympathizers could then be tracked down, tortured for information and then murdered.

- The death squads were particularly instructed to murder  young turban wearing Sikhs who supported the Khalistani cause or even spoke out publicly in favor of legitimate Sikh rights.  Recently a Sikh police officer has confessed that he killed 83 turban wearing Sikh youth on the specific instructions of his superiors; see:  Police Officer Admits To Mass Killing Of 83 Sikhs.

- In actuality K.P. Gill gave specific orders that Sikh youth were to be killed. The reason Gill specifically targeted Sikh youth who wore turbans was to break the continuity of the Sikh movement. And it must be admitted that he did succeed in breaking the continuity of the Sikh movement for one generation (thirty years).

- Another aspect of Gill’s Salvador policy was to target the relatives of suspected sympathizers. Being a criminal psychopath and a nominal Sikh, Gill knew that Sikhs had strong extended family ties.  So why torture and murder the innocent relatives of suspected sympathizers?  The simple answer is that Gill wanted to  sow terror in the Sikh Population and force these relatives to plead with sympathizers to  keep silent and not be involved on the side of truth. .

Why Did K.P. Gill Use The Salvador Option?

Ar a party given in 1983  at an Officer’s mess in the occupied State of Jammu and Kashmir,  The killer Gill, who was the Inspector-General of the Border Security Force, stated bluntly: “It is a game of terror. We will see who will win‘. 

Gill had made up his mind that with the vast majority of the Sikh population supporting Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, the Sikh Movement could only be supressed by using the Salvador option.

In 1983, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale declared that the Sikhs would create their own parallel civil administration in The Punjab and called upon five hundred thousand Sikhs to attend at The Akal Takht (The Throne Of God)  and give solemn pledges to do or die.  Shortly thereafter,  in late 1983, Gill assumed the position as the top commander of the police forces in The Punjab.

As the ranking Khalistani Police Officer emphasizes: the Sikh militants who were governed by their religion and a code of honour did not commit any acts of terrorism in any  significant number.

As an example, note that in the insurgency,  Sikhs never used bombs to kill civilians indiscriminately and there is not even a single credible incident where a Sikh militant was alleged to have raped a female. The murder, rape and torture was entirely at the hands of the Indian Government which  used terror as part of it”s deliberate state policy (chanakya niti – rule by deception, treachery, murder and deceit – thesis of a medieval Indian book on  Statecraft).   (VN: Who does all of this remind you of?  Especially the "rule by deception"?)
Variants  : The False Flag Operation Combined With The Salvador Option

 A false flag operation occurs when an intelligence agency carries out an act of mass terror in order to blame the event on an innocent third party. False flag operations are a staple tactic in the covert intelligence agency playbook. The Chitsinghpura incident in Kashmir where  thirteen Sikh children were murdered is an example of a false flag event.

On the eve of President Clinton’s visit to India, thirteen Sikh children were murdered in a small remote village in the State of Kashmir. The Indian government immediately blamed Islamic militants and blamed Pakistan. In fact the operation was carried out by the Indian  Intelligence Agencies with the intent of swaying President Clinton against Pakistan. Later President Clinton himself stated that the murders had been deliberately concocted.

The danger that Sikhs must be alert to is  that the Indian State will manufacture a large false flag operation and blame it on The Sikhs with the objective of justifying a policy of murdering Sikhs at will.  Interested readers can study the Gujarat genocide carried out under the direction of the Chief Minister Of the state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi,  where this strategy was used to unleash a mass killing of Muslims;  a killing spree which extended up to the killing of a sitting parliamentarian in the state legislature.
  Why Have The Indian Intelligence Agencies Instituted The Use Of The Salvador Option Again?

 This is more or else self evident. The vocal opposition of Sikhs to the Indian State has been increasing steadily in recent years. Once again, the crescendo of voices calling for the assertion of legitimate Sikh rights is becoming louder. The Indian State wants to quell the dissent early. Nip it in the bud. It is in this context that they have unleashed paramilitary death squads into the rural heartland of The Punjab.  The second equally important objective is to break the continuity of Sikh dissent.  This requires the murder of Sikh youth who wear turbans.

What Happened To The Black Cats And The Paramilitary Gangs

During the period of the Sikh insurgency from 1983 to 1995, the Indian Intelligence Agencies killed over 200,000 Sikhs. This was calculated genocide. After the assassination of the Chief Minister of The Punjab in 1995, most of the paramilitary death squads were disbanded. The Indian State provided them with new identities.  Many Sikh members of these paramilitary death squads assumed Hindu names. Many were shifted by the Indian State to other states faraway from the Punjab. Some immigrated with their new identities to England,  Canada or the United States.


There is an additional article which discusses how the intelligence wings of the Indian Army infiltrate villages in the Sikh Heartland with spies and informers. This is an extensive spy network. The link to this article is here :   A Spy Network In The Sikh Heartland  

A Note On Sardar Gajinder Singh

Sardar Gajinder Singh is the author of the book Five More Arrows; a book marked as criminally seditious by the demonical government of India. The title of the book is an allusion to the five arrows given to Banda Singh Bahadur by the Keeper Of The Hawk, Guru Gobind Singh Ji,  in the jungles of Nandehr.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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