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Vatic Note:  You have no idea just how excited I am by these two videos and commentary.  They, together, have plugged a hole that I could not fill with all the research I had done.  Now, with these I can finally plug that hole and we can finally work to over turn all that has happened and we can create something new and exciting.  I knew we had power, I just didn't know what it was nor how God gave it to us to use..... now we do.   The timing couldn't be better.

There are some things in here, that I had to overlook because they just didn't fit in with what I was looking for and I did not have enough foundational material to knowledgeably comment on it one way or the other.  That subject was Ascension.  I have not even been able to relate to the subject matter, but in resonating now as I am doing, I find that for whatever reason, that is not something I am suppose to deal with right now.  So nothing in here or in what I say applies to the Ascension issue.

What I have done with this one is take what was related in context to Part 1 of this 2 part series and that is all I can deal with for now,  I suspect like anything, once you gain experience, then you gain more knowledge and then you can push the envelope even more for further discoveries.  All the rest of this below about Time Matrix, or manipulations of the planetary grids or the other star systems will have to wait until I am through exploring this much of it about resonances... for now that is enough and more than enough for me.  As usual, you read, watch and decide for yourselves.

I excerpted much of the text because, I believe, like  all disinfo, the PTB always include truth, and the rest of what they want you to beleive so you don't focus on that which is real.  I tried to excerpt that which I have come to believe is real  based on evidence I have obtained so far.   You are welcome to read the text at the link and decide for yourselves. 

Part 2 of 2 - Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotions 
Uploaded by juicingcornerchris on Feb 6, 2012

Vatic Note:  WHAT IS THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH?  What are the keys to our true nature and existance?

Why has this truth been hidden from us on this planet?  We did a blog on Michael Tsarion who told us that the evil ones have spent trillions of dollars and all the resources they have to hide this truth from us.   Now we are learning why! 


The solar system is going through an energy sweep as is our planet and that affects us as we learned in the first video.   This video does the best job of showing us these frequencies manifesting in physical reality.   How does this in anyway, relate to what is happening to us on this planet right now?

Oh, it  has massive ramifications.   In watching this you now know that anything with "water" in it will be affected by any level of frequencies,  the same with our bodies material matter, since sand is material, and our bodies most healthful condition is a result of the 7.82 herz frequency.

What happens when our frequencies comes up against an even lower frequency?  Obviously if the shape and geometric condition of water changes, and our bodies are 97% water, than our bodies change, if we do not counter those lower frequencies.

I bet you guessed already, that I am talking about fear, and hate, and greed along with other such low frequency emotions and desires.  Now ask yourselves again after watching both these videos "WHY DO THE EVIL ONES CONSTANTLY PUMP FEAR AT US, AND HATE?"    Because it then affects us in ways we cannot change unless we step out and seek higher frequency states.

That is when I put on music.   Fear is a genuine and useful tool when  used right. Hate is never useful, so dump that as soon as you can.   If you don't believe me just look at Zionists, who hate arabs,  Christians, Muslims, and Americans.  They are so filled with that hate, that they cannot ever connect to anyone spiritually or frequency wise.  They are relegated to a very narrow universe of reality, which then drives their agenda's, actions, desires, "addictions" and results.

All of which have never been sustained by them in all their efforts at ruling this planet.  They have, at times, achieved dominance, but it never ever lasts.  The difference this time is we are vibrating much higher than in the past.  We have walked past the fear and now are emerging into righteous anger which is a much higher vibrational state than regular anger, fear or hate.

Our decision making processes are better, we "see" with way more clarity and it explains the process we are going through of awakening.  With all that fear they have pumped at us for a solid 12 years, this is the farthest they have gotten.  Even Zbig tried to warn them at the Toronto CFR conference that never in the history of the planet has humanity been awakened as it is now.

EVERY SINGLE FALSE FLAG IS SEEN BEFORE IT IS EXPOSED PHYSICALLY.  WHY IS THAT?  Because we are in resonance with truth and its getting stronger and stronger as we get more and more used to  it and familiar with the state and the condition and stay as much out of fear as possible.  I am so proud of us as a species..... we are rising up to our level of potential.

We still have a ways to go, but if you work on it, you can even heal yourself, I know.  I have done it with three different problems and they are all holding.  BELIEF IS THE KEY as the emotion it carries with it is a certainty which brings peace and calm.  States that our adversaries never experience.  I love it.  I hope you have gotten something out of all this.   If it resonates with you please let us know in the comments section, because I would like to take this another step forward toward our freedom from this low frequency assault upon us all the time.  We can overcome.  I swear it.   

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