DNA - CODED MEMORY - Nightfall Project 2012

Vatic Note:  Our blog has done a huge number of blogs on the issue of our DNA, our Consciousness, and now resonance. This below now makes a lot  more sense after seeing the videos we just put up several days ago.  The Schumann Resonance has tied a lot of these issues together as many of you know.  Vibrations have an enormous impact and effect on our bodies and spirits as well as our reality and its how we can create such a reality now that we know how and why it works.

There are some disputes with what this video states, such as "Junk DNA does not exist"...... but in reality a Russian and Vienna Scientists got together and discovered that the junk DNA was a full blown language and we put the blog up on that several  years ago. It actually contains a 25,000 character alphabet and when you compare that to ours, which is only 26 characters, then  you know there is an important function going on here. 

In reading the "Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden, we also found out that various experiments had been done that proved the DNA is a language, so the question is who is it talking to?  God?  Well for sure we use it when we instruct our bodies to heal, or our DNA to repair itself "according to the original blueprint" which is contained in every molecule.

This video  shows us a different idea about it, and there is something to it, I am just not sure its the Junk DNA, but you watch, listen and decide.  I am still on the fence trying to feel what is the truth of the matter. Its definitely a combination of all of this including consciousness, vibration, dark matter which is intelligent and is found in every atom of our bodies, and the resonance is the key that activates it all, but who is the DNA talking to besides us???  I guess that is the rabbithole, we need to go down next. Its is also "listening"?  To who about what?

I know one thing, for some unexplained reason I have been getting a feeling of excitement.  I feel that we are on the verge of a most important discovery and it will change everything.  I hope my feeling is right on this one.  We just have to keep the powers that be away from our DNA until we can find out who and what we truly are.

DNA - CODED MEMORY - Nightfall Project 2012 
Uploaded by knowthelies on Dec 9, 2008

Our dna contains all the knowledge and information of our universe.. we are the universe viewing itself from within. 


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