Vatic Note: Lots of great information in here.  Jim Stone is a master at researching and telling us what no one else can or does.  You will not only read about Snowden, but also about the Holonet,  the fact that your car, if under 8 years old, is a giant microphone and every conversation can be heard in it due to an inclusion of a cell inserted, etc. etc. etc.  He even discloses how Europe is now using cars regularly that get 200 miles per gallon while we are still being shilled and scammed for $4 a gallon and only 25 miles per gallon, and the search engines won't let you find the dealers selling these cars here. Its amazing what we do not know.  But that must change.

Lets remember who controls Russia and always has since 1917.  Then lets remember the entire act played out by Snowden is exactly the same script used with Assange who was outted as working for Israel.  We discovered he vetted all his releases through Hillary Clinton at state and Israel.  Once vetted they were released and generally favorable to Israel and most of it old news, rehashed and things we, who do the research, already knew and they knew we knew because we published it.

Well, its turning out most of Snowdens info is old news.   And like Assange, for some strange reason, he is so sophisticated that he managed to stay alive where most professionals cannot avoid assassination when its decided they must go.  Mossad is one of the best as we saw several times.  I remember the incident in Dubai when Mossad offed a protected person with deep cover and they still found him and offed him.

But not assange or Snowden, who have no such background to justify their ability to remain alive without major protection.  Just my humble opinion.  The MSM is no longer working, since it is feeding truth riddle propoganda out to the public, so now its being done through "Whistle blowers"  vetting their releases through Israel.  This is just my take based on evidence, of what is going on and who is what. 

Jim Stone, July 27,2013
I have always said that Russia is every bit the tyranny America is, and that for Snowden to go to Russia was arguably the most stupid political decision Snowden could have ever made. (VN: we have said all along Russia is still under the control of the international Zionist bankers, Putin  included or he would not be the head guy....as was Gorbechev who now resides at the Presidio military base in San Francisco).   Even in the past I opted not to go to Russia myself, because I knew that Russia could not be trusted. 

Snowden would have been a lot better off in Ecuador or Venezuela. And now, Joel Skousen who is a brilliant political analyst has this to say, and My own comments about additional NSA hacks and programs Joel does not mention will follow
From Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief:

The Russians are using the Snowden affair to get back at the US for confusing Russia’s extradition requests on at least 20 individuals Russia claimed were criminals. Politico.com noted,

“The United States is repeatedly refusing Russia to extradite individuals, to hold them criminally liable, including those accused of committing serious or heinous crimes,” Sergei Gorlenko, the acting chief of the prosecutor general’s extradition office, told the Interfax news agency. “We have been denied the extradition of murderers, bandits and bribetakers.”

That’s typical of what Russia calls dissidents who escape their grasp, or criminals that have stiffed the Russian elite. Naturally, the Snowden affair is a perfect opportunity for Russia to spurn the US demands on extradition.

The American ambassador to Russia took to Twitter yesterday to reiterate the U.S. position on Snowden. “Mr. Snowden ought to be returned to the United States to face the felony charges against him,” Michael McFaul tweeted on Monday.

A U.S. official familiar with the government’s security review of the leak said that Snowden did not gain access to the “crown jewels” of NSA programs, CNN reported on Monday.  But that can only mean that the US spying around the world is even worse than Snowden is revealing—and I believe it is.

The damage assessment indicates the former NSA contractor did not gain access to “extremely compartmentalized information.  The biggest secret within the dark side of the American government is their lists of people they intend to incarcerate for being patriots and/or those who are against the New World Order.   And now I will continue on with what I believe are the NSA's real crown jewels

Intel CoreVpro processors

Starting with the Sandy Bridge I series processors, and now part of EVERY Intel processor, is an always on 3g cell connection, built directly into the processors themselves. I have been shilled heavily over this topic, with people making the excuse that it can't be so and that any cell connection inside a processor would never be able to reach out of the computer.

And THAT is a load of hog wash. All it takes is a run on the circuit board of the right length to allow that cell connection to have an antenna to call out with, and with the motherboards all being 7 or more layer boards that antenna, which is part of the motherboard, could be buried three layers into the board and you will never see it. CoreVPro is advertised as a security feature which can be used to disable the computer's processor to essentially brick it and "protect your data" if it is ever stolen.

This is where the lie is - with the NSA spying on everything, that always on 3g cell connection (probably 4G now) can be used to access your computer and install whatever software a spook agency wants on it even if you are totally unplugged from the web. In addition to this, the instant windows search feature will now allow a spook to efficiently search your computer for all topics of interest.  

Intel is now a Jewish company, and as anyone who has read the Fukushima report, or knows about Israeli security in relation to terror attacks such as 9/11, ANYTHING a Jew advertises as being for "security" will only be used to rape you.  (VN: I wonder if they bought it with  our billions in foreign aid to them paid with our taxpayer money.  Since we just found out taxes are voluntary, I think we should quit paying taxes until they quit giving them to Israel to advance herself, while our people are suffering from their tarp rip off bill of trillions.   Don't get me started)

With Intel's new CoreVpro processor technology, your computer can be raped at will and subsequently bricked by the NSA any time they see fit. If you have anything important to say and you are the ONLY source of the information you have, you had better buy AMD.

Always on cell connections in EVERY car sold in the U.S.

It started in the late 90's with GM's ONSTAR. And the spooks loved it so much that by 2005 it was mandated that EVERY CAR SOLD IN THE U.S. have an always on cell connection built into the ECM. This was briefly in the news and pulled, but it is a cold hard fact.

Nowadays, every car out there that is 8 years old or newer has a microphone installed in it somewhere and can hear everything said in a car and transmit it out. If you cannot see a microphone anywhere, the radio speakers are the microphone. We were told at the NSA that once you were in a moving car it was exactly the same as being in a secure area and that any classified topic could be safely discussed.

It was fully permitted. Back then, cell phones were not as common and anyone working for the NSA would not be stupid enough to bring a cell phone along anyway. Because cars were perfect places to talk in private, that privacy had to be destroyed and now you are being forced to pay for parts to be installed in your car on day of manufacture that do nothing but destroy your privacy, and when in a pinch, be used to murder you Hastings style.

Smart Electricity meters, all of which have always on Wifi, 3g, 4G, and talk by power line in your house.

Sounds crazy? Not in your wildest dreams. Smart meters are the most horrendous snooping devices there are. All of them have amazing connectivity that vastly exceeds any need to tell the power company what you owe or to talk to appliances on hot days.

This block diagram of the connectivity in your smart meter pretty much says it all Smart meters provide the NSA with a way to snoop inside your home when all else fails. If you have an older computer that is not on the web but it has wifi, that old machine has the connectivity it needs to hook up to your smartmeter and dump everything on it into an NSA storage bank. Previous releases of this diagram had bluetooth, so that needs to be taken into consideration as well.

But it is MUCH worse than just spying

The holonet is real. And the holonet has been a topic in the past even on mainstream news outlets. The holonet is an illusion web, where when you believe you are hitting the real internet you are in fact entering a custom built just for you web world which exists on a single NSA computer, which presents the web to you the way the elite want you to see it.

One example that all Americans are subjected to, is if you search for 100 plus mile per gallon cars your searches will produce nothing but idiotic concept cars and student experiments, all the while in Europe and other foreign countries ultra high MPG cars are common and becoming the norm, and they are perfectly normal multi passenger cars.

Volkswagen even has a 200 plus MPG 2 door hatch back. But the holo web is much worse than just that - the holo web destroys the dissemination of critical information via social networking. It tells you dissenting web sites are offline when they are not. It even creates totally fake web pages, so when you hit a site like this one, what you see may not even be what I put up.

I continuously check this site from multiple locations to make sure it is showing the way I want it, and because I am aware of the holonet they tend to leave this one alone. But many people, including Farganne have noticed that pages DO NOT display the same information for everyone, especially on facebook where if the NSA or other intelligence agency knows from your web activities that you do not know about a topic, and that topic is discussed on a page you are hitting, what you do not know may be vanished from the page entirely so you never see it and become aware.

The same is true for any web posts you do to forums and comment sections - if you have a history of waking people up, you can count on having your comments be visible to you after posting, all the while no one else will ever see them. Having this happen more effectively than ever before is what I believe the new NSA data center in Utah, which is five times the size of the Pentagon (and therefore obviously underground and not only for spying) is really being used for - to house a giant supercomputer which is rumored to be able to think like people do and perform intelligent edits and throw all people who are on the hit list into an NSA produced holo world.  

Though it is classified and no one will ever be told for sure, I believe that the NSA data center in Utah has ONE primary purpose - to crush the dissemination of independent information sharing on the web and throw us back into a state of ignorance similar to what we had before the web existed. The big NSA secret is most likely that the NSA now represents the end of useful free speech, where the brilliant are silenced and the babbling idiot of "dissent" takes center stage. If it is not over, it probably will soon be.

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