Attn: Sovereigns - The WSA passport has been proven legitimate

Vatic Note:  After finding this below, I then came across an article where the head of the IRS admitted to congress that tax filing is voluntary.   So much good news for the sovereigns, while the Homeland security is writing up all kinds of garbage on training local law enforcement on how to deal with them for cops, courts, judges and anyone else that comes across them in their daily dealings.  Shows you just how afraid the zionists controlling Homeland Security are of the "Sovereigns"....... well, I find this a refreshing change.

You go, SOVEREIGNS.  Good luck and make history for us down here in the Corporate gutter.  We are currently helping a young lady who is before our courts right now on her sovereign issues and the judge is having to back pedal and come at her again, and he keeps having to put off the hearing because she is on solid legal ground.  Aaaaah, poor baby judge.  lol

Attn:  Sovereigns - The WSA passport has been proven legitimate
by Jim STone Investigative Reporter

To this date, the WSA passport has been accepted, without question for ALL identification purposes 100 percent of the time. Here is a list of things it has been accepted for:

1. Scheduling an appearance in court, in the U.S.

2. By the police as legitimate ID, the SECOND time my butt went into a sling. Upon release it was returned and was the ONLY ID the police used (it was the only ID I had). They accepted it, the court accepted it, the WSA passport is REAL and if it was not the police would have taken it. PERIOD.

3. My wife, who worked for the U.S. embassy in Saudi Arabia recognized it immediately as legitimate, and it took me a while to actually believe it would be universally accepted. She got furious with me for having her present ID's for hotels and badgered me to just use the WSA passport. So finally I did. The first time I used it was to check in to a Red Roof Inn. After that, several hostels in D.C.

It was then accepted at the border of Mexico and worked to get a visa.

It was then accepted for Western Union payments. Then Moneygram. Then to be issued a frequent user card by a bank for reciept of Western Union and Moneygram donations from people who read the site.

It was then accepted as identification for entry into the Russian embassy in Mexico City.                                                          

Bottom line? The WSA passport is my lifeline. Without it I would be screwed. It's a real passport, no if's or buts. And it's no more potentially fake than any other passport.

The WSA passport is as valid as any other, and the ability to use it for EVERYTHING so far proves it. It has NEVER been rejected for any reason. Bottom line? If it takes a notary or a birth certificate to get it, how much more real could it get?

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The writer said that you need a birth certificate to get one. Does that include Hawaii birth registrations? Dr. Sun Yat-sen had one of those things, and he wasn't born in Hawaii.

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Yes, they are out of Washington, d.c. but that is just geography, no thing more. I have this passport, and it is real. DHS doesn't like it, but their is one HUGE inconvenient truth is having this passport. The world service authority (wsa) issues this passport, who are sanctioned by the UN to lawfully provide these passports. I've used my wsa passport to cross the Canada USA border, and to open a bank account here in the USA.