Vatic Note:  Seldom have I ever read about the migration of the Khazar Jews from Khazaria into china and other asian countries, until now.  It explains so  much.... the ease with which Kissinger and Nixon conquored China, a full fledged Communist country, and drew them into fascism, while retaining the unique features of Communism at the same time.  

This is also the first time I have read any Asian countries name associated so closely with the Rothschild banking family, even though I had heard it associated with slave labor, I had not heard it associated with capitalism or banking.   (What these bankers are doing now is NOT capitalism  and they are holding their own with repect to that.

I have to admit, this is truly "fascinating stuff" in history and explains so much about the current situation as it is unfolding. This is truly a must read.  Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.  


(Con't from Part I)

Now , to get a hang of how Communist Red Revolutions work—
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Jews from Kerala were converted to sacred Brahmins by Rothschild.  Nobody ever heard of Chitpavan Brahmins three centuries ago. 

Thousands of Jews came to Calicut ( my hometown ) by ship when Roman started persecuting the Jews.  Jews have been persecuted all over the world , all the time , except in Kerala, my home state where they lived without fear , bindaas , openly.

Punch into Google search-

Else where , even in India, outside Kerala, Jews lived in secret and they are called Crypto Jews. Tolerant Kerala even today does NOT know Hindu Muslim riots. 

When  Indira Gandhi was killed Sikhs were safe only in Kerala.  Taking advantage of this a few Sikhs staying in Calicut WHEAT HOUSE got drunk and started bursting crackers and were generally being a nuisance .  

Only at that time the local Malayali Hindu and Muslim shopkeepers went and told “ You break ONE more cracker ,  we will lift you and place you in the evening train to Punjab, handcuffed to your train seats  “.  That made them see sense. 

None of these shopkeepers were supporters of Indira .  Indira Gandhi's fate was sealed the moment she nationalized the Indian banks. Sikhs were mere pawns in a game , they did NOT have the perception to comprehend.

A lot of Jews went to China on Admiral Zheng He’s ships in 1433 AD.

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They lived in China as crypto Jews. 
These are the Jews who assisted Rothschild in his opium drug business. 
Rothschild  grew opium in India and sold it in China for enormous profits. 

The Indian agents for Rothschild’s opium drug business included (super rich at time of Independence in 1947) , Tata,  Birla,  Dalmia,  JK , Tagore's grandfather, Raja Ram Mohan Roy etc.    Rothschild blood drug runner David Sassoon had his connections in China.

Admiral Zheng He was a Chinese Muslim, yet he gave space on his junk ships to these Kerala Jews who carried with them a shipload of Calico cotton as present for the Chinese Emperor to soften him up,  with the promise that more expensive presents will come.  These Jews lived in secret as crypto Jews in China.

Above:  Zheng He's ship and Christopher Columbus's ship Santa Maria in size comparison.

By the way, when I go for weddings I wear a white “double mundu “ – the finest of hand woven Calico cloth with gold threading .  Kerala weavers have been weaving this for more than  6000 years.

Above:  When Admiral Zheng He's fleet first arrived in Calicut 600 years go, the local people of Calicut got terrified-- as there was NO horizon..  He died in Calicut and was buried there . 

There is propaganda that the Jews also went by overland route. This is impossible considering the hard  terrain.  By the time they reached NE China ,  the Jewish women would be taken as whores and the men as slaves.

Now about Rothschild’s creation, our own crypto Jews , the Chitpavan Brahmins.   These Jews were from Calicut (  Bene Israeli run Joota Angadi , which is still named after them ) .  They sold black fish frying ware which even today is called CHEENA CHATTI.  

If a Calicut Malayali does NOT know about Cheena Chatti ( frying pan from China ) , he is NOT from Calicut.

They were taken and dumped on the beach of Kolaba ,Konkan  on Rothschild’s British East India Company ship and told to pretend that they were ship wrecked .  When the locals found them on the water edge of the sea shore they called them chitpavan  in their dialect meaning “found on sea shore”.

After results of DNA analysis on Bene Israel linking them to a Jewish tribe were announced in the Times of India, about 15,000 of the 20,000 Bene Israel migrated back to Israel where they still dress in Indian clothes and play cricket. 

I have seen them in Tel Aviv , Ashod and Haifa. 

A girl used to visit my ship hoping to get an Indian sailor husband, and she used to come to my cabin every time, coming along with the Jew (VN: Khazar Zionist)  agent ,  in whose agency she worked.  She sorely missed India  and Mumbai in particular.

One day I told the attractive girl in her face  “ Why you want to leave the promised land, the land of the chosen people , the land of milk and honey ? ”  By the way Madhuri Dixit is Chitpavan.

BR Ambedkar the stooge of Rothschild married a Chitpavan Brahmin though he hated all Brahmins.

Rothchild made sure that the Chitpavan brahmins were sponsored by scholarships and became lawyers, judges , professors , journalists , high ranking administrators .

Social reformed Maharishi Karve was Chitpavan.  Historian and media owner Bal Gangadhara Tilak was Chitpavan.  I know this will surprise 99.99% Indians.   

Let me digress-

The Government of India awarded Chitpavan Brahmin Maharishi Dhondo Keshav Karve its highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna, in 1958.  

In 1920, Rothschild agent and  industrialist from Mumbai, SIR Vithaldas Thackersey, donated Karve's university 15 lakhs Indian rupees— an ASTRONOMICAL  sum in those days—and the university was then renamed Shreemati Nāthibāi Dāmodar Thāckersey (SNDT) Indian Women’s University.

Bharat Ratna was given to Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, because he worked overtime to provide shelter to destitute Indian women.

In1929, Karve was sponsored by Rothschild on a 15 month world tour. EVR Periyar was also given such a conducted world tour, but only where Tamils existed.  

Karve met prominent  European and American Jews all over the world.  

Above: German Jew Albert Einstein with Chitpavan Brahmin Maharishi Karve.   Maharishi is NOT a title which can be given by the British to mere mortals. 

In England he was facilitated at Rothschild’s India Association at Caxton Hall, London.  He went to Switzerland , Germany, USA, Japan, During a subsequent tour of America, Karve lectured at various forums on women's education and social reforms in India.  He also visited the Women's University in Tokyo.  He returned to India in April 1930.  

Within a few months he was sent again to Africa for another 15 month tour wherever Indian indentured labour existed-  Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Portuguese East Africa, South Africa etc.

Durga Bhagwat ( one of the most respected women of integrity in India ) has written a damning indictment of Maharishi Karve, alleging that he--

-- “ preyed on young attractive women who were vulnerable, facing hard times, and tried to put them under debt of gratitude so that they would be drawn into his coterie for life, looking heartlessly upon them as possible recruits in his social mission “. 

Durga was a real Durga as she had refused to accept bullsh#it honors like Padma Shree and Jnanapeeth.  She was a very attractive woman in her young age-- never married.

But Tilak was the man who pushed the story that the white man wrote our Vedas and Aryan invasion was inwards .  Read his book “ Artic home of the Vedas “  written in conjunction with German Jew and historian Max Muller, while he was in jail ( sic!).

Chitpavan brahmin Justice Ranade was the founding member of Indian National Congress the stooge organization of Rothschild – all filled with pseudo freedom fighters.  Y chromosome of Chitpavan brahmins contains a Cohenim haplotype unique to Rabbis.

Veer Vinayak Savarkar in a statement issued on 19 December 1947,  dancing to Rothschild’s tune, expressed joy at the recognition of the claim of Jewish people to establish an independent Jewish state, and likened the event to the glorious day on which Moses led them out of Egyptian bondage. 

Veer Vinayak Savarkar considered that justice demanded restoration of entire Palestine to the Jews, their historical holy land and fatherland.  He regretted India's vote at the United Nations Organisation against the creation of the Jewish state terming it a policy of appeasement to Muslims.

The Rothschild stooge Gandhi chapter , was also ended by a chitpavan brahmin, Naturam Godse.  Veer Vinayak Savarkar on a plea bargain with Rothschild was also a chitpavan Brahmin.  Gandhi was handled by Churchill whose mother Jenny Jerome is a Rothschild.

Vaman Sivaram Apte the Sanskrit scholar who had access to our original Sanskrit Hindu scriptures  and Shivram Mahadev Paranjape the editor of Marathi weekly kaal were chitpavan brahmins.

The British loved Indian pseudo freedom fighters like Ahimsa man Gandhi who would only bark and never bite like real patriots  Bose,  Bhagat Singh,  Bagha Jatin etc.   

If our Indian soldiers only talk big at the border, “ hamien dekna hai , mein yeh kar doonga, main who kar doonga,  main tera ghaand phad doonga  “  how can we win a war?

Wanna know more about INC Rothschild stooges ?       

Punch into Google search-


Ranade was the mentor of Chitpavan Brahmin Gopal Krishna Gokhale , the Rothschild stooge who imported Gandhi from South Africa to sit on the driver’s seat of Indian Freedom struggle. Gandhi was made an instant hero in South Africa by such tales of Gandhi defying the whites ,  getting kicked out from a railway train etc.  

A soon as Gandhi came to India he was sent on a long railway trip across the length and breadth of India. Rothschild made sure he got plenty media coverage , as they monopolized the world media.  

At every railway station Rothschild arranged a huge reception party with screaming and cheering crowds holding marigold garlands.   

Then Gandhi suddenly proposed his STRANGE brand of ahimsa , where it is OK to kill the Germans but NOT the evil ruling British, pissing off patriots like Bose .  

1.11 lakh Indian soldiers died in WW1 and 2.43 lakh Indian soldiers died in WW2 just to create Rothschild’s state of Israel for the Jews.

Later this long Gandhian journey by train, would be translated in China as THE LONG MARCH of Mao Tse Tung – a fake story, which converted  Rothschild stooge Mao into a living legend.

An unsolicited  series, entitled Revelations on the Jews' superior intelligence, was launched by the Jews in 1995.  To this Capt Vadakayil says NONSENSE –  this is fuc#in’ bullsh#t.

It is the Jew’s immoral shrewdness and inherent cunningness which took him places.  

Rothschild monopolized all “peer reviewed magazines” , scientific journals and “patent granting houses”.   

They would reject valuable works and then wait for the author or inventor to die ( or be killed ), and then this valuable work would crop up as Jewish original invention or discovery, later.  

To cock a snook at Serbian Nikola Tesla,  JP Morgan the agent of Rothschild gave free patents to Thomas Alva Edison.

Wanna know how Edison became the greatest inventor?   

Just because he had a fight with super genius Nikola Tesla, who refused to give Rothschild’s agent Crypto Jew JP Morgan , the secrets of SCALAR STAR WARS and FREE ENERGY.

Edison was given free patents –


U.S. Patent D040,527 -- Design for a Phonograph-Cabinet

U.S. Patent D042,934 -- Design for a Cabinet

U.S. Patent D066,227 -- Design for a Grille for Phonograph Cabinets

U.S. Patent D066,228 -- Design for a Grille for Phonograph Cabinets

U.S. Patent D069,068 -- Design for a Phonograph Cabinet

U.S. Patent D069,688 -- Design for a Phonograph Cabinet

U.S. Patent D069,689 -- Design for a Phonograph Cabinet

U.S. Patent 1,908,830 -- Holder for Article to be Electroplated

U.S. Patent 1,644,670 – Cabinet

U.S. Patent 0,861,242 -- Can or Receptacle for Storage Batteries

U.S. Patent 0,754,858 -- Storage-Battery Tray

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American Action Report said...

I'm not surprised to read what the article said about India. A friend of mine earned a masters degree in comparative religion, and he even spent a semester in India. He said in effect that Gandhi was a fake.
I'd like to correct one thing the writer said. Chinese opium was grown in Afghanistan, then a British colony. It was processed into brown cakes in India and shipped to China. From that point on, the entire supply chain was Chinese, from the refinement in large vats to the final user.
The First Opium War started because the Chinese government decided to end the opium trade in China; so they confiscated the opium and burned it before the Chinese merchants had paid for it. That way, only foreigners would lose money on its destruction. Opium already in Chinese hands was left alone. It was a violation of a legal treaty to boot.