McCain Blasted at Town Hall: "I Would Have You Arrested for Treason"!

Vatic Note: Well, that diatribe against McCain is long long overdue. In fact, these words should have been said back in Viet Nam when he was a prisoner of war and betrayed his fellow soldiers for food, lodging and lifestyle. I won't go into that now, but I remember it well. He was provided separate quarters while the rest of prisoners lived in crowded living conditions.

Staying with today, he is working for the Rothschild international bankers and does their bidding here in the USA, and that makes him definitely a traitor. In case you may have forgotten, McCain has acted as the bag man for delivering money/cash, and weapons to these rebels in Benghazi, Libya, Syria and elsewhere,  the PTB financed to over throw various ME governments and its all being done for the pagan, zionist khazars of Israel. If nothing else he should be removed from the Senate.    The guy who did the laundry list was great.  He listed all the things that show he is not for the American people and ignores our demands and positions on public policy.  He then handed the list to McCain.

McCain then told him to run for office.  Well, I attended the GOP convention in my state and saw first hand how the GOP  criminally controlled the convention in order to ensure that the designated loser of the campaign, McCain would get the nomination.  That ensures any subsequent elects would probably be rigged, just like the Convention was in our state.

I won't go into the laundry list of crimes committed to do so, but suffice it to say it was long and half of us left when we saw this was a "fixed" convention to make sure Ron Paul did not get the nomination because polls showed he would beat Obama and that would go against the foreign occupier of our countries agenda, as we now see today.

Our Bill of Rights has been almost completely gutted, and our law enforcement turned into storm troopers murdering unarmed civilians and conducting warrantless raids.  They are almost fully militarized.  Now how is that in our best interests?  Its not, and its treason since Zionists run Homeland Security and our government.  Its way past time to let our congressmen an d senators know that treason is the way we will look at it if they vote against the will of the people that is showing  in such an obvious manner.

That is not including all the false flags resulting in massive deaths of Americans blamed on someone else to achieve a political outcome through manipulation.  Like this guy, I AM SICK OF ALL OF THIS AND THE ONLY WORLD WAR WE SHOULD FIGHT ALL OVER THE GLOBE IS AGAINST THE ZIONIST INTERNATIONAL BANKERS AND NO ONE ELSE. 

Good for the guy who had the courage to speak truth to power.

McCain Blasted at Town Hall: "I Would Have You Arrested for Treason"!
At a town hall September 6th, Senator John McCain was confronted by an attendee with a laundry list of charges, including the U.S. sponsorship of terrorism and “treason.”


Despite overwhelming opposition to an intervention Syrian civil war, the presidential and congressional leadership seem determined to drag the nation into another military conflict. The town hall attendee’s diatribe is testimony that Americans are getting absolutely fed up with Congress.

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