Dal Khalsa : Another Indian Intelligence Agency Death Squad Killer Caught

Vatic Note:  This has been a real education for me.  I had no idea that the problems in India were so complex and difficult.  The death Squad scenario is familiar to me though.  Its very typical of Mossad and the CIA to use against those they want gone without taking any responsiblity for it.

The video shows the assassin the Sikh's had caught and there was no question that he was as they proported, an immigrant worker and it appears, like the assassination contractors in Libya, he was from Africa.   These Indian Hindu's hire contractors from African countries and then bring them in as migrant workers as cover for their assassination jobs.  I am checking into more about this since its new to me.  You can tell that assassin was nothingmore than a desperado hungry for money, and totally unprepared for the consequences of his actions.  Most trained assassins are calm, cool, and collected and he was none of those.

This whole exposure was a gift from a reader of our blog who lives in Britain, but has connections in India and gets all this information and has begin forwarding it onto me.  I keep thinking about during the Bush administration, how it was noted that Pakistan had nukes, and India did not, so Bush was going to give India Nukes to counter Pakistan.

There is something there that bothers me, and its the connection of the upper caste in India with the zionist international bankers, and Israel.  A few years back there was a terrorist attack in India at a hotel, and the early news reports said it was a pakistani terrorist, but shortly after that it was then confirmed by outsiders that it was mossad who had done the deed.  It was suppose to get India into something that was not clear at the time.  Fortunately for Pakistan, the Indian government dropped the whole thing upon the exposure of Mossad. Now I am beginning to see how these connections between different countries are tied together through either Britain, Israel, USA or Europe.

Will try to get more info and pass it on as we get it.  Knowing the whole truth about everything will expand the awakening in every country whose leadership s involved. I believe it will only be through a global awakening of the same truth that will stop these insane greedy bankers/zionists every where they have inserted themselves for doing evil.  The Sikhs have chosen to self police and act as their own protectors and military, against these assaults on their people by the Hindus.  What I am trying to find out is why this is happening?

Dal Khalsa : Another Indian Intelligence Agency Death Squad Killer Caught 
posted by Admin,  Sikh Archives, August 27, 2013

                   Nawab Kapoor Singh – Founder Of The Dal Khalsa

Another Intelligence Agency death squad member has been caught in the Sikh Punjab:


It is to be noted that the Indian Intelligence  Agencies are using migrant labor  to do the killings. This tactic also provides the Agencies with the convenient cover that they have  no links with the killers.

These Agency Killers are being apprehended by local Sikh Vigilantes (Misls) in Sikh villages who are keeping guard (pehre).  (VN: When the legal system no longer works, its been historically dealt with through citizens resorting to vigilantism.  I hope this resolves itself before we have to make that kind of decision).

These death squad members are handed over to the government and then they simply disappear.  We have no information that criminal charges  have been proferred against any of the death squad killers who have been apprehended by Sikhs so far.

There is a blackout on  news of these killings in India and the Punjabi Press abroad which is controlled by the Indian Intelligence Agencies.  (VN: I am amazed at the similarities between Indian intel agencies, their behavior and policies, and that of Mossad, MI6, and our CIA. I wonder if there is a connection?  I will have to dig and find out.  )

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Anonymous said...

Punjab used to be a flourishing state. It's a dump now thanks to drugs pumped in the streets and half the youngsters are addicted to charas and opium drugs.

Heard the Rothschilds are buying up land from impoverished farmers after a string of weather anomolies and disasters. Good luck explaining this to the illitrate farmers. I won't even know where to begin.

Dal Khalsa UK said...

Analysis in English of Death Squads in Panjab


Vatic Master said...

Your statements now have credibility because they are doing exactly the same thing here with the WMD from space. Drugs being pumped into our streets, with half our youngsters addicted to cocaine and other lethal drugs, not including the drugging our system does to them when they are just children with bogus diseases.

I talked with a woman who was put on Ritalin as a child due to ADHD. When she was 18, they took her off the drugs and she said "I didn't feel normal without the drugs, so I turned to illegal drugs and now I am clean of those, but am now a recluse. I have absolutely no social skills whatsoever. She said its been most difficult for her husband who loves her, but can't live the reclusive life she leads.

That is what they generational psychos have done to the world and they spread it from country to country until they can get control permanently. That is what we must prevent at all costs, but with our youth basically gone, how can we do it?

Rothschild did the same thing in Yugoslavia after he pushed the US to destroy Bosnia, where our fascist corp took little girls and turned them into prosetitutes. See how this works, everywhere. Not just the US but India, and even in Israel.

Anonymous said...

It's just not Chritian, Sikh, Hindu or Muslim. Everyone is being targeted. My prayers are with you.


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