Live Updates: 2 million D.C. Bikers Stand Up For Free Speech And Defy Federal Tyranny

*** Well, they certainly did not want  you to read this one.  I have had nothing but trouble getting all three of these up and apparently they are blocking some viewers since the count shows virtually no readers for all three of the blogs we put up tonight so its coming down pretty quick.  If we have to move to a secure server to get away from this and google loses in court, then we will give you the info so you can stay with us.  Thanks for all your patience. They are apparently desperate and that is very very encouraging.  A true morale booster, makes ya want to fight back even harder.  The enemy is within our walls, SAVE AMERICAN LIVES, GET ISRAEL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY PERMANENTLY. I guess they are getting kicked out of just about everywhere these days.... even Hungary.  LOL Kind of like a replay of khazaria.  They simply never learn.

Vatic Note:   THESE VIDEOS ARE A MUST WATCH, ALL OF THEM. THINK ON THE SCOPE OF THIS AND THE IMPACT.  This is awesome, watch these videos below and it warms the cockles of your heart to no end.  It did mine. It actually made me cry.  Finally, an exhibition of just a small smiggen of what America could do if she decided and there would be no way to stop her short of nuking us into oblivion.  What is great is America is waking up and now knows and has seen the documentation, that the attack on 9-11 was NOT DONE BY MUSLIMS.  It was done by Israel as evidenced by Chertoff giving Israel immunity for what she did on 9-11. 

Thomas Jefferson knew us well, since he said that we would, once riled and angered, be a force to reckon with that would  be awesome, and this is just a small example, can you imagine when the entire country has had enough? They do not want to awaken a sleeping tiger, as they are now doing.  What courage these bikers have and in such great numbers as to be reflective of the entire countries take on this all.  NOTHING could have united  us better than the evil ones have done with their tyranny, repression, mafia criminality and total lack of humanity.

Only 9% of Americans support attacking Syria, and yet you do not hear this from the MSM,  they either lie like CNN does for their owners, the CIA, or they lie by  ommission by not telling us what the results of the survey were. That is self censorship and in violation of their job as our fourth column and watch dog over our republic. These bikers should be given the medal of freedom for civilians, for what they have done to encourage us and exhibit for us what courage and the  fight for right can do.

Bikers are not to be triffled with when it comes to their freedoms, especially free speech and what they did was amazing and was sorely needed.  So many of us have been destroyed financially by these economic policies by the Federal Reserve, over the past 12 years that we do not have the resources to make such a trip, but these bikers have creatively found a way to pull it off and it was sorely needed.

What they showed us clearly, is that numbers prevail over tyranny.  Lets not  forget that when we are feeling helpless.  We are  not helpless and we certainly know that we are not alone, at all, in this struggle for freedom from the control of a foreign power on our soil that has taken over our government  and made us into a colony of their "crimes againt humanity" country.

Live Updates: D.C. Bikers Stand Up For Free Speech And Defy Federal Tyranny
Sept. 11, 2013

In complete defiance of the City of Washington, D.C.’s decision to replace the First Amendment with political correctness, two million patriot bikers are rolling through D.C. today on the 12th anniversary of 9/11. Keep checking back here throughout the day for more updates.

Cruising into D.C.:


Going through town in DC:


Aerial footage:


A full convoy of bikers:


Rolling down the Interstate


A video of 500+ patriots rolling through Stafford, Virginia on their way to Washington, D.C.:


Tennessee bikers depart to join the rally:


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Anonymous said...

Amazing!!!!! some of the videos have been copyrighted by O.T.R.F. someone is really trying to hide this, which I find disturbing. I love our American Bikers!!!!