Dead Man Blinking – The Syria Fake-Out

Vatic Note:  This is reminiscient of the Boston Bombing, the Sandy Hook fiasco, etc.  I believe now, that all terrorist attacks done world wide are done by Israel.  Why do I say that?  Because every single one so far, has ended up being something other than what they said it was.  And they all look the same, end the same and have the same players in it, DHS doing drills during every single one of them in the same place, at the same time the attack is happening, so for me, if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck and flies like a duck,  THEN ITS A DAMN DUCK.  

I say Israel because of the involvement of Homeland Security and Israel controls homeland security through ADL and the SPLC.  Further, the neocons and neolibs gave themselves away when they started talking like people from a oligarchy instead of a democratic republic like we are.  Everything they do looks exactly like their other blatant indicators of insanity, put together with all this, then for me, its no doubt its Israel. Rothschild runs Israel and he also controls Britain, Canada, Australia, and now the USA.    Well, that little run of tyranny is almost over.

I have placed other VN: below in the body of the article.  I have also put this video up to provide the big picture when it comes to the prolific number of false flags, lies, and no conscience for the elite when it comes to stressing out the general public, or maybe I should say "the cattle" since us goyim are the cattle assets.   WHEN we get out from under this, we must make sure NO ELITE CAN EVER ACCUMULATE THIS KIND OF POWER EVER AGAIN.  They are the most useless feeders on the planet, and they only thing they know how to create is crime,  thieving, raping, pillaging and mass murdering.  I wonder how they would respond if the tables were turned?  Hmmm, just a thought. 


Dead Man Blinking – The Syria Fake-Out
by Michael Knight,  Veterans  Today

Propaganda comes in many forms by Michael Knight
The concept is a very simple one – use a combination of falsehoods and reality to whip people into a lather of emotion and national fervor, determined to kill the appointed enemy, who was never an enemy until designated, defined, reviled and appointed – through propaganda.

And so we come to several videos that found their way onto YouTube within mere minutes (literally minutes) of what they claim to be the use of Sarin gas by Assad’s regime to target his own people.

Isn’t that a clue right there that we are being conned?

We are expected to believe that Assad did this, knowing full well that killing his own people (for what reason, pray tell?) would be crossing that red line that Obama drew – and the US would come down on Syria like a ton of bricks?
Now let’s connect a few dots from what’s available. The introduction to this YouTube video says:-

“At around 3:00 a.m. in the morning, Assad regime’s forces fired rockets with chemical heads on (Damascus Suburbs). Then after around 2 more hours, the regime targeted Mua’dameyet Al Sham with rockets containing chemical warheads, leading to the fall of more casualties as the rockets hit civilian districts. Hundreds of Civilians fallen due to shelling with poisonous gases by Assad Regime.”
As horrific as it seems at first glance, it is exceedingly odd to hear a children’s choir singing a maudlin song IN ENGLISH, with sub-titles, as the camera pans around numerous bodies of young children. Odd too that nowhere to be seen are distressed parents.  (VN: odd too that the children are awake and aware but saying nothing, not screaming in pain, or any indication of pain of any kind and the limited panning of the camera indicates designated victims only are to be filmed and nothing else is to be shown)

Next question – Given that the introduction says the attacks happened at 3.00 am and 5.00 a.m., why were almost all these dozens of children sleeping in their clothes? 
Further, among the live children being attended to, there is no sign of any victim vomiting, having a hard time breathing, watering from the eyes, or gasping for air. And yet those are the very symptoms one should expect after a sarin attack – according to this information on the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website.

You might also ask “Why are there moments in which the camera moves from place to place, like in a well-rehearsed studio shoot, and it’s only when he’s framed up that the action begins in some scenes?” Cinema verite we used to call it – filming real life as it happened; except in this case, there are obvious set-ups as the actors wait for the camera before they do their work. .

The Eyes Have It

Now we come to what must be absolute proof that these are faked rehearsed acted set-up propaganda videos designed to turn us into sympathizers for the (western-backed) rebels in their (western-backed) quest to overthrow the Syrian government.

It is in this video.
At the 15.00 – 15.01 mark, as the cameraman passes by, filming “dead men” laid out on the ground, a “dead man” opens

and closes his eyes – in a split second.

Just in case this screen capture with the time code included doesn’t do it for you., you can verify this for yourself using the start/stop button very rapidly on YouTube.

Further evidence that these videos are a propaganda con comes from the New York Times (believe it or not).

This New York Times blog report quotes the upload site in California as saying “The first video we have seen relating to the massacre was uploaded at 2:50:47am on August 21 local time in Syria. This is approximately 20 minutes after the attacks are reported by eyewitnesses to have happened. Very quickly, other videos and photos documenting similar scenes were uploaded to YouTube and other social media sites.”

It is utterly impossible for a cameraman to be on the scene, filming first responders (or their equivalent) treating a boy on a stretcher then edit it, and get it uploaded, all within 20 minutes from the time the attack occurred.

Same goes for the other videos with their orchestrated sound tracks, actors playing dead and a blinking dead man. They absolutely must have been pre-recorded for propaganda purposes.

But the New York Times and the rest of the US mainstream media refuses to look into any of that. Nor can we expect them to follow up on reports like this one that Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan provided chemical weapons to an Al Qaida linked group of rebels in Syria.

“They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them,” complained a female fighter named ‘K.’ “We never imagined they were chemical weapons.”
That report says the weapons were stored in a tunnel and blew up when mishandled by inexperienced militants.

The resulting tragedy was quickly turned into a propaganda campaign with secretary of state John Kerry and vice-president Joe Biden stridently insisting that Assad now needs to be reigned in by being rained on with a hundred missiles (none of which will kill civilians apparently) to teach him a lesson.

It’s all eerily similar to those events which have preceded America’s entry into various other wars; the sinking of the passenger vessel Lusitania prior to World War One; the attack on Pearl Harbor that got the US into WWII, the Gulf of Tonkin incident prior to the US going all out into Vietnam, the 9/11 tragedy and then the invasion of Afghanistan followed by Iraq, all of which have been proven to be set-ups to convince the public that war is essential.

Unless this fakery is seen for what it is, unless Congress and mainstream journalists get honest in their questioning, the US public is destined to be sucked into a pointless war yet again. And this one could quickly escalate into a confrontation with Iran and Russia and China as well.   (VN: No, we are fully awake out here.  If there is one bomb dropped on Syria, the only world war we will fight is against the international bankers and their goyim minions.)

But perhaps, this time, as unlikely as it might seem, the military might even see things a little differently. As Ken O’Keefe, a trenchant critic of US Imperialism, says in this well-moderated debate, titled “Syria: War Of Deception,” “I hope that the high-ups in the military will refuse the orders.” Unlikely indeed, but a faint possibility nevertheless.

While his finger hovers over the trigger, President Obama says he wants Congress to debate and vote. Perhaps he feels like he’s walking a thin red line himself? Nevertheless, Kerry says the administration doesn’t have to be bound by whatever Congress decides.

Tweeting and twittering after the President’s announcement, “Representative Justin Amash, Republican of Michigan, who has taken a leading role in debates over government surveillance, summed up his gratitude this way:
It’s unfortunate that it’s gotten to the point where I have to thank the President for following the Constitution & the law.

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