US Warship Docks In Israel USS San Antonio Arrives In Haifa Iron Dome Set To Ready!!

Vatic Note:   Well, tell the marines and sailors they have been sold out, by Israel, just like they were in the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty and 37 sailors died, and tell them to jump ship in Israel, since all our ships are targeted with Russian advance ship killing weapons.  

Israel, who has caused all this, should take care of our men until we get through with whatever Israel has planned to harm us since they did 9-11, the USS Liberty, the USS Cole etc, and so they don't feel one ounce of compassion for those men or their families. 

So let them get fear ridden because our men refuse to fight in any bogus world war created so Israel can take over the globe and kill off all Christians like she did in Russia from 1917 on,  63 million of them, to be exact.  You can tell I am really mad. 

The face Israel creates through these kind of press pieces is alien to the rest of the worlds experience with her.  We get the nasty end of her stick and her hatred, without even knowing why she has carried this soul destroying hatred for all these centuries?  I would like to get an answer to that sometime before I  die.

US Warship Docks In Israel USS San Antonio Arrives In Haifa Iron Dome Set To Ready!!
by Truth,  Before It's News

The USS San Antonio, an amphibious transport dock ship, arrived at the port of Haifa on Wednesday for what the US Navy called a "routine port visit."

Captain Randell Dykes said the visit was a "well deserved break for sailors and marines, and for many is the first time they have visited Israel. 
"If you have been here, you know what a great country Israel is,"  (VN: No, we don't know, but we will be sure and ask the Palestinians)    Dykes said, adding "I know our sailors and marines will have a great time. They certainly deserve it after all the hard work they've put in on this deployment."

According to the US Navy, tours were to be offered to the sailors and marines and they would have the opportunity to explore Haifa "and to experience the rich history and culture of Israel."  (VN: "...and by deception, we will  conduct war")

On Monday it was reported that the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and other ships in its strike group were heading west toward the Red Sea to help support a limited US strike on Syria, if needed.

The same report said that the US Navy has also sent the USS San Antonio to the eastern Mediterranean, diverting it from a previously scheduled mission that would have taken it farther west.

A defense official said the San Antonio had been asked to serve as an afloat forward staging base, which could provide a temporary base for special operations forces, if they were needed. It could also assist with evacuations.

A spokesman for the ship declined comment, referring questions to the Navy. Lieutenant Adam Cole, spokesman for the Navy's European headquarters, declined to discuss any specific plans for the San Antonio or future ship movements. 

Reuters contributed to this report. 

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